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2013 Nissan Altima



  • ahossa1ahossa1 Posts: 52
    edited September 2012
    Not enough people own it to write reviews on the MPG. Reading all the magazine writers on Bing & Google It seems that they are recording close to EPA numbers. I suggest the next time U fill up make a note of the mileage(#A). When U fill up again make a note of the mileage( #B) Then Subtract #B from #A . U wil also make a note of how many gallons of gas u filled your tank on your 2nd fill up. DivideThe difference between #A and #B by the number of gallons on your 2nd fill up and that will be your real world mileage. I did that for one year on my 02 Altima on an Excel worksheet and that was my personal MPG. Some weeks were great, others were really bad. BTW how does the car drive? Do U hear a lot of enine noise on the highway?
  • 2013 Altima 2.5s, I bought new, drive 800 miles so far. I feel drifting & wandering, move side to side. It happens when drive high speed 60-75 miles on highway.

    I search Edmund review found several owners have the same problem like me.

    One owner post said "it cause by steel rim out of round".

    My questing is if cause by out of round rim, then I cange to alloy wheel will solve the problem?

    or this drifting problem is cause by other parts not the out of round rim?
  • I test drove multiple 2013 Altima 2.5SV's with alloy wheels and they all required constant steering corrections on the highway, so I don't think changing to alloy wheels will solve your problem. Good luck on finding a solution.
  • Thank you for your respond. If not cause by the rim then should be other parts.
    The drifting problem is only complain about this car so far.
    The mileage is good. 32.6mpg combine 40/60city & highway for my first 1000 miles.
  • The constant correcting is a gift of the new electric steering.
  • I have been driving my newAltima 2.5 SL since August 1st. I am getting 18 mpg. I have contacted nissan consumer service and they will send a specilist to look at this low mpg issue. I don't know how the system calculates the Average MPG but I have calculated manually 4-5 times and I am getting 17-18 average. I am little disappointed with this low MPG. I had purchased this car solely based on its good MPG ads. Lets see what happens.
  • aatishaatish Posts: 2
    Anything they were able to do? i m getting 21 on new SV 2013 that i got last week! dont know what to do!
  • this is my second tank and I'm getting 28 mpg. this is exactly what my trip display shows and this time I am also calculating manually and so far my calculation is bang on with what is displayed in car. I've 13 altima 2.5 SL with tech package and more than 90% of my driving has been in city, will be checking out the car soon on my first highway trip
  • aatishaatish Posts: 2
    What should i do, abt to finish my first tank, average still 22
  • My wife and I bought a 2013 Nissan Altima 2.5 SL in May. It lurched and shuddered when coasting (no pedals pressed) between 30 and 40 mph, especially when going uphill. We took it to the dealership we purchased it from and picked it up today after 3 tries to fix and it being out of commission for 17 straight days. They replaced the entire transaxle on our new car. The dealership has said that the true issue was a programming issue in the transaxle that should be fixed with a recall, taking it to a dealership to reprogram the TCM (transaxle control module?) maybe. They tried to give us the car back last Friday, after replacing the transaxle, but they knocked a "boot" off when they re-installed the drive shaft causing excessive road noise even at very low speeds. Suffice to say, our car was somewhat of an experiment in this recall getting a new transaxle instead of just reprogramming the existing one. So if you have not heard of a recall (I still haven't even though the dealership said "thousands" of cars have reported the same issue), be aware of the issue and take it to a dealership to get the TCM reprogrammed asap if yours has the same issue.

    Other than not having the car for 1/8 of the time we've owned it, we love the car. Even with the recent issues, I do not wish I had bought a different car.
  • haulthault Columbus OhioPosts: 126
    I purchased a 2.5 SV. MPG's have been 31 3 times and 34.5 one time. I have 2000 miles. I have felt the "wandering" in the straight line driving. I had the lurching issue a few times. I thought it was just me and was waiting to see how often it occurred. Overall I love the car so far.
  • I can't find out how to reset the averge fuel consumption on my 2013 Altima. Can you help, please?
  • haulthault Columbus OhioPosts: 126
    While the fuel economy is displayed just hold the same button in for a few seconds and it will reset.
  • You should call Nissan's consumer services and register your complain. That's what I did. I am still trying to chase down the Nissan specialist who has been assigned my case. It has been a very frustrating experience with Nissan North America. I had purchased this vehicle based on Its 27 city MPG claim but I have been getting 17-18 max.
  • I purchased a 2013 3.5L. I have just over 5500 hwy miles & I am averaging 31-33.8 mpg. Almost all my driving is hwy miles. I found using the cruise control helps a lot. I drive apprx 4 miles over the speed limit, so it isn't being babied while driving.
  • You are not imagining this wandering, side to side action. I just bought a 2013
    3.5 Altima, and have spoken to the dealer several times now. This "action"
    happens at high speed 60- on up mainly. It is unsafe and hard to keep it in a
    straight line. Even my husband who has many years of driving trucks, said there
    is something wrong. We have been told it is because of the new requirement for
    electronic steering. No adjustment can be made. I can not control the car on
    freeway speeds without severe side to side motion. I do think there will be
    a recall because of this issue. If you can not steer the car, there is a serious
    problem, and unacceptable to us.
  • seolbroseolbro Posts: 19
    Electirc steering is a choice by auto makers to improve MPG. I do not believe it is required. I think the dealer is giving you the runaround on that point.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,175
    I'm not a big fan of electric steering assist but it shouldn't wander as described.
  • This is my 4th tank and so far from my last two fill ups I've averaged 27.8 and 28.2 mpg and my 90% of driving is city driving. I try to be as light footed as I can so that could be one of the factor. I've 2.5 SL
  • I have the 2.5 SV and have experienced problems with the trans. My car was out of commission for 12 days (I called constantly to get it back). My car would also jerk when I accelerated and decelerated and there would be a loud bang in the dash board. I had to drive the service tech around town so he could feel the jerking. I had to have a new transmission installed then I had to take it back because there was a lot of outside noise where they had to close some part that they forgot to close.
    As a result of the jerking my right speaker busted and now the air conditioner comes on when I don't have the A/C button pressed one nor the 'auto' button engaged. I'm taking it back again to get the electrical looked at and the right speaker fix.

    I like my car but I'm disappointed because I haven't had the opportunity to enjoy it.

    Oh, I also completed a survey on the car and I said at this time I wouldn't recommend the 2013 Altima to anyone until these problems are fixed.
  • victomofnissanvictomofnissan Posts: 7
    edited October 2012
    After two months of driving my Altima 2013 2.5SL, this car is averaging 18 MPG. Way below what the company claims. I have been dealing with Nissan on this issue. But it is taking to0 much of my time and causing frustration.
  • ayala33ayala33 Posts: 1
    edited October 2012
    My name is Andy. I was searching online to see if I can find something related to my problem with my 2013 Altima. And I came across your post. My wife and I have experience similar issues, the shuddered feel when coasting at low speeds. I took it to the dealership and obviously it was hard to duplicate the issue. so it was diagnose with no problems..etc...A few hours later after picking the vehicle back from the dealership, the same shuddered affect happen. After reading your post, I have something to prove to the dealership that other owners have experience similar problems. email me at with comments on how you were able to fix the problem and what suggestions you may have for me.

  • jim544jim544 Posts: 1
    Andy read this recall notice: ype=quicksearch&summary=true

    How many miles do you have on your Altima.

  • I am in the market to purchase an 13 Altima 2.5 SV . Noticed your post and then searched online. I found the article below. It says that some bolts were not torqued properly leadign to vehicle steer problems.
    "the driver may experience difficulty in controlling the direction of the vehicle" owners-canton-plant
  • seolbroseolbro Posts: 19
    For as nice as the redesigned Altima looks, it's too bad Nissan couldn't fix the build quality issues that plagued its predecessor.
  • Just finished my 3rd month driving 2013 Nissa Altima 2013 2.5SL and my car has been consistantly delivering 18 MPG or Below. Monitored MPG manually several times. Bringing back to the dealer for the 2nd time. Also recieved a safety recall from Nissan (campaign# PC186). CVT belt slips during driving. There is already another safety recall (campaign# PC182) that has to do with power steering rack bolts and tranverse link bolts issue.

    Problem after problem with this 2013 Altima and the year 2013 has not even started yet.
  • ehiaehia Posts: 3
    I know the seats are supposed to be very comfortable, but my back is killing me after I drive it. I have have the car for about a month and still can not get the seat right. It is my lower back where it hurts. I have cloth, but don't think that is the issue. Anyone else having this problem? 2012 SV
  • I test drove a couple of 2013 Altima SLs lately. It seems like a very nice car with comfortable seats except that the head restraints are tipped too far forward. I asked the salesman if they can be adjusted, but found out they can't be. I like to stretch my neck when driving long distance once in awhile by pressing it back to the head restraint. Anyone else have this problem? Do you get used to it after awhile?
  • I bought me a 2013 altima 2.5sv 2 weeks ago, got 350 miles and have the same problem, the mph aver only 25 and I do both highway and citi. To me altima make a misleading. We should sue them or write to consumer report on this cheat mileage
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