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Mazda Protege5



  • bluong1bluong1 Posts: 1,927
    the_big_h: usually good marketing and good artistic quality are rather hard to combine. ;-)

    tincup47: I buy the P5 for the same reason than you do and I think most of people here too. I enjoy every mile of it (over 15k). To be honest, I don't mind that much the sound system either, since the real session of music listening for me is happening likely at home, where I spend enormous amount of time listening to ~3000 classical CDs. The music in the car is mainly used to keep me alert on some long and boring highway.

    All the best,

  • bpibpi Posts: 120
    "Overdrive only means that the engine RPMs are higher than the transmissions output shaft(s)."
    Shouldn't it be the other way around?
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Pardon my error, you are correct.

    It should read: Overdrive only means that the engine RPMs are lower than the transmissions output shaft(s).
  • cdnp5cdnp5 Posts: 163
    I see your point of the cost. That is a big difference. Where you happy with the service you received from Westgate? If so I believe they would do the service on your P5 for you also. I looked at the Hondas at the dealer on Wharncliffe and after I bought the P5 they said that they would do the service on my car if I wanted them to. I give them credit. The know why I didn't by the Honda (and wish they had a car like the P5 because its taking away some sales) but still tried to keep my business. Some people just give up after they lose the sale. I even got a follow up call from Honda to see how things were going with my car about a three months after, interesting.
  • sharonfsharonf Posts: 120
    I liked the quote about "like when I need to speed up to get through the yellow light". that what was taught in drivers school? I am guilty of that trait as well though....thought not as much as of late due to an experince about 6 mos ago.....light was green....speeding up to catch it...turned in next lane and I speed up to go in front of me didn't(even though she was already at the intersection...and had been going slow enough that there weren't even any brake lights shown...already had coasted to stop...guess what....bamm....right into the back! Now I'm a little more cautious in not assuming the person in front of me is gonna go through a green almost yellow light!
    Fortunately I don't have my P5 it wasn't as bad as it could have been!
  • sharonfsharonf Posts: 120
    Thanks for the I'm guessing you went ahead and bought the P5 without the updates huh.
    My local dealers are so clueless about it all....I know more than they do. I think I'm gonna wait...the one cars direct has coming is missing a couple of the options I want......More waiting =(
  • coznefxcoznefx Posts: 35
    for the overdrive insight. I tested it out on the highway tonight and was pleasantly surprised by the extra boost...definitely going to come in handy!
  • chicagoprochicagopro Posts: 1,009
    Yikes! Your experience sounds pretty scary. That's the one thing the driving instructor DID try to tell me: Never assume!

    And the more I drive around, the more I see his point :)

    Hope everyone was okay!

    Yeah, as I said, I can't remember who posted all those comments about the overdrive...anybody care to claim the 'yellow lights' one?

  • sunbyrnesunbyrne Posts: 210
    Dammit, tweeters on the a-pillar? That means they have different speakers and it'd be much easier to replace the cardboard crap in there with real component speakers. Grr. Oh well, I couldn't have waited anyway...
  • badboyeeebadboyeee Posts: 25
    thats cool, so the newer p5s should have 6 speakers now huh. oh wells this wouldnt have made me wait longer anyway too
  • badboyeeebadboyeee Posts: 25
    jus picked up my cargo tray today. took 3 weeks! its pretty cool, except that i didnt expect it to be so rubbery and all. i already have finger marks on them from jus trying to install it
  • pciskowskipciskowski Posts: 155
    The mazdausa website states that cars built after 2/28/02 have six speaker stereos. I wonder how much to "upgrade" to a now "standard" feature?
  • dwryterdwryter Posts: 87
    Thanks, poiskowski, douglam and others for the responses. Seems the fader situation is endemic. Too bad I missed the 6-speaker P5 by about a month. They'll probably come out with a 160HP version in another month. I guess no matter when you buy there's always something better just around the corner. I waited 3 years for the PT Cruiser to come out, then wasn't satisfied with its power, handling and MPG; 3 years for the RSX (Integra replacement), to find its backseat is unusable; and a couple years for the Civic Si to find its too expensive and too small. The P5 seems fine except for the nits.
  • sharonfsharonf Posts: 120
    Hi all,
    I'm appealing to all of you who are more knowledgeable about cars than I. I have been waiting for the updated P5(as I just decided in March that I needed a new made sense for me to wait). Well...I got a call from the Cars Direct guy that he has one coming in that almost matches my request. The only options lacking are the moonroof deflector(which I feel is necessary to lessen what many have said is loud wind noise)...and the polished alloys.
    My difficult is it to install the deflector(not for me...but for say the local dealer)....and...also...would it be ease/feasible for the non polished alloys on "my" car to be switched with polished ones from another P5 on the lot? Too involved? or not something the dealer would be willing to do?
    If anyone has any info I'd appreciate it
  • sunbyrnesunbyrne Posts: 210
    My dealer had a [non-permissible content removed] of a time finding me a P5 with what I wanted on it, and the one they did find didn't have the deflector, so they put one on. No problem whatsoever.

    I don't know about the wheels, though.

    Good luck!
  • meinradmeinrad Posts: 820
    The dealer will probably switch the wheels no problem. Mine did. The car they had that I wanted had the polished alloys and I really didn't want them, so he swapped them for the standard alloys on another car.
  • douglamdouglam Posts: 67
    Don't kick yourselves just because of that 2 extra speakers. I won't be suprised if the 2 extra speakers are crappy as well :) It's just because they're probably going to use the same radio and power will still be lacking (these paper cones are probably the best 'match'...hahaha).

    If you know about car audio stuff and you DIY most of the stuff, upgrading the 2 front speakers to component speakers isn't hard at all, just a bit of drilling and some re-wiring. If you don't, many places like Circuit shity and Beast Buy sometimes offer free installation, so getting upgrades for car audio isn't really an issue.

    For me, if they had an option that allows you to buy the car for like $300 cheaper without the factory stereo and the speakers, I WOULD definitely go for that! (your money definitely goes (way) further if you go aftermarket when it comes to car audio) :)

    But on the otherhand, when it comes to the sport shift transmission, I sometimes wish I bought the car later. But then, a manual would still be better :)
  • I've been test driving P5's and have noticed a whistling wind sound when on the freeway. I've driven 2 cars without the moonroof but I also drove one with the moonroof. All three made this noise. The sound seems to be coming from the back of the vehicle somewhere as if one of the rear windows was cracked open (but of course none were). The fact that I've noticed this sound on more than one car is troubling. Has anyone else experienced this problem and if so is there a fix?
  • mnkyboymnkyboy Posts: 108
    For the 1,000,000 time, the wind noise is caused by 1.) The roof rack and 2.) The little black thing that pops up when you open the moonroof. If you take off the roof rack, it will cut wind noise down alot. You will still have some due to the black thing, but if you install a moonroof deflector this will solve all your problems. has them for about $40 bucks.
  • sharonfsharonf Posts: 120
    Thanks for your input....hopefully they'll be cooperative with me. otherwise....more waiting. I'll let ya know.
  • sharonfsharonf Posts: 120
    Try to have a little patience know...not all of us have been on this message board since the beginning....and maybe Toronado didn't feel like scrolling through 3500 postings to see if his/her problem had already been addressed. I pretty much did that one weekend while sick....and it was not enjoyable.
    It's nice of you and others to share their knowledge/information/experience....but no need to be smart-a**ed about it.
  • bluong1bluong1 Posts: 1,927
    So you mean you buy your car at one place, and plan to go to another place and ask for few services? I'm not sure the dealer will like it. It sounds like your problem is more a question of *cooperative* from the dealer - as you put it - than purely technical. I second others's members, it shouldn't be difficult (technically) to install the moonroof reflector and swap the wheels.

    Just for reference, in Germany, a certain VW dealer refused to service a car which is bought from somewhere else. The court orders them to pay a penalty if they continue to do such thing. So they did!

  • sharonfsharonf Posts: 120
    No...I wasn't planning on buying from one dealer and having the other do the work. I'm dealing at the moment with Cars Direct - as my local dealers have left me feeling less than confident with them. I know more about the car and the update than they do! Anyways...Cars Direct said they have one due to arrive at one of their dealers....I"m going to ask them if that dealer would be willing to switch the wheels and add the deflector.
    I'll see what the cars direct specialist has to say.

  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    As of this morning, we have:

    14 Proteges:

    1991: 1 LX
    1992: 1 LX, 1 DX
    1993: 1 LX, 1 DX
    1994: 1 DX
    1995: 2 DX
    1997: 1 DX
    2000: 2 ES, 1 DX
    2002: 2 Protege5
    (That's a record, y'all)

    ... and ...

    1 Jetta (now who could THAT be? ...)

    And 21 people from the following states: Virginia, Illinois, Maryland, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New York and Connecticut

    ... coming to the third-annual Mid-Atlantic Protege Picnic, taking place in the mountains of northern Virginia on Saturday, May 18! Wanna come? Check out the Yahoo group mazdaprotege, or e-mail me directly at:

    [email protected]

    Looking forward to it! 33 days, everyone!

  • cdnp5cdnp5 Posts: 163
    Hey gang -- I went to an autocross (I think this is what it is called, driving through pylons on a marked course) on the weekend and it was really exciting. There was one Mazda GLC that looked like it was set up for racing (stripped, roll bar, only a driver's seat, you get the idea) that was at the event and lots of other cars from a Suzuki Swift 1.6 to a brand new Corvette with a race motor (read tonnes of hp and torque). I didn't enter my P5 but really wanted to see how I would do. There is another event in two weeks that is for practicing before the races start for the summer. Someone was nice enough to take me around for a race lap in their Z28 and it was a very quick sub 50 seconds. I've always thought that race car drivers are in great shape but this give me a new level of respect for them as what I had the chance of doing is nothing even close to what its like in a F1 car. Has anyone ever done this with their P5 or any other car? What do you think about this? For those in my area (London Ontario, Canada) these events are held at the Delaware Speedway race track in Delaware just outside London. Their website is "" if you want more info.
  • birdman_1birdman_1 Posts: 14
    I was southbound on Howell Ave, you were northbound at 7:45 this morning. I woulda waved sooner but I was just getting OFF work at 7:45 am and my reaction time at that hour is a little slow!

    Drive safe and enjoy this weather!
  • *laugh* Yep, birdman_1, that was me on my way to work. I was thinking the same thing..

    (singing along to the Clash) "hey. HEY! That was just a silver P5 that passed me. Wonder if that was birdman??"

    So it wasn't until you had already passed that I thought about waving. Next time I'll try harder. That was still the first time I've seen a silver P5 on the road in Milwaukee.

    vf (Jessica)
  • bluong1bluong1 Posts: 1,927
    Let's me try to understand, you have slow reaction but still drive fast, right? LOL

    Happy zoom zoom.

  • dwryterdwryter Posts: 87
    Sharon, my P5 was an advertiser with less profit than usual. The dealer was not anxious to remove the polished wheels for me (I didn't want them) and lose that markup. So I suggested he replace them with the stock wheels but knock only $400 off the price instead of the full $500. He got an extra $100 and the sale, and I saved $500 off the price I had been ready to pay at another dealer until I'd seen his ad.

    Best of luck on our negotiation.
  • mnkyboymnkyboy Posts: 108
    Revka had to delete my first post. Sorry about that. That pic isnt copywrited, but rules are rules i guess. See below for my repost.
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