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2012 Camry best options

camryhybrid12camryhybrid12 Member Posts: 18
edited October 2011 in Toyota
I was looking for a new car, without a moonroof/sunroof. It seems that for a Camry, one is limited to only low trims (e.g. LE/SE) and blocked from taking the high trims with all options (fully loaded) unless the moonroof is included also.

I have noticed that the XLE Hybrid does NOT come with a moonroof. It does allow to add the Convinience Package and the basic Entune (no JBL) but anything else will enforce the moonroof package. Then I have realized that the difference (in MSRP at least) between a non hybrid XLE and a hybrid XLE with the above two options is about $2600. Yes, it does not have the moonroof (another $900) but I do not want a moonroof anyway.

Hence I was thinking to start this thread to see what others think. What is the best set of options for the money overall? It seems the difference between the base L model and the XLE hybrid with the two above packages is just $7000 (for which, a lot of additional features are included). It was noted that Toyota tries now to push buyers to buy the higher trims and indeed the different costs for base ones seems to me as getting less for the money.

Ford has a simple solution to the moonroof problem, it offers Moonroof Delete option for their Fusion. Not with Toyota. The cryptic "Special Order" comment if someone preffers different options than listed is not intended to order one that bypasses the restrictions on the various option packages and dependencies. Not sure what it means - was trying to ask Toyota to explain this though.

What do you think is the best configuration for the money? Looking at both MSRP and real cost (after discounts)?


  • mogambomogambo Member Posts: 4
    edited October 2011
    I am looking at 2012 Camry XLE with convenience package. I really like SE model. However SE has no climate control. So I may have to go with XLE which comes with sunroof that I don't need. I like the convenience package as it has push start, security, back up camera and home link.

    I am getting a quote of 23000 + Tax + title + tag + doc fee = $25400 (out the door price). Is this price good?
  • alexandyalexandy Member Posts: 16
    Hi...I would have to say that if you are getting a 2012 Camry XLE (even with no options) for $23,000, that is a really good price. Everything I'm reading says that new 2012 Camrys are going for roughly MSRP which for this car is close to $26,000. You also mention the "Convenience Package" this included in the $23,000 price?

  • pb01234567890pb01234567890 Member Posts: 5
    I am also looking for Camry XLE with convenience package but I am getting very high price quotes.

    Where are you located??
  • mogambomogambo Member Posts: 4
    23000 XLE without convenience package.

    25,400 (out the door, with no options).
  • mogambomogambo Member Posts: 4

    23000 with no options XLE.

    Out the door price (7% tax) : 25,400
  • camryhybrid12camryhybrid12 Member Posts: 18
    edited October 2011
    XLE no options for $23000 + tax is normal price in Atlana, GA area (eg zip 30301 ) per truecar price tool (10% off MSRP of $25530). But if you pay such money and you really HATE the moonroof, why not get the Hybrid XLE with Convinience and Entune packages? It will not have a moonroof and you will pay $27000 (9% off MSRP) + tax. That is about $4K more for the two option packages you want, without moonroof and a hybrid... !
    Or if you want the XLE Hybrid without options in Atlanta GA, that will be $25800 + tax (9% off MSRP of $28205) or $2800 more than what you pay for XLE non hybrid. But the Hybrid has more features at the base than non hybrid, and you get it without the moonroof you hate... and.. its a hybrid!
  • pb01234567890pb01234567890 Member Posts: 5
    Just out of curiosity is there any known problem with having a Moon roof in the car? or is it more like personal preference.

    I am asking because I am also planning to buy a XLE 2012.

    Thanks !!
  • camryhybrid12camryhybrid12 Member Posts: 18
    edited October 2011
    You need to check yourself for how the moonroof fits you and if you really are going to use it all the time. The comercial pictures of a long gone era where a girl pops out of the moonroof is not what the law will allow you when driving these days... not to mention the moonroof does not open fully to allow you to pop your head and body out of the car. This is not a convertible.

    I like the driver's seat raised to the highest position and I am not very tall.. 6 feet. But the moonroof takes off the space available and your head will touch it slightly or bump into it when the car hits bumps on the road.

    Other problems are leaks and possible extra weight that you really do not need unless you are sure you will use it more than one or two times. I don't like the sun shining on me when I open the moonroof in the summer, nor the rain and snow leaking into the car in the winter. The moonroof used to be a novelty many years ago, and that is why they decided to include such based on old market research I guess. But even Ford now allows in their 2012 (not 2011 ) Fusion model to have a "moonroof delete" option, realizing that people may not like it. I suggest you do a google to search for problems on past Camry moonroof options as well as moonroof issues in general and decide for yourself.

    VW 2012 Passat TDI includes moonroof if you want the auto transmision - DSG.. so the best option was for me the XLE Hybrid to which you can add the Convinience package (good value for alarm, backup camera, and to open your garage for $800 or so) and the Entune (have to play with the toy.. though its quite high priced at $1K and will have bugs I am sure but...).

    Go for the XLE hybrid if you want...
  • pb01234567890pb01234567890 Member Posts: 5
    Thanks for your detailed response, this helps a lot!!!
  • camryhybrid12camryhybrid12 Member Posts: 18
    edited October 2011
    The XLE Hybrid will be out in Nov or so, if you can wait until then, I suggest you try it. Also check very carefully the features of the XLE Hybrid vs XLE non hybrid. The hybrid does not have the moonroof, but has other features the XLE does not come with at base (e.g. the air condition is different, humidity sensor with the hybrid, the base Hybrid features include features the non hybrid XLE needs the convineince package to get them etc).

    After doing a lot of research, the XLE Hybrid is the best car with the two options I wanted most (entune and convinience) that has no moonroof.

    You can check the moonroof fit for you, on a non hybrid also. You may need to ask the dealer to "preference" an allocation car he gets to have an XLE Hybrid without the moonroof (this is known as "special order" also though the options you specify must be within Camry ordering constrains and packages dependencies, e.g. you cannot get leather without the moonroof).

    My dealer has perferenced an XLE Hybrid for me with above two option packages, should get it around 4-6 weeks from now, even with the colors I want.

    To do a preference you must deal with the Dealership General Manager. I rank and file sales person most likely will not do it. So do not be shy, ask to speak with the general manager and explain what you want. Also good to contact with are the internet department sales persons. Check what allocations the dealership is expecting to get from the regional distributor and when. Camry cars are built with certain options that are different from region to region. To make a change, within the allowed option packages constrains, you need to ask the general manager to work with you on such and expect to wait 4-6 weeks. The includes not just the colors you like, but also the exlusion of the sunroof package. In my area (NY metro) the regional distributor has configured all XLE hybrid to have the moonroof package so only way to get it here is with a special order or preferencing which the General Manager can help you with. Note the "build your own" tool does not allow you all combinations including legal option packages, as it goes by the zip code region you enter - I have sent a comment on this to their customer relationship email. At least some people may go to buy a 2012 Ford Fusion without the moonroof because their tools and explanations are not clear... maybe in 2013 model they too will allow moonroof delete option like Ford.

    Good luck!
  • sedan2012sedan2012 Member Posts: 4
    How is this new Camry 2012 vs Honda Accord 2012.

    I am looking for some opinions from the experts :-)
  • camryhybrid12camryhybrid12 Member Posts: 18
    I would have to say the 2012 Camry is better in my view. The 2012 Accord is old generation. We will need to see what the 2013 next redesigned Accord looks like in a year from now, but if you buy now.. I think Camry is best. Now which trim and what options that depends on you. Have provided some thoughts you can read and do your own study and ask yourself what you really look to do and how much you can pay. The base L Camry is very fine for daily travel to / from work etc.
  • camryhybrid12camryhybrid12 Member Posts: 18
    From oyota_camry_le_vs_2012_volkswagen_passat_vr6_sel_comparison/

    While I think their conclusion is wrong, and compare messed (top XLE Hybrid trim vs. Passat SE trim only etc...), one comment they wrote:

    "...not to mention surprisingly brisk acceleration times. How brisk? With its new 2.5-liter 156-hp I-4 and 141-hp electric motor, the XLE whirred from 0 to 60 in just 7.2 seconds, only 0.2 behind the 274-hp Sonata 2.0T."
  • max1000max1000 Member Posts: 1
    Hi,, Edmunds totally missed the fact that the Dash Boards in ALL camry's are now BLACK. l, le, se, xle. no matter what color interior you get.. DASH BOARD IS BLACK. How crazy is that.. I went in To buy an XLE this weekend and could not believe Toyota did that to most likely save money. No camry for me.. On to Honda or Nissan..
  • camryhybrid12camryhybrid12 Member Posts: 18
    If the most important feature for you is the color of the dashboard then you should buy a car based on this. To me it is fine and there are many other bright colors you can select for both interior and exterior.

    The MT also went too much on cosmetics and appearance. Totally missed the features and certain key differences comparing the TDI SE trim with XLE hybrid fully loaded. Even with a 2012 Passat TDI SEL Premium, you wont get some of the features the XLE hybrid fully loaded gives you. I did a test drive for both 2012 Camry (not hybrid) XLE and Passat TDI SEL.. overall, the Camry is way better in most substance. Appearace and cosmetics is for some people to decide but its not so bad to prevent me buying the car unless all of it is black in and out (I wont buy such a car indeed).
  • sunny12sunny12 Member Posts: 9
    While I think to buy 2012 Camry LE hybrid, not sure what price is a good deal.

    Any ideas?
  • csr242csr242 Member Posts: 9
    Got a quote for 25114 before taxes for 2012 Camry Hybrid LE. Any comments/advice/suggestions
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H EdmundsAdministrator Posts: 11,132
    Pricing questions are more likely to be answered in our Camry Pricing discussion here:

    Right now, there are several members discussing pricing for the 2012 Hybrid.


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  • alleycat10alleycat10 Member Posts: 18
    Manufacturers tend to keep the dashboards a dark color to reduce reflection and to make them easier for consumers to keep them clean. Personally, I prefer dark-color dashboards in my cars.
  • alleycat10alleycat10 Member Posts: 18
    When driving the Honda Accord, do a comparison between it and the Camry on driver seat comfort. The Camry SE has much more comfortable seating than any new Accord. The lumbar support in the Accord driver seat feels like a hard obtrusive board compared to the comfortably cushioned lumbar support for the driver in the Camry. The SE model of the Camry has front seat bolstering not present in other Camry models, the primary reason I picked the SE model over the LE or XLE. I also did not want the added cost and relatively long payback of the hybrid as I only drive about 6,000 miles per year. Hybrid battery life was a primary concern as I drive a lot of short trips, my car often sitting a week between drives. Light-colored dashboards are a real minus where I live in the sunny southeast as they reflect too much sunlight into drivers eyes.
  • sparklandsparkland Member Posts: 120
    That is interesting. I am disappointed that the remainder of the interior of the Hybrid Camry does not offer black--seats, etc. That was a deal breaker for me. I liked the dash but the beige and grey seats- cloth and leather were not very exciting. Here's hoping the Hybrid comes with black as an interior option in the near future.

    I love the design and layout of the car otherwise. It does beat the present Honda Accord and is so much quieter inside.

  • carnaughtcarnaught Desert SWMember Posts: 3,136
    I found the beige to be especially bizarre and cheap appearing with the leather/suede upgrade .
  • naatz1naatz1 Member Posts: 188
    I agree on the beige as well, and not a good look with the black dashboard and console (but the Optima & Passat we were considering use the same combo in certain color mixes). I wanted an exterior red but it only came with the beige and both my wife and I did not like that combo. We ended up with the magnetic (medium) grey XLE exterior with a grey leather interior ... that flows well with the black dash. I would have preferred a darker interior however we have a medium grey in our Jeep and it has stood up well, although the Jeep carpet is thicker than the Camry, I would think an XLE would have nicer carpet for the price. Very satisfied with interior room and features in the XLE; I got the Nav/Entune (not JBL) and it works very smooth using my Samsung Android smartphone even tho Toyota says the phone is not compatible. Also happy with 29/35 MPGs compared to the jeep.
  • zeeboyzeeboy Member Posts: 25
    I didn't see this on the Toyota site

    anyone get this option at the dealership?
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