Real World Handling: older TSX vs. 7th gen Accord (i4)

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I'm in the market for either an older TSX or a 7th gen Accord (i4).

After combing through the net about why people like one over the other, the biggest thing that comes to mind is the handling difference. Can anyone who has driven both comment on how significantly 'sharper' handling is in the TSX vs the Accord? Accords I've driven aren't so Buick and Camry like, that I'd think the TSX would be significantly better.

I'm a family man w/ 2 little kiddos so the Accord's space and lower cost of ownership appeals to my practical side. Even so, the extra 40 horses, premium interior, Acura name, or even the Japanese VIN aren't enough to tip the scales for me. However, the handling interests me, because I absolutely adore the Del Sol SI I'll be selling off.

I'd love to hear what you guys have to say either way!


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    Be aware that the Acura requires premium fuel. That may make a difference with current and future expected gas prices.
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    Premium is recommended, not required and the diff between regular and premium is likely to stay the same regardless of the cost of gas. Even when using premium, the extra $4 per fillup is worth it.
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    I know I am late in replying to your post, but I just saw it today and felt compelled to give my opinion. For myself, for nearly 25 years (1984 thru 2009) I have always purchased and drove new 4-dr accords. I started off with LX models and once I switched over to EX leather models, I was kicking myself for not buying the EX-L models sooner. Great luxuary features and for a great price and economical preventive maintenance. I have always bought 4-cyl models and my only complaint was that optional accessories (such as fog lights) had to be installed at the dealer. So in the spring of 2009 I was looking to purchase a new 2010 accord (in late summer) and my son suggests for me to look on line at the TSX. I looked on line and immediatley wanted to order one. Besides knowing that it was Honda built, it came with all the features and much more that I wanted in the 4-cyl accord. I took delivery on July 30, 2009 for a 2010 TSX w/nav that I had ordered and impatiently waited for. To this day, nearly 2 years later, everytime I step into my car and drive off, I feel I am in a new GREAT RIDING CAR. This is the best car I have ever purchased. I do not mind using high-test gas. It burns cleaner anyway, and has additives that should help extend the life of the engine. My only complaint is that I suspect Acura dealer service costs more than Honda dealership service (even for parts that are identical). I do not have a handle on it yet, but I am keeping a close watch, and maybe I will let Honda dealership do my preventive maint. once I am out of Acura warranty. I will tell you that Acura dealership service treat you well.
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    This thread was about handling. So let;s go back to that.

    I thought the Honda Accord was a good car, and when it came time to replace my 15 year old BMW 525, I chose a five year old, 2005 Accord EX-L coupe.
    It only had 38k miles on it and so I paid cash and went home.

    We're now a year into this car and I have to say that from the very beginning this garbage car handles like an English baby carriage. The body roll, the bouncing up and down, the brakes, are all sub-par as far as I am concerned. I don't feel safe driving this car.

    Was I spoiled by the BMW? I came to expect that a car needs to stay planted to the road, no perceivable body roll, no bouncing up and down, and no little squeaks in the doors, rattles in the dash board, or potential transmission issues.

    Honda is faaaaaaar from perfect, I would never buy another Honda.
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