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Volvo C70



  • I have the 2000HT manual conv. I love it. I bought it for 46,400, loaded. I shopped around too. Probably drove the dealerships crazy. I have driven it around our mountain roads but haven't noticed a lot of torque steer. It accelerates really smoothly and is fun to drive. I too get lots of complements on how good looking it is.I decided against the M3 because of the room in the back seat the crummy plastic rear window and the dealership was mummmmm not too people service oriented. I looked at the CLK, but didn't want to wait till Feb to get one. I thought about the SL300 or 500,used of course, but thought better because of needed traction control and front wheel drive. We have lots of wonderful days to drive with the top down but a few icky ones too and I do have to drive in the bad weather too.
    Just thought I would let you know it is a fun car to drive and own.
  • Used 98 Volvo coupe should go for around $34k - $36k
  • Used 98 C70 HPT's are being priced in a broad range. I live close to a volvo dealer and have watched them go through several used 98's and 99's for varying prices in the past six months. Unfortunately for me they have all been automatics as I have been searching for a 5 speed. These were all C70 HPTs. The 98's ranged from 26900 to 34000 and a 99 sold for around 36000. All except the 99 sat on the lot for a long time forcing them to drop the prices to move them. I have also been told that dealers are getting an incentive to get rid of the 99's, so a new 99 should be priced at or below invoice which is around 37000.
  • That's because the 2000's are out. But the 2000's shouldn't be around too much. They are producing 1500 coupes. The rest are the convertibles.
  • Are there any changes for the 2000 models? Is there a significant price increase?
    I happened to see someone driving a red conv. with the top down yesterday (before our bizarre thunder storms here in CA), and it looked SHARP! It really is a pretty car!
  • No real changes except the convertible now can have the HT engine. Over 40 more horses under the hood.
  • Sorry this is getting old now, but I just stumbled on this group.
    First I ordered my manual nautic blue ext/silver int, 5spd HT 1999 in mid oct and got it in mid dec.
    Paid 38.5 at the time, the only option I got was TRACS.
    Dealer said only the glove box and side light was different, but I just read at the TME site that it has a different engine management system, different heads, turbo housing etc.
    Does anybody else know what else is different?
    Have you heard anything else about 1999 computer upgrades?
  • Do they offer a wind deflector for the Volvo convertibles??
  • Within a week of buying my C70, I noticed it was leaking antifreeze at a fairly good clip. I took it in to the local dealer(not the one I bought it from)and they promptly replaced those hose and clamps, flushed and refilled the system and washed it underneath.
    At its first service, I did complain about the wind noise which was worse when I would put the window down and back up while driving. I would have to open and close the door to get it to seal right again. They did adjust the door, rubber and said something about the exterior mirrors.
    At any rate, it is much quieter now and I can put the window up and down and its just as quiet.
    As an aside, I wish I would have deleted the sunroof(if that was possible) because at 6'1" and mostly torso, I can feel my hair brushing the headliner a fair amount of the time.
    I do love my car though, very fast, smooth, handles great, no tourque steer, comfortable, unique and beautiful!
    1999 C70 HT Coupe
    1966 1800s
  • rluirlui Posts: 1
    For those considering a C70, if you plan on visiting Los Angeles try renting one at
    Hertz (LAX). I was in LA twice this summer and each time I rented the C70, once it was a convertible. I think the conv was an LT as it was a tad slower than the coupe I rented previously. Off the line, both cars are somewhat sluggish until the turbo kicks in, but when it does...WOW! The car has a unique look and everywhere I went people were eyeing it over.
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #144:

    Ditto for Newark airport. I saw a white C70 convertible sitting in space #1 at the Newark airport Hertz earlier this week so you can rent them there as well.

  • Has anyone who owns a C70 convertible experienced the following:

    1. Oil-like substance leaking from the underneath of the trunk when the temperature goes above 85 degrees? The substance runs down from the holes and all over the bumper until it solidifies.

    2. When the top is being raised, has anyone had the cloth catch on the mechanism arm? It might not happen all the time but enough that you have to manually pull out the fabric because it is caught under the metal?

    I need to find as many people as possible who have experienced either of these two problems- especially the screwed-up top. Volvo is aware of this problem and I have been told that many other owners have had this happen.


    R. Lynne
  • I just returned from Gothenburg, Sweden, where I picked up my 2000 C-70 HT at the factory under the Tourist and Diplomat Sales Program. The service was efficient, everything was ready the day they said it would be. They picked us up at the airport in a Volvo limousine, and had all the paperwork ready to go. We drove it to Stockholm and back, then dropped it back off at the factory. We didn't have to pay anything at drop-off since the delivery charge was included in my price. The car is great, Sweden was beautiful, and I would recommend the TDS Program to anyone who wants to save a little money and have a great time.
  • kelkenkelken Posts: 1
    I'm looking at the C70 and am wondering if anyody has any feedback on the difference between the HT and LT convertible.Is there a big differnece performance wise between the two? Also, the other car I'm considering is the Saab 9-3 convertible (200 HP). Has anybody taken a look at the Saab vs. the C70.
  • rrich1rrich1 Posts: 1
    I am taking my C70 in for the third time to fix the convertible top. Anyone else having problems?
  • Volvo is planning to replace the Volvo S40
    for the year 2001. This is what is gathered at their "spy website".

    The S40/V40 range is due to be replaced in 2001 with a car based on the new P1X platform. The current S40/V40 is built at NedCar in Born, the Netherlands, and shares its structure and factory with the Mitsubishi Carisma. The Ford purchase of Volvo is understood to have come too late to change the plans for the next S40/V40.
    The next V40 will be called V50 because Volvo will start naming the sedans S and then an even number and the station wagons V and then an odd number.

    Here is the website:

    Just scroll down to -- Volvo Spy Pictures --
    and click on Volvo S40/V40. You might wanna check out all the other future cars there too!
  • S40/V40 Replaced by S40/V50.
    S70/V70 Replaced by S60/V70.
    S90/V90 Replaced by S80/V90.
    Volvo SUV.

    * What they mean by replacing for the S40/V40 is changeing the interior and some other minor things including the name of the V40.

    * This is the last year to get the S70(brick model). It will be replaced by the S60. The V70
    will be redesigned.

    * They have already replaced the S90 with the S80. The V90 will also be redesigned.

    * SUV, that might be a while before it comes out.
  • I have also had my C70 convertible in three plus times for the convertible top. If anyone else has had this problem, please contact me @

    rrich1 - please email me about your specific problem with the convertible top.

    R. Lynne
  • c702000c702000 Posts: 39
    Just ordered a 2000 C70 LT (red) leather sunroof and 16 inch wheels. I now have a S70 GLT with the low pressure turbo, and (full power at 1800 rpm)from 0 to 100 mph it's quicker than the Ht or the BMW. Those comparing must under stand, the C70 is alot heaver than the BMW. I am paying $34,500 and at that price, their is nothing that will match looks,power,safety and comfort. We all love our cars, so what ever makes you happy, been driving volvo for 25 years and they just get better. Besides it's nice to be different. Now the pain of waiting for delivery in early December.
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #154:

    c702000, "from 0 to 100 mph it's quicker than the Ht "...what? Are you saying your S70 GLT is faster than the S70 T5? This is contrary to all published reports that I've seen as well as my driving experience. I've had the chance to race 2 S70 GLTs while I was driving a S70 T5 and from 0 to about 35 they are even. After that, the T5 outkicks the GLT by far (remember we are talking about 46 extra horses and nearly 40 ft lbs of extra torque if I recall the specs properly.) On the other hand, it is entirely possible for a GLT to beat a T5 for a bit because of the variability in individual setups. The combinations of traction control on or off as well as whether your adaptive transmission is trained for sport shifting vs. economy shifting can make a huge difference in performance.

  • c702000c702000 Posts: 39
    Well may be not a 100 mph. I had the 850 t5 and now the S70 GLT, comparing the two. The LT turbo get full power quicker and the HT turbo has to wait. I found that above 90 the HT was a blast. Ijust think the LT in the C70 is good for every day driving and at slower speed gets it quicker. The BMW drivers say that front wheel drive does not compare to rear wheel, check out speed vision and the British touring cup races. I see the S40 out front and some where in the back the BMW ????
    THe C70 was made to cruise and the S40 to race. I will try the C70 against the rest in a high speed autocross, just for the hell of it, here in Florida. The BMW might handel beter, but the driver can make the difference with the results. ENJOY
  • How would you compare a C70 LT to a 323Ci. I am in the market to buy and since a family member works for Ford, I belive that I would get a pretty good discount on the Volvo. Although I would love to get a stick I think the automatic is more practical and would allow my wife to also enjoy the car. Given the Ford discount, I think the C70 and a reasonably equipped 323Ci would be about the same price. I live in Michigan so also drive in snow. Would you agree that the C70 is much more car (performance,luxury) than a 323 and would definitely carry me through the winter months with less effort - or- would most of you still favor the BMW, even if it is the slower of the two. Anybody got an 0-60 specs on the C70LT and the 323 in automatic.


  • I am also looking at the C70 coupe versus the 323 BMW.....the BMW is cheaper, and you can get a better deal. I am waiting for Volvo to offer some good lease deals, which they have not up to this point. I find the BMW a very hard, uncomfortable seat....anyone else agree??
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding posts #157 & 158:

    Depending on your definition of a deal, I think the European Delivery program is a great option for the C70 LT with automatic. Under this program the price for you to fly to Europe, take delivery of your car, and then ship it back to the dealer of your choice is $31,150. That's factory invoice. If you add options you pay full MSRP for them but unless you plan on loading up with every option you will still beat the best discount a dealer will give you. For program details and pricing information follow this link:

    I bought a S80 T6 under this program earlier this year and saved a bundle while having a blast driving my car around Sweden for a weekend. The only caveats:

    -If you decide to drive your car while in Europe you have to buy Euro insurance which is expensive.
    -If you opt to take delivery or make drop-off someplace other than Sweden you will pay a delivery charge for the European city of choice.
    -You have to order by 12/15 to get the free airfare and first night free hotel.
    -If you live on the East Coast, the ship leaves Sweden on Mondays and takes 15 days to get to Port of Elizabeth in New Jersey. If you live on the West Coast I'm told the ship leaves every 2 weeks and takes several weeks to get to the West Coast.
    -If you are interested in pursuing this option call you dealer of choice and make an appointment to speak to their overseas delivery representative. DO NOT speak to a regular salesman and they can't match the program prices so they will try to talk you out of it so they can earn a commission.

    If I can answer any questions or provide additional information let me know.


  • c702000c702000 Posts: 39
    Do like I did,drive both of them,think you will know which one to buy. In fact I bought the LT model and will get it in December. Volvos are made for winter. I live in Florida and do not need heated seats. Good luck
  • mcohenmcohen Posts: 21
    Heated seats feel good on the back after a hard day of work (or golf)!
  • Am looking for comparisons b/tw these two cars. Anything would help. Will be buying w/ a few weeks.

  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #168:

    mcskanky, are you looking at the low pressure turbo (190 hp) Volvo or the high pressure turbo version (236hp)? They drive significantly differently. Let us know which one you are considering and we should be able to provide some information.

  • c702000c702000 Posts: 39
    Think you should do what I did. Drive them both and then you will know. I decided to order the low pressure 2000 C70. Like the style and the fact that not everybody has one, it's great to be different. Have the S70 now, same engine as the C70, and with 35,000 miles, run great.
    good luck. THe price is attractive to.
  • At this late date, how much below invoice can I get on a '99 convertible (LT) in California? The only ones left seem to be the ones fully loaded with things that I (and I guess most other people) don't need, such as the full leather or the 12 spoke 17s instead of the 5 spokes. Do you think I can get $3K or more below invoice? (Let me know if you're including destination as part of that.)
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