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Volvo XC60 Reliability

cdudecdude Posts: 10
I know XC 60 has 5 year maintenance plan. Does anyone knows how is it to maintain after 50 k miles . Consumer reports rated XC60 as average reliability ..


  • mikey38mikey38 Posts: 141
    We only have 30k on ours right now and have had only one mx issue...bad wheel bearing. I wouldn't think too many folks have over 50k miles on theirs yet.

    Since ours is a 2010, it has 60k mile coverage for the Safe and Secure Plan.
  • You guys are killin' me with this 60K S&S plan on a 2010. Ours was covered for 'only' 36K miles.

    We drove past 50K back in March and I'll be PAYING for my 52.5K service in the next week or so. We haven't had any serious issues other than a completely dead battery that made us think we had been hit by a EMF..couldn't even remove the 'key' from the slot! Nice to get a free fresh battery at the third anniversary.

    I guess the extended S&S plan would cover the center grill VOLVO sticker that peeled off our vehicle recently...I'll see how accommodating our dealer is when I go in for the 52.5K check. :shades: (Unfortunately, our 'sticker' on the '11 C70 doesn't seem all that secure, either)
  • woodinvawoodinva Posts: 19
    HEARD ON SWEDESPEED YOU CAN GET NEW LABELS from DAVE'S volvo labels that will fit just fine.. ;)
  • woodinvawoodinva Posts: 19

    And the labesl only cost $5.00 generally.. They even have a label for the Steering wheel blue that sometimes falls off (now). Have not had any problems with our 55k miles now XC60.. Just keep the oil changed with Mobil 1 Synthetic (we have T6 model) every 7500, rotate tires and put air and oil filters in it..

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