NOT RIGHT AT ALL 21.2 4cyc front wheel SLT2

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Ok – HELP, just purchased a GMC Terrain SLT2 4-cycl - my most important factor in choosing a new vehicle was MPG, finding the Best Rated. I just purchased Friday Dec 17, 2010 and drove over 500 miles and ONLY got 21.1mpg in my 4cycl front wheel drive, SLT2. Average speed 62mph.
“This is from the GMC Terrain website – Terrain FWD EPA-estimated MPG: 22 city/32 hwy with the 2.4L 4-cylinder engine”
FWD Models 2.4L I-4 SIDI (Spark Ignition Direct Injection) 22/32 MPG
Over 600-mile Highway driving range - EPA-est 32 mpg hwy with 2.4L 4-cylinder engine.

This is ridiculous – how can they report the above.

Is my vehicle fluke?


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    Doesn't sound to bad for being fresh off the lot with engine transmission and other drive components stiff and tight. Should improve a lot as you get a few more miles on it. By the time spring rolls around and temps warm up, it should be quite a bit better. Next time you take a long drive average 55 and see how it does.
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    Sure loosen it up and warmer weather will increase mileage, bit not 21.2 to 29. as for the MPH at 55 our highways are 65 and 70 mph, bit hard to drive 55 on them. checked out the Terrain Forum and seems like everyone has lower mileage than what is be told by GMC.
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    While the newer EPA test estimates are supposed to be closer to real world driving I think many if not most people don't achieve the highest numbers, on any vehicle. I meet and beat the estimates on my daily driver during spring summer and fall but lose 4 or 5 MPG in winter (well broken in vehicle)
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    Of course the mileage that GM states is really not theirs. It's the Government EPA rating. But, now GM stands for Government Motors.
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