Cruise control not available

mgelcetinmgelcetin Member Posts: 1
X-Type 2.5 228k hand shifted
Only when its cold i get the message;"Cruise control not available". I don't have cruise control, anyway when this happens the motor kinda shakes for 5 seconds or less, i feel it on the gas paddle. The engine light goes on and the temperature meter goes up to red. Total panic off course. The dealer could not find anything, says i can ignore and keep on driving. After a few hours when the engine is shutdown the orange engine light goes off again. Does anyone know what's the problem here? The coolingmotor, oxigen hose to motor has been renewed. The dealer says now that the Headgasket has to be replaced because they have found oil in the coolingwater. I have this problem since 3 years, whats wrong here? I have recorded the event, if you send me a message on FB i can send you the movie.


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