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2013 Fusion Hybrid



  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    This is what I found too. I would say I do 85-90% highway driving, and found it does very poorly at 55 when it kicks in and out of EV. If I keep the pack at or above 75% charge, I can keep the instant at or above 40 like I do in my 2010, but when SOC drops below 60%, the instant plunges to low 20's. When I took an Interstate trip I was trying to do a lot of EV driving at or below 62 MPH and the MPG was no where near 40 let alone 47. What was really disappointing is the fact the 2010 FFH gets better MPG than the new Fusion does when driven the same way. The new one cannot be driven the same way with it kicking into EV all the time. The recharge from ICE sucks up more gas than if I just stay on ICE.
  • How was your mileage on the trip to the Sierra?

  • patcicpatcic Posts: 3
    I just got my FFH and have 300 miles on it. It's a base model built in early to mid January. I am coming out of a 2012 MKS, I am in sales and I drive about 25,000 miles per year. What a difference in ride! Very quiet, more comfortable seats and it handles road imperfections with ease, very muted. The MKS was harsh, noisy, hard seats - not refined at all but this FFH is amazing! I am getting 41 to 42 mpg in 50/50 mixed driving - very impressive and very satisfied! I agree - it's relaxing to drive.
  • sergeissergeis Posts: 134
    edited April 2013
    Got new Fusion Hybrid 2013 five days ago.
    For the first 200 miles my average lifetime mpg was slowly rising from 31 to 34 just city drive. Hoped for more...
    So I tested it on a trip, odometer is showing 200 miles.
    1. Indiana Interstate at 75 mph, not so many cars around, 60 miles: 34 mpg (trip mode)
    2. Nice empty highway at 60 mph cruise control, 40 miles: 42 mpg (4 miles in EV mode)
    3. Small city drive, with stops, lights, 25-45 mph):
    Distance: 43.9 mi (30.4 ev)
    Average: 47.1 mpg
    I guess one could get more than 50 mpg in city (I had 52 mpg for the first 15 miles), but you must learn how to get most mpgs out of it.

    I have driven Prius 2006 in past, and I guess in city these two cars will be on par in terms of mpg, but Fusion is more fun to drive. On Interstate Prius would probably give me ~44 mpg in these conditions, i.e. much better than Fusion.
    It also looks like in city Fusion should be driven more aggressively for better MPG - you accelerate normally with engine on and then it switches engine off and cruises on electric only (engine is on only 25% of time). Fusion has more powerful electric motor and being purely electric is easy while cruising at city speeds, with Prius one had to let it slow down from 40 mph to keep elecric, Actually you do not have to think about EV with Fusion - just drive it normally and will be still in electric most of the time.
    With Prius I had to "coast" to keep EV only mode, slowly slowing down after accelerating ("pulsing"), Fusion, in contrast, can accelerate reasonably in EV mode without engine turning on.

    Anyway, I did not expect to get the stated 47 mpg, but it will deliver 47 in city with ease. On the Interstate - I will wait to see if engine breaks in and numbers become better. In either case I like the car very much, most my driving is in the city anyway...

    BTW: I drive Boxster myself, kind of a midlife crisis, Fusion is my wife's car - but I like it already as much as Boxster (for different reasons - I like hitech and paying engineers instead of oil companies).
    The line assist and adaptive cruise - these are super cool. Line assist actually managed to keep me on a road with my hand off the steering wheel, but after a while it beeped and wrote "keep you hands on steering wheel". The adaptive cruise control actually braked hard all by itself when a car in front braked hard. Very cool stuff. It might save my life some day when I am sleepy... Or my wife's life, even more important...
  • lucien4lucien4 Posts: 68
    Hi Sergeis, the mpg numbers sounds about right and most people get. Unfortunately 47 mpg highway is about impossible unless you drive about 55 mpg or you use hypermiling techniques (see my previous reply with table for mpg per mph from C&D).

    I also really love the ride of Fusion. I'm fine with not getting 47 mpg highway. Overall mpg is still pretty good especially city.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Something I found on the highway, get the battery charge up to 80% or more then above 65 MPH using the instant MPG screen with some practice you just might be able to get 47 at interstate speeds. As long as the ICE doesn't need to charge the battery pack, it does OK at speeds above 65.
  • I just purchased my Ford Fusion Hybrid and despite the reports from Consumer Reports I am averaging 45 MPG combined City and Highway. I will admit though that I enabled the Eco-cruise and EV + features which I believe are disabled by default and I also drive between 55-60 on the highway to keep the EV mode enabled. On a number of trips I have hit 51 MPG. I am still on my first take of Gas and I am approaching 500 miles, the way you drive definitely dictates the MPG that you will get.
  • rick7250rick7250 Posts: 1
    I am an investigator looking into Ford's false claims or the 47 mpg on the 2013 Fusion Hybrid and the C-Max Hybrid. I am formulating potential clients in the San Francisco bay area for a class action lawsuit.

    If you live in the bay area, have purchased one of the above mentioned vehicles and are not getting the gas mileage Ford has advertised please contact me. My email address is
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    If you dont get at least 47 in the car, either there is something wrong with the car, like the one I had, its cold out, or you arent driving it right. Those in warmer weather and driving it right are getting and exceeding EPA.

    Good luck with that, from what I have experienced with Ford, its not going to go very well.
  • patcicpatcic Posts: 3
    edited April 2013
    I have no complaints. I have had my FFH for 1 week and when i finally fueled up, I got 43.3 mpg on 10 gals of fuel with 60/40 city/highway driving. On the expressway, I did 67 to 70 mph. It's the quietest, most comfortable driving hybrid on the market if you ask me including the Toyota Camry Hybrid. The quality seems to be there, time will tell if it can hold up as well as the Toyota.
  • patcicpatcic Posts: 3
    This post is right on the money. You should accelerate to speed using the gas engine and the let the electric motor take over, the sooner the better. Accelerating slowly will not work as the gas engine stays on too long.
  • congotimcongotim Posts: 8
    Hey all,
    I just picked up my Hybrid SE on Friday. I was a little put off at first when my average MPG was around 33 MPG. Took me a bit to realize that, #1, I was new to driving a hybrid (this is my very first one) and, #2, almost all of the first 120 miles were on the highway. Driving in town over the weekend I was getting used to driving and getting between 35 and 38 MPG. I was concerned after reading some earlier posts that I may end up getting far less than advertised. Yesterday and today on my commute, though, I achieved Fusion greatness: 44 MPG to work both days and 60 MPG on the way home last night!

    I cannot express how much I love this car so far. The ride is amazing. Now that I have figured out how to drive it, I look forward to rush hour traffic. I am a more calm and relaxed driver now, too. I spend the day looking out my window at work waiting for the opportunity to drive home. I love the fact that this car looks like a nice sedan and not some 1980's futuristic wannabe electric car. I agree with everyone who says that accelerating as quickly as possible and then switching to electric is the way to go. My FFH is up to 200 miles now and only 120 of them have been on gas, roughly the amount of miles spent travelling back and forth to the dealer! I would recommend this car to anyone looking at Hybrids. It feels like a luxury car to me and the level of relaxation I get cruising in traffic is worth every penny
  • socalfusionsocalfusion Posts: 10
    Congratulations! I've had my SE Hybrid since January and pretty much feel the same way. I consistently get ~40 mpg with a best of 44.5 and a worst of 36. 4-5 tanks have exceeded 40 mpg. About 60% of my commute is highway and the other 40% surface streets. I too find the seats and ride quite comfortable. The only nickpiks I have are the touchscreen (takes 2-3 pokes to activate an icon) and the sunroof control (same problem as the touchscreen especially when closing). But these are minor issues.

    I did recently receive a notice from Ford to come in for a SYNC update to the software which seems to include a number of enhancements. Just have to find the time to take it in and let them have it for a day. Anyone else had this done yet?
  • congotimcongotim Posts: 8
    I didnt get a sweet note from them LOL Do you know anything about how to check what version of Sync you are on? Also, my touchscreen works pretty good. I think in the settings there is an option to change the sensitivity. Have you looked at that?
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    If yours has the Hybrid screen then it is the most recent version.
  • congotimcongotim Posts: 8
    You mean the one that tells you when you are on gas or electric and why?
  • Achieved a personal best of 45.2 mpg over 312 miles (6.9 gals) today in my 2013 Fusion Hybrid. Been trying to run in EV mode more when possible by accelerating quicker then backing off a bit to engage EV mode. Hard to do at freeway speeds, but fairly easy on surface streets. Will be interesting to hear how Fusion Energi drivers do.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Some guys are getting over 50 now that the weather has warmed up. Probably just a bad time for Ford to release the car during the winter.
  • congotimcongotim Posts: 8
    YEah, I am about to take a big round tripper so I am curious to see what I get there. On a 70 mile round tripper I got 48 mpg so that was pretty sweet
  • tldtld Posts: 37
    For those of you that already own, or are considering purchasing they hybrid version, what type of maintenance costs does the owners manual or dealer say that is different then the non hybrid versions? I'm thinking at least the first 100K.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Maintenance is no different for a hybrid than for a regular gas car. The only real difference is that brakes last 2-3 times as long on a Hybrid so you most likely wont need them for the first 100K miles.

    Under the hood there is a separate cooling system for the Hybrid drive, but the change interval is same as the engine coolant. It uses the same coolant too, so that is about the only difference on a Hybrid.

    There is no maintenance on the batteries, or electric drive system.
  • jwmoore59jwmoore59 Posts: 1
    Over all my 2013 is a better vehicle technologically than my 2010; however, in comparison the reconfiguration of the trunk space, lack of a spare tire and smaller fuel tank are the negatives that need to be pointed out. Having had my 2013 since 04/09 and averaging 42 mpg city/hwy the achievable driving range is greatly diminished with the smaller fuel tank. As a result, even though my fuel efficiency has increased, I'm at the pump more often than I would have expected.
  • jb_desmoinesjb_desmoines Posts: 1
    edited August 2013
    I ordered my '13 Fusion Hybrid last fall and was among the first to have one in my area. I previously owned two Prius' so I am very familiar with hybrid vehicles. I drive about 35-40K miles per year for combined business and personal use, so mpg is very important for me.

    I absolutely love the Fusion from a styling and features standpoint. I have driven the Fusion 15K miles and have averaged about 37 mpg with a pretty even mix of city & highway miles, which is pretty disappointing when you are expecting to get the advertised 47 mpg. In its defense, I will say that I typically drive 65-75 mph on the highway, which is not ideal for maximizing mpg. However, I drove my Prius' the exact same way and averaged close to 50 mpg.

    I recently started having an issue where a red warning light would show up on the screen that said "Stop safely now", and within 5-10 seconds the engine systems would shut down. The first few times this occurred at idle or very low speeds, such as in a parking lot, and I was able to re-start the vehicle right away. But shortly thereafter, it happened twice on the interstate at 70+mph, and put me in potentially very dangerous situations, having to change lanes in traffic while losing speed coasting to the shoulder.

    I took the vehicle back to my dealer, and was relieved when the issue occurred again with my service advisor there to witness it. They ran the codes and diagnosed the problem as a faulty power control module. They ordered the part and put me in a service loaner. 10 days later the vehicle was finally ready to be picked up, and I was told the issue was resolved. Later that day (and 40 miles from home) the same issue occurred again and I struggled to get the car back to the dealership. My service advisor has been working with Ford trying to resolve the problem. They decided to replace the entire Lithium hybrid battery pack in the back of the vehicle. It took quite a while for them to diagnose the issue after the PCM failed to resolve it. It seemed like they were not sure how to proceed.

    The battery pack had to be ordered from one of Ford's vendors, and is apparently in short supply as my car has now been sitting behind the dealership for 4 weeks. To add salt to the wound, my service advisor told me they received a battery pack last week but the vendor sent the wrong was for a Fusion plug-in model, which is different from the one that goes in the regular hybrid.

    My service advisor is ready to pull his hair out and the dealership is trying their best...I know it's not their fault. However, my confidence regarding the long-term reliability of this vehicle is fading fast. I bought a vehicle service agreement that protects me up to 125K miles. But I haven't seen my car for over a month and counting! This is my first domestic vehicle in two decades and at this point I am less than impressed. I sent an e-mail to Ford customer service last week but have not heard back from them yet.

    Has anyone out there experienced a similar situation?
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    There are a few who are having issues, but just a very small amount are. It seems like most that are having issues have a Job1 built car. If you go beyond 30 days, check your local Lemon Law, and see if you can get Ford to swap out your car with a Job2 built one.

    Come on over to where there are a lot more people you can talk to and get help and answers on.

    I also had a Job1 car that had issues, not like yours does, but bad enough that is got less than 34 MPG unless I superHypermiled. I have a dealer willing to help out and was able to work out a deal so that I didnt lose too much, and it worked out to about 20 cents a mile for me. I now have a Job2 HyTi and I am loving it and it is doing very well.

    If you like the car, dont give up on it just yet.
  • b25nutb25nut Templeton, CAPosts: 201
    I had all the updates added to my FFH early last week. I'm at 9,900 miles and my average mileage has been 37.2 mpg. 80% of my miles are at 65-75 mph. The changes have upped my fuel economy by over 6 mpg. The past week of typical driving for me has resulted in a 44 mpg average. The fact that my FFH can now spend time in EV mode at speeds up to 85 mph (I've only tested it up to 75 mph) has made a huge difference for me.
    The only problem the updates didn't solve was the Battery Saver Message. Ford just put too small a capacity 12V battery in the FFH. It is just a minor inconvience, however. It results in the Audio sometimes turning off before you open the door.
    When the late model 2014s come out with the options for height adjustment for the passenger seat and Push Button Start for the SE trim, Ford will have a darn near perfect car.

  • That's great news. How long did they take to do the updates?

  • I just had mine done today and my mileage feels like it dropped some, but this was back and forth to the dealer and a different type of driving than I usually do. Tomorrow starts my regular work week commute so I am hoping it was a fluke and that the mileage will see at least a small bump. Usually, on my commute, I was getting almost exactly the suggested 47 MPG
  • Oh, and the update only took a few hours. I dropped it off at 9:30 and they called me by 12:30
  • b25nutb25nut Templeton, CAPosts: 201
    I took it in early morning on Tuesday the 13th and picked it up noon the next day. I was given an F-150 as a loaner. I had everything that had accumulated done (leather gear shift, front end shims, fuel pump and three software updates).
    I think the PCM update is ideal for So. Cal. freeways.
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