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Mazda CX-5



  • wijodywijody Posts: 3
    None of the models of cars I've been comparing are higher for AT and I've just been annoyed that most of them only offer MT on the base models. It just feels like false advertising when an ad shows the car loaded with everything and then touts the MPG like it applies to that car, yet you can't even get that car except a stripped down version and still get that mpg.

    I wonder why the skyactive AT is 1 mpg higher for mazda3 but several mpg lower on the cx5?
  • bpizzutibpizzuti Posts: 2,743
    Many have sought the answer to that divine mystery, but none have returned with the prize. :shades:
  • wijodywijody Posts: 3
    lol :)

    I hate car shopping ;) This was my first choice and then drove a VW Sportwagen, which I really liked a lot (I found the CX5 a bit hard to see out the back, but it might just take getting used to (?)) ... VW reliability does make me nervous, though, since I tend to keep my cars awhile.
  • ... my local Mazda dealership is weak, both in sales and service. Totally non-responsive to my in-person inquiry about a CX-5 Sport 6MT. Maintained my 04 Mazda 3 Hatch 5MT myself as a result, and have no confidence that they have improved.

    Poor CX-5 Sport 6MT roll-out. Only three colors (black, gray or silver) really!? Only 13 Sport MTs available within 300 miles, with a stock level of 300 total. I suppose I should be pleased that any manual version is available at all, since the Ford Escape is "automatic only." I don't think so.

    Finally, Mazda's weak financial situation. After losing $1 billion last year and closing their Michigan assembly plant, while building a Mexican plant to help them out of their exchange rate induced losses, it remains to be see whether Mazda will find the partner they seem desperate for, or join Saab, Pontiac and Plymouth on the once great auto badge list.

    So I opted for a C platform hatchback with five more horsepower, two inches less wheelbase, three hundred pounds less weight and costing roughly $3,500 less money, and pulled the trigger on a Focus SE Hatchback Sport Package 5MT. Love this smooth, quiet and responsive European Ford with its row-your-own transmission.

    Let the flaming begin...
  • pppkpppk Posts: 5
    I bought a cx5 AT, and I'm getting 25.3 in city driving. I think it's well and good from what Mazda claims for
  • bpizzutibpizzuti Posts: 2,743
    Didn't that just get recalled? :shades:

    Seriously, the Focus is a nice ride, I test drove it and liked how it handled, and it's got great options. However, I've disqualified it from my search due to the smallish gas tank. And because there's a lighter hatchback coming this summer with the same MPGs but 200 HP. :P
  • The Focus SE w/sport pack is a nice ride. I hate the way they did the interior, though. Somehow this vehicle is wider than my 2006 Focus, yet feels a little more cramped inside and has a smaller trunk (hatch does solve that).

    I was looking forward to the Focus but I crossed it off my list because of interior volume. My knee bumps on the console of my current Focus, I'd like a car in which I don't have that problem.

    I also think the CX-5 actually drives better, due to the slick 6-speed and more communicative steering. The Focus feels more refined than the larger CX-5, but the CX-5 feels more maneuverable than the smaller Focus.
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    edited April 2012
    Car snob?? LMAO! The OP thought rather high of himself and those who drive sticks as compared to the rest of us! You sir, are a "jabroni" - look it up! If manual transmissions were so popular (or even practical in today's driving environment) with drivers there would be a larger demand be. Face it, you're in the minority so take you're "holier than thou" attitude and well....use your imagination. It takes a bit to rile me up but you've done it..... :mad:

    Talk about a "car snob"....look in the mirror!..... :P
  • bamacarbamacar Posts: 749
    Please grow up and then you can post with the rest of us adults.

    Jabroni expert, how mature! Tell mommy, you are on the computer again.
  • essjaeessjae Posts: 1
    I know this has been brought up before, but I'm wondering if anyone else has the same issue. I just purchased my CX-5 Touring with the moonroof/Bose and noticed that when I was listening to the radio (HD) that the sound would randomly change from the majority of sound coming from the front center speaker to all of a sudden surround (much nicer) sound from multiple speakers. And back and forth. I'm not sure if it's the radio's broadcasting issue or if it's something with my speaker or what.

    Centerpoint option is not available with the FM radio, so I haven't messed with that at all. All the other sound options are default in the middle.

    Any help or other experiences appreciated!
  • stan6201stan6201 Posts: 25
    The Bose is in 'full' Centerpointe operation with a CD and sounds real good in my CX-5. HD radio is very random in sound quality and most all other sources sound worse with the Bose system than the would with a traditional six speaker set-up.

    Less than a year ago I ripped all my CDs to my computer and sold them. I can't blame that on Bose but it did alter our relationship.
  • stantonb1stantonb1 Posts: 51
    I have a 2011 CX-7 Grand Touring Turbo and it is just ok. Bought my wife a 2012 CX-5 with all wheel drive and find it to be under powered. Trying to enter the expressway is a bit scary. In city driving the gas mileage is outstanding. The dealer network in my opinion stinks. I have both vehicles serviced by a private mechanic. Think the paint job on the CX-7 brilliant black is of poor quality. The CX-5 in Stormy Blue is also lacking paint quality. I believe that 155 hp just doesn't move the CX-5 adequately.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,175
    The 0-60 time compared to the CR-V is about .1 of a sec off. I see a lot of happy CR-V owners that don't complain about the acceleration so .1 sec shouldn't be that bad. I've heard you have to really punch it and give some revs to get it moving in the expressway entrance ramp scenario. I realize that is not something that many are used to but that is the price you pay for getting 30+ mpg on a CUV. From my understanding, it does have the juice at the higher revs so you just have to really goose it at times.
  • fonefixerfonefixer Posts: 247
    Driving an 07' CX-7 w/ the 2.3 Turbo and the acceleration seems fine after the initial slight lag when stepping on the accelerator. Having never driven the CX-5- would assume it isn't a barn burner but probably has adequate acceleration in exchange for much better gas mileage.
  • stantonb1stantonb1 Posts: 51
    Our Cx-5 is still being broken in. Right after purchasing installed synthetic motor oil. Currently have under 2,000 miles. With the all wheel drive get combined city and highway of 25. I find the transmission to be biased toward low engine speeds. For me to get performance I have to accelerate hard and the transmission has to downshift not once but twice. I fell we got a very good deal Grand Touring with navigation for $28,750. Hard acceleration produces a great deal of engine noise.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,175
    I took my wifes Mazda6 in for routine service today and took a nice long test drive of the CX-5. The Mazda6 has the 2.3L w/5spd auto tranny. The FWD CX-5 I drove is only about 150lbs heavier than our Mazda6 and has nearly identical HP/Torque ratings. The CX-5 did not feel quite as quick as the Mazda6 but not enough to worry about. Reports of this being underpowered are really just auto mag writers looking for something to [non-permissible content removed] about. The six speed auto is programmed for max MPG and when you consider that the EPA avg is 1mpg higher for the CX-5 than for the Mazda6 and the fact that it weighs a little more and is not quite so svelte moving through the does real good with just a touch of less oomph.

    I was especially impressed with the solidness of the ride. It felt like a heavier vehicle as it soaked up the road imperfections. Road noise is considerably less noticeable than in our Mazda6 and is right on par with Infiniti SUV. Cornering was almost a flat as our Mazda6 which is pretty impressive for a CUV. I think this is a really nice vehicle that moves adequately and whenever the thought of wanting more grunt raises it's awful head, just thing about 30mpg on regular and it makes it much more bearable. I wasn't all that impressed with the Bose system however. We also have an older Infiniti QX4 that has the Bose system and it sounds subtantially better than the system in the CX-5. I'm not an audiophile so I could live with it, but I did notice the difference. Other fit and finish items were very good and the quality of the materials were on the higher end versus it's competitiors. I liked that the center console didn't look like a space ship and was easy to use and understand with real buttons and dials.

    I could get used to driving this by just anticipating situations a little better and realizing that I'm not going to be racing other people away from stoplights very much. I don't do that now with the Mazda6 so it's not something that I would have to make a lot of adjustment for.
  • cx5txcx5tx Posts: 2
    Just bought a CX-5 and noticed that the rear wheel well lining is made up of a gray felt cloth like material. It looks and feels similar to the insulation material found inside door/body panels and does not look very durable or water resistant.

    Is this normal or have they forgotten to remove a protective covering? It sure doesn't look like it can withstand any mud or gravel thrown by the wheels.

    The front wheel wells look normal and are made of a hard plastic or metal.
    The dealer claims it's normal and that it's found in all CX5s in their lot.

    Can any other CX-5 owner confirm this?
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,175
    edited April 2012
    I'm not an owner but have just test driven one and have looked them over extensively. I mentioned this in an earlier post in this forum a few weeks ago. It appears that it is just added sound insulation as there is solid panel behind it. It is a fiber mat material that can absorb both sound and stones hitting it to quell the noise. It looks like it would dry quickly if gotten wet and mud would dry and flake/drop off it.
  • j500j500 Posts: 1
    Do you think it is possible to carry two kayaks on a roof rack and two bikes on the back of the CX 5? How badly would the handling/excellaration be effected? Thanks
  • jlsflajlsfla Posts: 4
    just bought a new 2013 CX-5 this afternoon!!!!!! live in northeast Florida. It is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. Black with a rather light tan interior which does look pretty. Comfortable seats(I'M 5'8" tall ) and the power seats give me plenty of room to push back. Nice telescoping steering wheel that put the driving completely in my hands. The radio sounds great with vol. control right at my left hand fingertips, AC was definitely keeping me cool on a nice hot FLA day. I am impressed with the overall look on the inside. it looks very finished and though it might not be as fancy as some other models i like the position of everything and simplicity of it. I LOVE the positive feel of the steering and the sense of heaviness on the interstate much better than the Honda CRV and Toyotas I drove. I traded in my Honda Odyssey and except for the fact that this is a 4 cyl compared to my V6 in the Ody it performs great. Drove on the interstate to test drive and it has NO problem merging into traffic and certainly keeping pace with all the others doing 70+ in fact speed sneaks up on the quickly so you have to watch it due to it being so quiet on the inside! when you start the motor you don't know the vehicle is running...other touches such as Sirus radio, blue tooth, and the 3 yr 36000 mile road side assistance free plus back up camera far better than Honda....all in all it's a vehicle you need to look at....and gas mileage is supposed to be very good.....of course since i'm a new owner i will have to give this a few weeks to see if i have anything i don't like and it will be a few weeks before i take a long road trip but at this point i think Mazda has done a great job on this vehicle...will post more after i have a few more miles under my tires :). Please give it a looksee!
  • jlsflajlsfla Posts: 4
    depends on the size and weight of Kayacks. I think you could carry the bikes but not sure how much it would block rear view. the SUV certainly has alot of pep and I don't doubt it's ability to hold it's own in highway(70-80)MPG driving. Hopefully there are more new owners out there that do more sports related activities such as you than can help more...over all i think it's going to be a really good choice and competition for Toyota and Honda when people know more about it.
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 26,323
    nice write-up. Keep posting updates please!

    interesting to me, because my wife is looking at options for her next car (to replace an Odyssey too), and really liked her test drive of the CX-5.

    2018 Hyundai Elantra Sport (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

  • How does Mazda's AWD systems compare to Subaru's?
  • samiam_68samiam_68 Posts: 775
    Mazda is a front-wheel-drive platform with AWD being an additional feature. Subaru has a symmetrical AWD that is built-in to the vehicle. Subaru's system is superior to Mazda's, but if you are not planning on taking the car off road or drive in deep snow, the Mazda should be just fine. If you want more robust and rugged AWD ability, Subaru is the better choice.
  • I thought that might be the case, but without any "evidence" to back it up. I love the fact that with my older Legacy Outback, snow is not a concern after a snowstorm. I'm worried that if I got the cx-5 awd, it would not perform the same way.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    edited May 2012
    I'm worried that if I got the cx-5 awd, it would not perform the same way.

    Truth be told, 95% of people cannot tell the difference between a full-time AWD system (like Subi or Audi) vs a FWD bias system or a RWD bias system. Only people who drive in extreme terrain or extreme conditions might see a difference.

    If you are a normal commuter who sometimes gets stuck in a snow storm, you won't feel a difference. I have owned Subaru's and other FWD bias AWD systems, and I never noticed a difference. If anything, the tires on the car have a bigger influence than the AWD system.

    Mazda uses their Active Torque-Split AWD system, which is FWD bias. The system assess wheel spin several times every millisecond and reacts before you even know what is going on. The AWD system does work extremely well in snow. I would not be worried if I were you. If anything, the Sport and Touring models will probably be better in snow because they have 17" wheels as opposed to the 19" on the Grand Touring.

    If you still have concerns, check out this video. Can you tell that it is FWD bias? I sure can't, and it has the 19's on it!!
  • angitheriasangitherias Posts: 34
    Thanks for the link, Ive been looking for some like these with little success.
  • sj1955sj1955 Posts: 1
    jlsfla....I am currently looking to purchase the CX5 also and been doing alot of research about towing and roof rack. I have found the roof rack weight limit to be 100 lbs on all CX5....if you have the ability to tow your kayaks the towing capability is like 3500 lbs. I want to have the ability to do both since I often take off for camping/kayaking trips....maybe I will be able to get all my gear inside and just the kayaks on the roof....that would be great. How are you liking your CX5...I'm going from a Jeep Wrangler to the CX5 because of gas prices.
  • 62vette62vette Posts: 17
    I was at the dealer on Monday and there was a cx-5 with a roof rack. The sales guy told me 250 lbs on the rack. Probably BS. I was also quoted a lease 3400 more over the life of a lease than an advertised lease I saw at a different dealer but out of state. Oh well.
  • What is the price everyone is paying for the CX5's?

    Dealers in So Cal are quoting $500 off MSRP.
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