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Toyota Matrix Check Engine Light



  • stilldlstilldl Posts: 6
    The 2007 wagon DOES have a tire monitor. I just checked my tires when it went on the other day. You not only have to check your tire pressure but also your spare.
  • On the Matrix the Maintenance light is a signal to have the car serviced - i.e. reminder to have the oil changed and the light reset. No major problems are indicated. The check engine light is another matter.
  • My 2003 Toyota Matrix constantly has a check engine light. I change oil every 3,000 and service regularly. My gas cap is not loose. The codes say it is the catalytic converter, but I have changed the part twice, (not Toyota part) and it made no difference. Our 2001 Tacoma also has the exact same problem. We are getting exasperated with this issue. The vehicles run fine and fuel consumption is average. Both vehicles have almost 200,000 miles. Any thoughts???
  • Often times aftermarket cat converters do not work well enough to satisfy the cars self test routine.

    More importantly those engine codes never say directly that a particular part is bad.
    They only mean that there's a problem in that part of the system.
    You (or a knowledgeable tech) need to look at the signals coming from the O2 sensors with a scanner or oscilloscope to figure out what's really going on.
  • hunkymonhunkymon Posts: 12
    My 2008 Matrix check engine light was on. On the scanner it came up as torque converter. Had the transmission rebuilt. 200 miles later light came on again. Had it rebuilt second time under warranty. Light still comes on periodically, but turns off after couple hundred miles. Haven't had it checked since the last rebuild, but I'm afraid it will come up as torque converter. It's off warranty now so I'm just buying time.
  • What was the code number? It will look like P0123.
    The torque converter isn't inside the transmission, so rebuilding the trans doesn't make sense.
    Anyway that didn't solve your problem. Like I said, an error code does not point to a particular problem.
    I would take it to a independent transmission shop (NOT AAMCO or Cottman!). Maybe they will be competent.
  • hunkymonhunkymon Posts: 12
    edited March 2011
    Thanks cirsuitsmith. I'll have it checked when it comes on again.
  • My last post should have said at the end:

    Like I said, an error code does not point to a particular part.
  • check engine light has been on since about a month after i bought my car...used. computer said it was the catalytic converter.
    car ran fine for 3 it is acting up and the mechanics are saying it is the transmission, but i have talked to a man who owns a transmission shop and he said it sounded like the catalytic converter. i work a car dealership and i feel like i am getting the runaround.
  • My Matrix is 2003, I bought it new. I've had issues with the check engine light coming on over the years. At one point about 4 years ago a mechanic replaced a catalytic converter for about $300 - he had it custom made at a muffler shop. Toyota would have replaced the whole exhaust assembly I'm told, about $2,000. The mechanic said there are two catalytic converters and if the light came back on the other one would have to be replaced. It did not come back on so apparently he knew what he was doing. I've had it come on a time or two since then but it goes back off on its own. Same mechanic charges $50 to diagnose the code so I gave it a little time - maybe it's the fuel cap, who knows?
  • The only option is to get a different brand. Toyotas are famous for check engine light being on. Fat Joe at my dealership charged me $195 to turn it off and still didn't correct the problem even though it was still under warranty. The engines last a long time, but everything else is [non-permissible content removed], inc. the transmissions and smog. I guess it's a trade off.
  • I have a 2003 Matrix XRS with a 2ZZ-GE engine with a continuous check engine light. I have multiple diagnostics and repairs done on the vehicle to pass smog inspection over the past 5 or 6 year and have spent thousands of dollars. The light stays off just long enough to pass the smog test and is then returned to me with the light still on. I HAVE paid a Toyota dealer $95 to run diagnostic also. They said the ECM is corrupt and can't be flashed and the cat has to be replaced for over 2k!!

    People PLEASE file a complaint with Toyota, so this recall can happen!!

    Toyota's response to my complaint is this.

    Thank you for contacting Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

    We are sorry for the concerns you are having with your 2003 Matrix.

    It has been detected that the ECM for certain 2005 through 2008 Toyota Corolla and Corolla Matrix models equipped with the 1ZZ-FE
    engine and two-wheel drive may have been improperly manufactured.

    Your year model of Matrix Engine Control Module (ECM) is not a part of this recall.

    Please be aware the information you have provided is used in combination with warranty claims and other customer contacts to track trends with our vehicles. If in the future a Special Service Campaign (SSC) or recall is issued that would cover your specific issue and you have already made repairs to the vehicle, Toyota would review your repairs for reimbursement at that time.

    We again apologize for the situation you encountered with your vehicle and we are sorry for any inconvenience or expense you have incurred.
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