2012 Toyota Venza

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Anyone know when the 2012's will be released?


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    Please reference the below attached link. It provides the latest info on the 2012 Venza. In brief, Toyota has established a 3 model lineup (LE, XLE, Limited) with no referenced cosmetic/visual changes in their release. No prices as yet, but it is expected the 2012 Venza will be arriving at dealerships in late October.

    I currently have a 2007 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Limited which has been a great vehicle. I have considered the Venza and was hoping the 2012 model would have some minor exterior/interior changes besides the above noted model designations. I really like my HH but it's rather somber appearance has me wanting something more stylish. I did test drive a 2010 Venza V6 AWD but found the driving/handling of the Venza somewhat disconnected compared to my HH. The Venza was a bit quieter and nicer overall, but I'd be giving up an average 28mpg car for an average 22mpg in the V6 Venza. Now if Toyota would offer the Camry Hybrid powertrain in the Venza I'd take one in Silver with all options!!

    Anyway, hope the link provides the info you are looking for.

    Regards - M. J. McCloskey

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    I did see the press release earlier today. Now waiting to see pictures.

    Regards, N. Green
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    My local Toyota dealer told me yesterday that there will not be multiple trim levels on the 2012 Venza. I referred them to the Toyota product information and press release published 9-21 on the Toyota website. They say the information is incorrect. If this is truly the case I don't understand why Toyota has not updated their information with an additional press release. I guess we won't know until the new vehicles arrive at the dealerships in December.
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    If that is the case the automotive world press is going to be very upset. I believe the Sept 21 release has been the subject of articles in most all auto publications. Was it a sales person at the dealer that told you this or the owner of the dealership. If it was a sales person this could be the ultimate "throw you under the bus" hoping to try and sell you a 2011 in stock. I've asked two different dealers in San Antonio and they both referred me to the 21st press release. One even gave me a copy. No one I talked to mentioned the December release date. Was it the same dealer that you spoke with that gave you that information?
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    The guy who gave me the information was the Fleet Manager at the dealership. When I questioned his information and told him about the press release on Sept 21 he checked with a Toyota product manager and called me back later to reconfirm our original conversation. He also reconfirmed the December arrival of the new model.

    I expect that Toyota is extremely careful and factual with their press releases. I have to believe these guys at the dealership are mis informed. The fleet manager knows that I don't want a 2011 and will come to see him when the 2012 models arrive so he will certainly be embarrased if he is not correct.
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    Interesting. I too am waiting for the 2012's. Thanks for the update. I'll let you know if I hear anything.
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    The 2012 Venza has been the pace car at many of the NASCAR races this season including yesterday's race in AZ.
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    "..mis informed...."


    Habitual liers....,?


    So watch out, the initial dealer order, flooring, for the new model year will only include FULLY LOADED models.
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    If there is a 2012 venza I hope that there would be a better interior and feel more substantial. But I highly doubt that I will get another Venza. :cry:
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    take a look at the 2012 camry. If the venza is built on the same assembly line, I suspect that there will be improvements in both jmechanicals and interior. the reveiws for the 2012 driving impression are very positive. we will see. rr70
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    A reporter is looking to speak with someone who bought a new Honda or Toyota within the last two months. Specifically, he’s most interested in speaking with someone who intentionally held off on buying one of these vehicles last year because the dealer did not have it in stock. If you meet this criteria, please send a brief description of your experience and your contact info to [email protected] by no later than Wednesday, February 29, 2012.
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    regarding the introduction of the 2013 Venza @ the NY auto show, I was wondering whether these modest changes are worth the wait for the new model?
    I was planning to purchase in Jul/Aug - do you think I should wait n' get the new model or try to purchase the 12' Venza at an "appropriate" price/rebate?

    Thx so much in advance!
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    The full reveal of the 2013 Venza will occur next month so I'd wait to see exactly how different the changes are before deciding on a 2012 (carryover) or jump in on the 2013. According to the Toyota release, the exterior changes are minor - revised front grille, LED running lights on the Limited, revised taillights (LED - hopefully) and puddle lamps w/turn signal indicators in the mirrors. There may be other minor tweaks that weren't referenced. The interior will get memory seats and upgraded audio features. I would guess they may change the wood tone along with some other minor items.

    I purchased a 2011 back in late October based on the 2012's not having any external changes (except for the trim level badge). I would have waited had I known the 2013's were going to feature changes that I may be interested in. I did get a very good deal on my Venza and have been pleased with the car in general but may jump in on a 2013 if the changes warrant such a move.

    In summary, if you want an updated Venza that will look 'new' for the next two model years then the 2013 is the way to go. Of course you will pay more over a 2012 if the updates aren't of any interest.

    I look forward to seeing the 2013 Venza when it debuts in April.

    Regards -

    M.J. McCloskey
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    Maybe a hybrid version....??
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    If Toyota produced a Hybrid version of the Venza I'd buy one in a minute! I traded my 2007 Highlander Hybrid Limited on the Venza and miss the HH so much. The Venza is a nicer car in many ways but the HH was a better car. The mpg I'm getting in the Venza (FWD V6) is within a mile or two of the HH so not much difference there. The build quality of the Venza is acceptable but the HH was several notches above.

    I would think that modifying the Venza platform for the HSD system plus battery placement would impact the cargo area and make the car heavier which might negate any MPG gain over the ICE. Also, a Venza Hybrid would step on the toes of the Lexus RX450h!
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    RX450h toes...


    The Venza would, hopefully, still use the new I4. Atkinsonized, of course, and maybe even upgraded to DFI and thereby 15:1 base/native compression ratio.

    Plus Toyota will soon need an HSD competitor to the upcoming Ford C-max hybrid.
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    Just got the information that based on the "2013 Toyota's tentative model launch calender" the new model will be available at the dealers "SOMETIME AROUND THE END OF JUNE".

    In this context I might wait to see the differences. Still hope to get a good deal on the "new" model too..
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    ...."and puddle lamps w/turn signal indicators in the mirrors..."

    what is a puddle lamp?
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    Quite simply, a 'puddle lamp' is a light on the bottom of the mirror housing that directs a 'puddle' of light down onto the ground area below the mirror to help illuminate your way to the vehicle should it be extremely dark outside. The Venza has an illuminated entry system that activates the interior lights upon approach when you press the unlock button on the remote or grab the door handle if you have the Smartkey system.

    Hope the above sheds some light on the puddle lamp question.

    Regards -

    M. J. McCloskey
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    Thanks for the explanation. Is this an industry term or one you made up? I have never heard it used before. Certainly a nice feature to have, I would guess used mostly in luxury vehicles.
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    I believe it's an industry term. My 2002 Ford Taurus had puddle lamps.
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    The 'puddle lamp/light' nomenclature is an industry term. The info I quoted regarding the 2013 Venza features was from the toyota pressroom website. I don't make things like that up and certainly wouldn't pass on erroneous information. That feature is not considered a luxury but is common on many mid-line vehicles. I had a 2005 Ford Freestyle Limited that had puddle lamps that illuminated when I pressed the unlock button on the remote.

    Of course you could always look up puddle lamp/light on the internet to get a more official explanation.

    Regards -

    M. J. McCloskey
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    I thought it was interesting that it was built into the mirror. The few I've seen were build into the doors.

    All this time I thought they were called that to illuminate puddles by the doors. :shades:
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    Why are not the puddle/turn/marker lights ALL integrated into the BOTTOM of the side rear view mirrors such that turn signal can be seen from the front and/or back..?
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    The recommended oil is synethic for the 2012 Toyota Venza v6. Will using non synthetic oil void the warranty?
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