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Cadillac CTS/CTS-V



  • skuuterskuuter Posts: 144
    Why are you going to let someone mess with the alignment when you see no abnormal wear yet?

    I'd suggest you leave things be, until and if you see a wear problem again.
  • bxd20bxd20 Posts: 68
    I'm not a big fan of Eagle RS-A's. I've only had one set on a 95 Cutlass Supreme and one set on a 02 Alero, so I'm not an expert, but I find them poor in wet traction, easily cupping, and worst of all gouging. I live on a fairly rough road but there are literally chunks missing in a spot or two.

    The BFGoodrich's I have experience with wore much more evenly, though they had to be rebalanced every 10k miles or so.

  • golfnut5golfnut5 Posts: 202
    This past Wednesday I had my Caddy dealer check the alignment on my CTS for cupping problem. My alignment was within proper specs, also the suspension was checked for damage and no problem was found. The service manager said he will check with factory rep and call me for possible tire replacement under warranty. The service manager told me they have had many problems with Goodyear tires. I also rotated my tires on a regular schedule and my dealer has a record of all my service. If I don't get new tires under warranty coverage I will replace with Michelin which is what GM should have used in the first place. I think the Eagle RS-A's are crap.
  • sevenfeet0sevenfeet0 Posts: 486
    I dropped by one of the local dealers here in Nashville (Crest) and discovered that they had a silver CTS-V just sitting on the lot. This muscle car was sitting next to one of the most unfortunate posers I'd ever seen. The poor CTS being sold in the next space looked like a refugee from MTV's "Pimp My Ride". In addition to the faux V-series grill, the car had Vogue wheels (with gold logos), Vogue "tyres" (with the ugly whitewalls with gold trim), and unfortunately, the fake convertible roof treatment I hoped would never see the light of day on a CTS. I know Vogue has a market, but go inflict your sensibilities on Lincoln....please!

    Anyway, the CTS-V looked gorgeous. The real V-series grill looks quite similar to the Vogue knockoff except that the CTS-V's Cadillac logo is actually larger than the Vogue. The interior was very familar but the instrument gauge, and suede seat inserts instantly told me that I was in a different place. I was given the key to start the car and was greeted by a very different sound....the rumble of a big V-8. My 2003 CTS's 3.2L V6 all of a sudden seemed very inadequate.

    The manager of the sales rep I was with allowed me to take it for a quick spin, which I couldn't pass up. Now for those of you who have read my previous posts, I am not a small guy. At nearly seven feet tall, I just squeeze into my CTS. It was this reason that my wife and I chose to get the automatic instead of the stick shift, which would have been her preference. So I don't normally drive stick shifts. As much fun as I was going to have, I was praying I wasn't going to do something stupid with the drivetrain of this car.

    I slowly eased the car out of its space (without stalling it!) and headed for the street. There's a network of wide streets in a nearby office park which I decided to take. The first thing I noticed was that I'm a lousy shifter...but you knew that already. But the obvious asset of this car brings a big smail to your face. It really doesn't matter if you're in the wrong gear....this engine just rolls with it and provide all the torque you'd ever want. I didn't want to peel the tires of a car that wasn't out of its break-in period, but it's not really hard to do.

    The other thing that stood out was the handling. My CTS 2003 LuxSport is no slouch in this department, and is a lot of fun to drive every day. But the CTS-V with the larger tires and firmer suspension felt like it was on rails. The extra weight in the front resulted in a little more understeer than I'm used to, but nothing out of the ordinary. But the overall nature of the car is still CTS..only better.

    Of course, I then managed to stall the thing at the next stoplight....heh, nobody's perfect. I still don't think I could own one with a manual transmission (although the shifting wasn't as bad on my left leg's room as I thought). But I wouldn't kick out out of my garage by a wide margin. If you've got 50K lying around, you could do a lot worse than this car.

    The same dealership also had an XLR on the showroom floor. Well, I can stop lusting after this car. Anyone who has a pants inseam of greater than 36" shouldn't even look at this vehicle. It's another one of those "impossible for me to drive" cars.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,142
    that Lincoln comment was a little harsh (no matter how appropriate), but thanks much for the review.

    As some here know, I threw in big-time with the Lincoln LS concept four years or so ago. They've since dropped the ball, but it looks like Cadillac is actually doing what Lincoln thought they wanted to do, in terms of developing the original model.

    I really enjoy my LS, but when I think of moving on to something with more power and a manual, I used to be stuck, unless I wanted to pay for a BMW.

    Now we have real options. Looks like Audi is eliminating their manual, and the BMW's styling and electronic situation leave me cold.

    It's interesting to see what happens when a real car guy runs a car company. I'm stuck with the wannabe with little or no money.

    Oh boy.

    In a couple of years (sooner, if the LS craps out) I'll probably be joining you.
  • sevenfeet0sevenfeet0 Posts: 486
    It was a joke....really!
  • cu95cu95 Posts: 96
    I've noticed (some time ago, actually) a medium/high pitched whirring sound from my engine ('03 CTS, base model with auto). It's subtle enough that it could have been there since day one (especially since I drive with the radio on all the time, which partially drowns out the whir), but now that I've detected it I'm quite sensitive to its presence. It seems to occur at ~2000 rpms under light throttle (it doesn't appear to be directly tied to speed --so I don't think it is simply air whistling through somewhere-- although the aforementioned repm and throttle conditions typical exist when I'm cruising between 40 and 60 mph). At lower or higher rpms or when I'm giving the car more throttle, it disappears. Has anyone else detected this with their CTS? Is the engine noise suppose to behave like that (it doesn't have a "healthy" sound)? If not right, any suggestions what it may be? Thanks in advance.
  • mannytrannymannytranny Posts: 175
    Does the sound only occur at 2000 rpms or does it continue to about 23 or 2400 rpms? Did you ever notice if the sound stopped even if only for a short time?
    Can you hear it outside of the car or just inside?
    Also where does the sound seem to be loudest? Does it sound like it is resonating near the instrument cluster or elsewhere?
    See if you can hear it with the car in neutral (brake on) or P and just run the rpms up to 2000 to 2400. Make sure that the radio and the climate controls are off when you try it.
  • cu95cu95 Posts: 96
    Only got to do a small sampling of the high whir (I have a short commute), but here's what I observed:
    - No whir when in park or neutral.
    - The whir only seems to occur between 1700-1800rpm and 2000rpms (the "range") when I'm already at a steady 40-60mph cruise and just giving a little gas. If I let off the gas, the whir stops even though the rpms are still in the range, or if I'm giving medium or more gas there isn't any whir when passing through the range. If I maintain the light gas and stay within the range, the whir is constant, not intermittent. If whirring and I just slightly increase gas a fraction, the whir gets a little stronger/higher.
    - The whir occurs regardless of whether climate control is on or off (so I don't think it's related to the A/C).
    - I didn't observe the whir much above 2000-2100rpms, I think due to the fact that when I tried to creep paste that point the engine would apparently shift (the rpms would jump up to about 24-2500rpms).
    - The sound doesn't sound like it's in the cabin with me, rather that I'm hearing something beyond the cabin in front of me from the engine area like other engine noises (I should have opened the window to see what I could hear, although I suspect the wind noise would make it impossible to conclude anything).

    Since I can't get a whir when in park or neutral and that a little throttle is necessary to hear it, my guess is that it has to do with the specific gear (4th?) engaged (if I let completely of the gas, the whir goes away) when the CTS is cruising at highway speed. But I'm quite a novice when it comes to automotive mechanics, so I'm only wildly speculating. Is it something a simple oil change might help with? I go quite a long time between changes since I put so few miles on my CTS (I've had it over a year and it only has 5600 miles on it).

    Thanks for giving my problem your time.
  • mannytrannymannytranny Posts: 175
    Open the hood and get a friend to check for the sound while you gradually increase the rpms . See if it is the sound of a pulley . You should be able to at least hear some of the whir sound with the hood open.
    Make sure that the engine is hot when listeneing.
    Also it could be a vacuum leak which you wouldn't hear under the hood.
    Final guess that it is an harmonic sound in the exhaust pipe that you are hearing.
    Check under the hood first.
  • cu95cu95 Posts: 96
    I'll pop the hood and do that soon. And I was wrong, the whir can occur when I'm not applying gas --I noticed that while on a gently declining stretch this morning that I could take my foot off the gas and the decline being enough to maintain my speed at about 50mph and the rpms at about 1900 the whirring persisted even after I fully removed my foot from the gas.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    I am posting this in both the SRX and CTS forums.

    Talked with my service manager yesterday about the rearend whine in my SRX.
    He says most of them are doing it around 27-29 mph.
    Mine starts at 29 mph and goes all the way up to 70 mph.
    He has had another SRX in that is much louder than mine.

    They could always install another gear set, but he wouldn't guarantee that it would solve it.
    He wants me to wait until Cadillac comes up with a fix before he does anything.
    Which I am okay with.

    The upshot of this post is to let you guys know that Cadillac is well aware of the problem and as of yet does not have a fix, but he expects there will be one soon.
  • I've noticed a sound in my '03 CTS LuxSport that may be the same thing, though I'd characterize more as a medium-pitched "whine", or perhaps "howl". Happens at very light throttle around 36-45 MPH, or when I let off the gas and coast at these speeds. Goes away under acceleration or when speed drops low enough for automatic downshift to lower gear. I have a feeling it may have something to do with the "engine braking" logic built into this drivetrain, since it sounds (and feels - there's a very slight drag sensation) similar to what you'd get when you let off the gas on a manual transmission around what would otherwise be your shift point. Seems to be more pronounced when I have the transmission in Sport mode (which is most of the time). Anyone else observed this? You're right, it doesn't sound particularly "healthy", but it's been there for a long time and has not gotten any worse (I'm over 30K now). Could it be that this tranny likes to be driven and howls in protest when you baby it?
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    A friend just bought a used '03 CTS with sunroof , auto, and the luxury package for 30k (11,000 miles). The original price of the car was 34k something and he probably could have gotten a new one for around the same price he paid for an '03. The interesting thing about the car is that it was manufactured in July, 2003 -one of the last '03's - but is Light Platinum (an '04 color) with the 2 tone leather in an '04 color. They must have used '04 colors on the last of the '03's. The window sticker (which the dealer had) states that it is an '03. Funny.
  • eaton53eaton53 Posts: 356
    He overpaid.

    I was looking at a loaded leftover '03 luxsport a few weeks back, $41K sticker, less than 100 miles on it. Very hard bargaining had this going almost $10K off.

    Didn't take it, but that's the deal I could've gotten.
  • cu95cu95 Posts: 96
    Whine or howl is a better description. When I first noticed actually I thought it was wind howling over/through something on the car, but decided it wasn’t when its presence/absence was not directly related to a particular speed. I generally leave sport mode off, but have observed it in sport mode as well. I’ll switch on sport mode and see if it sounds more pronounced like your experience has been. The engine braking idea is consistent with the fact that I cannot produce the sound while in park or neutral. It’s funny what you say about the engine protesting, because the noise actually encourages me to mash the gas down more --the whine goes away and the engine sounds livelier and healthier when aggressively throttling and braking.
  • If it's not dual exhaust and has cruise control on the steering wheel instead of the stalk, it's definitely a 2003. GM changed the silver exterior and dark interior colours shortly after production began. Later in the 2003 model year, they replaced the analog clock (which never keeps in synch with the digital setting) with a temp gauge.

    My early 2003 CTS (build date March 4, 2002) is the original Sterling exterior with Dark Pewter (i.e. dark gray) monochrome interior. The two-tone interiors during the same period were Light Neutral on Dark Pewter. GM discontinued Sterling exterior and replaced with Light Platinum a couple of months after full production began. They also replaced the Dark Pewter interior leather with Ebony, which I personally find too black.

    I ordered from the dealer's original allotment of 4 vehicles in early February 2002. On delivery, he told me that had I ordered in March, aside from a much longer production delay, I'd have to pick from the new colour options.
  • lesstl1lesstl1 Posts: 21
    Sorry to not have joined the conversation before, but out of town.

    I also had a whine that I thought was coming from the differential. It would occur under very light throttle at constant speed only in the speed ranges from 20-40 mph. Under more throttle or no throttle, it would disappear. I first noticed it around 700 miles and it kept getting worse. I took it to my dealer and they test drove it and could not hear it. So I took them for ride and they sat in back and distinctly hear it. The dealer replaced the differential and it completely and immediately silenced it. I now have 15,000 miles on my car with no reoccurance. They said it was an improper lash setting in the differential gear set. See my post #3355 for discussion of the problem and #3864 for the solution. Your recent discussions would suggest you have the same problem. Have someone sit in the back seat and listen for the noise. Then visit you dealer with my posts in hand.
  • Thanks for the info, Les. Your initial post was before I joined the board and I must have missed it. It could well be a rear-end problem; though the sound seems to be more toward the front, it could be just interior acoustics playing tricks on me. Do you know if there's a TSB on this yet?
  • golfnut5golfnut5 Posts: 202
    I noticed that the 2004 pricing for the CTS is approx. $2500 more than my 03 with the same options (luxury package with Bose). I think GM is making a mistake and setting themselves up for another car with a constant $3000 rebate.
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    Thanks for the response -I'll pass the information on to my friend. We drove in his CTS all over the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex the other day. The car rides pretty well for a mid size car but my 2001 Malibu has more back seat room, a better trunk (easier to put bulky items in), and a softer ride. The CTS was not designed to appeal to people who purchase Devilles, but I'm kind of disappointed that it is only available in a four door. The car would be a best seller if it was available in a coupe or better still, a convertible. I was attracted to the XLS but it is totally impractical for me since it has virtually no luggage space. We would like to use it for trips and can't. Now a CTS convertible with soft top and seating for four would really fit the bill.
  • bigdaddycoatsbigdaddycoats Posts: 1,058
    May sales - 5579
  • luxosportluxosport Posts: 22
    To any of you in the Dallas Metroplex area looking for Cadillac/Infiniti dealers, I strongly suggest that you avoid the Crest dealership in Plano. I went there to purchase a 2004 CTS and soon discovered that the management there lacks the integrity normally associated with Cadillac. First clue was that they offered me $500.00 for my IMMACULATE '96 Chrysler Concord LXI with 98,000 miles. That in itself was insulting but when I later learned that Texas dealers are giving cash (not lease) buyers a $500.00 rebate, which they never mentioned, it equates to my getting -0- as trade-in for my car!
    They did offer $1,500 as a "conquest rebate" since I was bringing in a non-GM as a trade but that was all they offered off the sticker price of $43K for the 1SC and UAV loaded model Then they tell me the interest rate is 5% and I now know that 3.9% is available for 60 mos. So my payment would be $720.00/mo. after a $10,000 down payment!! Needless to say, I am buying the car from a reputable dealer who has offered me $2,500 for my car and will shave $6,000 off the sticker price of the same optioned car. That will bring my monthly pmt. at or near $500.00/month with a somewhat lower down pmt. Just a word of caution. The car buying experience is always challenging and can be fun when you are well armed with the info found on this board. It can also be very costly if you step into the greedy, unprofessional arms of the Crest group.
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    Please report your experience to Cadillac. They can and will pull the franchise if they get enough complaints from customers. The dealer that sold me my '88 Cimmaron lost their franchise for poor customer service. Cadillac sends me a questionaire almost every time I take my CTS in for service. Fortunately I am able to give my dealer an excellent rating as they take every problem seriously and respond with an appropriate repair immediately every time. Of course my saleslady would bite their heads off if they did not take care of me. Unfortunately their customer waiting room is nothing to brag about. (lol)
  • Does anyone on this board have up to date information on this. Upon my long delayed return to Florida the old Saab has to be replaced by a CTS. I see that GM is upping incentives but find nothing on the CTS site. It says to check with your dealer. Any info would be appreciated.
  • eaton53eaton53 Posts: 356
    If they will consider a Saab to be a "conquest", even though it's 100% GM.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    $2,000 rebate available starting June 2nd and ending August 2nd.
  • Thanks B4z is this info on any caddy site?
  • bigdaddycoatsbigdaddycoats Posts: 1,058

    Go to list of releases for 6-2-04 and you will find the one related to incentives.
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    I purchased my 2003 Deville program car from Frank Kent Cadillac in Ft. Worth. Really nice people, good prices, and an excellent web site with all used cars pictured and priced. You could eat off the floor of the service area. Too bad I'm 400 miles away or I'd take advantage of their service. The owner is a lady so I doubt if the salespeople "talk down" to woman customers!! Anyway -you can't go wrong with Frank Kent. They also sell Hondas.
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