Anyone put 285 tires on a new 1500HD or 2500HD ?

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For Harvestmooon:

Check out the message boards in the 2500HD
section labeled "Silverado/Sierra 2500HD"
There are several posts that'll give you
some insight about tires and rims.


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    I have 285 BFgoodrich on my '03 1500HD
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    Well, I tried to put the BFG AT 285 (16X8) in my '03 2500HD. No Dice.....even with the torsion bars jacked, the tires would interfere with the bumper, valence, and rubbed the inner fender quite a bit. I opted for the 265 and only had to trim the valence a wee bit in order to get the steering correct.

    Recommendations....285 on an 03 HD you must go to a lift kit or cut the bumper in order to achieve the correct unobstructed turning. Inner fender will also have to be smoothed with a heat gun.

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    There is another gmtrucks site (cant post that here since it is against rules) and there are a TON (literally) of guys running 285s and larger on their trucks. I have 285s on my 00 Z71 with no problems

    There is a guy over there with a 1500HD with 305s and even a guy with a Z71 running 315s with no lift (it is awesome hard to believe but he does it)

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    His truck with 315s

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    How can one guy w/ a 1500HD fit 285's and another w/ 2500HD cant? Im confused. Will an EXPERT please settle this?
    Thanks in advance.
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    Is your 2500HD 2wd or 4x4? I have a 2500HD 4x4 that I want at least 285's on and 315 would be better. I don't want to lift it but will if I need to.I have a friend with a '91 2500 4x4 that has 285's on the stock rims and suspension.

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    2003 2500HD 4WD.....has a larger bumper this year compared to previous years. The "wrap" of the bumper actually projects further back towards the wheel than even an '02. Yes, you can put 285 and 315s' on an '02.

    Thus, the 285 hits the bumper so much that you end up hooking the bumper with the tire every time you try to articulate the steering from one side to the other.

    1.) Suck up the fact that you just spent $35,000 and cut the bumper. You'll have to use a heat gun to massage the inner fender as well. (stock suspension).
    2.) Spend the $1600 or so and get a lift kit that will allow for the use of 285 or larger tires.

    Gentlemen, this was a post to help, not hurt. I was the first customer with a new '03 in the shop where I bought the wheels and tires. It was then they told me that 285s' were no problem happened. As I stand there with four other mechanics looking on...they realize that the '03 is different. "No wonder they put 245s' on this thing...because even a 265 will have to have very minor trimming of the valence performed.
    That's where the two options came into play for me.

    I opted to level that truck out with the torsion bars and use a 265.

    Hope this helps.....not really an expert but this should be enough to get you to believe.
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    There is a guy with a stock 2500HD running 315s over at (fullsizechevy). It is an awesome truck ill dig up some pics
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    webphotos wont let me post these pics so check out the site

    315 goodyear MTRs on a stock 2500HD

    Pretty sweet (almost makes me wanna trade my truck in

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    I have an '01 2500HD 4x4 EC SB 6.0/4.10 with auto tranny and manual shift 4x4. I put Cooper STT 285/75/16 on 16x8" American Racing Tyrant wheels. Torsion bars turned up 4 rounds, front inner fender (front of wheel well) wells trimmed about 2-3" on right side and 4-5" on left side. I also trimmed the front fender valence about an inch. Front bumber does not pose a problem. I still get a slight rub turning all the way to the left on the back side of the left front fender well. Rerouting of the emergency brake cable would be required to fix the rub. To me, the rub is slight enough, not to bother. No problem with the 285's in the back. I have also not noticed any difference with the ABS (as some have mentioned larger tires will effect).

    Ryan, I didn't see any pics of that '03 2500HD with the 315's where the wheels were turned. Perhaps he only drives in a straight line.

    Here is a link to pics of my 2500HD with the 285's. To me, 315's are too big for stock. But I bet they would look pretty good with a 6" lift!

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    Ryan, I wished you would share some of that snow with us here in KC.

    Finally decided it was time I got a GOOD present for Christmas. '03 Polaris Sportsman 400 4x4. Now who says that men don't know how to shop. Oh for some snow!

    Happy Holidays to all!!!
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    Id like more!!!

    The roads are plowed (except my street) so its no fun driving anymore

    Wish i had a snowmobile but santa didnt bring it or he is still out driving it
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    I was looking at the photos you provided via the link. The truck looks very good. What part of KC do you live in. I'm just south of Kearney. I've got a 02 2500HD crewcab shortbed. Bright red. I've been debating for some time whether or not to alter the torsion bars. I'd really like to take a look at yours if you've got some time in the near future.
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    Just picked up my 2500 HD, '03, and love it! All my past trucks were solid front axle. You mention leveling out your truck by doing something to the torsion bars? please explain, theese bars are new to me and Id like to do the same. be specific .theese 245's have to go!!!!! thanks in advance!!!!
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    I should clarify I have 03' 2500 HD ,snow plow package, 4x4, all the bells and whistles, otherwise stock.thanks!
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    When I had the 285 BF Goodrich AT's put on my '03 1500 HD, I had interference to the fenderwell right by the washer bottle. I poked a small hole in the inner fender and use a zip tie to pull it back. Since then I have not had any interference with my 285's. I towed a couple sleds up to Michigan's upper peninsula and other than drinking lots of gas, it worked just fine.
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    Not only would this truck have to only travel in a straight line, bumps would be out of the question. Not to mention the fact that Goodyear recommends a minimum of a 8" wheel; I see this guy mounted them on his stock wheels.
    I run a 02 1500HD, 6" RCD lift,& 315 MTR's on 8" Weld's. Guess what, my front tires will rub slightly under certain off road conditions. The bumper is not the issue as I have replaced mine with a Ranch Hand front end replacement bumper/brush guard which provides more clearance than the stock bumper. The interference is at the back of the wheel well. I understand that the guys who run 315's on a 10" wheel (lifted of course) have an even greater problem with interference. I run Studded 255/85's on steel wheels in the winter.
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