2011 328xi sport wagon

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I am considering a 2011 328xi sport wagon but there has not been a post on this forum in a few years.

Has anyone bought one recently and how do you like it?

I never see them on the dealership lot and I assume these are all special order.

Were you able to get a decent price?


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    I am also looking at a Infiniti EX35.

    How does the interior and cargo space compare between this and 328xi sport wagon?
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    Series 3 wagons are anything but popular: by comparison to sedans few of them are for sale. I'm looking at low mileage 2011s. Am I free to assume in my negotiations with dealers that they would be motivated to move one off their lot? I've spent hours on Edmunds researching and have printouts all over my desk, but I'm still wondering if I should enlist a car broker? So, there are 2 questions here. Are they motivated? Should I use a broker?
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    Went to a dealer and sat in the 2011 sports wagon and decided it didn't have the visibility I was expecting. Bought a 2011 sedan instead. But I was stunned to see how many 2007s and 2008s were sitting on the lot -- most of them lease expirations. Must be that 70-75% of BMWs on the road are leases. Great way for dealers to make money. Going with BMSFS would have added another $10,000 to the cost of the car. Have been saving for a new car and can now pay cash.

    Based on discussions I've read here I did ask for Continentals, so thanks to all of you for the RFTs discussions.
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    Hi Guys,

    I'll be in Munich early next year and hope to pick up the 328xi sports wagon. What is a ED fair price for the 2012 model given that BMW will stop production of the wagons after 2012? Is the ED MSRP negotiable and by how much? Also, does the recent college grad program apply to ED?

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    Hi Nick

    I am also shopping for a 328ix sport wagon. Did you wind up picking up your car in Munich? I heard you can save 7% off the US MSRP. Did you enjoy the experience and did the savings pan out?


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    There is a separate European Delivery discussion forum, but pretty much not active for a while. Bimmerfest website has very good ED information. I picked up my 328i in October last year. Several pointers:
    1. Price is negotiable (unlike other euro-delivery brands, which have a fixed price scheme for their Euro-delivery programs), i.e. invoice-retail negotiation rules are similar as if you bought one for US. The actual discount is exactly 7% on base price and options are priced same as US delivery options, e.g. base price is $40K MSRP/$38K invoice for US delivery, it will be $37.2K/$36.86 for ED. However, be advised that large number of dealers does not even want to hear the word "negotiate" when it comes to ED. It is widely reported people go to out-of-state dealers to make orders.
    2. Make sure to find out exactly when 2012 wagon production ends and make your order at least three months before that date. I was a victim of allotments in 2011 - made an order in late June to learn it was no longer available and in production. I had to wait another three months to make an order for 2012, when details became available. Wagons are not popular here, so production runs are really small for US-spec. If you wait for too long, you may miss the window completely. You could do an order well in advance of your actual delivery.
    3. If you want to avoid cost of rental of winter tires (at least M+S all-season tires are mandatory in many European countries during winter months and if you get stuck on the road and impede traffic, you'll be treated without mercy), wait until spring arrives. That is, unless you are getting car without sports or M-package (which have summer tires) and want to specifically drive during winter to test your AWD, then you can do a winter delivery. Winter tire rental is available through an independent operator, but somewhat costly for trips longer than couple of days (go into thousands).
    4. You can combine ED with Performance Center Delivery in Spartanburg, SC. The latter one is a completely separate experience, with couple of hours of performance driving and now also opportunity to drive an X5 on an off-road course (all customers get that now). Hotel night and dinner paid (you+1 guest). Not many people do them both, even though there is no extra charge. I loved it!
    5. Last thing - do it! ;) It is a blast and it is worth the extra travel expense and waiting for an exact vehicle you want.

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    Are you certain there won't be 3 series wagon after the 2012 model which is actually a carry-over from 2011. We have a 2002 xiT wagon and love it. I check a few months ago with the BMW salesman concerning the new model and he wasn't sure if BMW North America will import 3 series wagon to the state after 2012. We all know for sure the 5 series wagon is no longer available. It will be a shame to be unable to find BMW replacement for our wagon.
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    The word is wagon will be replaced by 3 GT (Gran Turismo) in same fashion as 5-series. It is not confirmed, but many well informed people say it is likely. I'd mourn it myself, that's why I got mine now. :cry:

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