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Ford Escape Hybrid Squeaks & Rattles



  • I have 80,000 miles on my 2001 Gr8Escape and have not had an issue until this winter. My wife started hearing a squeak from the front end while turning the steering wheel. I found the technical service bulletin (TSB) #04-22-10 on the Internet. Although the symptoms from this bulletin where identical to mine this was not the solution to my squeak. I narrowed it down to the tie-rod end on the Driver side. I removed the boot from the tie rod end, lubricated the ball joint with lithium grease and packed the boot full of wheel bearing grease. This solved the problem.

    Cost of repair $0 dollars, Time spent 1.5 hours,
    Wife satisfied: Priceless
  • I have a 2001 Escape XLT with 55,000 miles. Well...mine just starting squeaking. When I am driving at slow speeds and have any type of up and down movement it squeaks or when I turn the wheel from left to right in park it squeaks and makes a rubbing sound. This is coming from the front on the driver side. It never has done this before. When I first heard it I was on a very poorly maintained road and thought maybe the squeaking was due to the road conditions. I drove it on a nicely paved road and it still does this. WHY????
  • Yep, it squeaks, but only sometimes, and yep, Ford dealer said that it was probably "rust on the brakes" (2006 FEH with about 10,000 miles). Will print out the TSB and bring it to the Ford dealer, but the problem, in general, is that Ford is not owning up to this because when you bring it in, it doesn't squeak (i.e., it squeaks only intermittently). In general, I'm not impressed with Ford. I have an extended/comprehensive warranty, including oil changes for three years. When I contacted them at 7500 miles (the set time for the change), they responded that because of "new testing," they upped the time required for the oil change to 10,000 miles. Well, that means that they save money, and my oil changes cost more over time. Ugh. (Am about to post on another thread about the unbelievably poor winter mileage I'm getting--it dropped from 184 miles to empty to 182 miles to empty in less than a minute of driving, at 18.9 mpg!!). Anyone know about how the Toyota Highlander compares with the FEH?
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    How does getting 2Xs the milage between oil changes cost you more?

  • Not sure what you mean by 2 times the mileage, but here's the analysis:

    Let's say there's 75,000 miles on the FEH over three years.

    What I get based on original contract: 10 oil changes

    What I get with new rules: 7.5 oil changes.

    Therefore, the cost is 25% higher for each individual oil change.

  • We purchased a used 2005 FEH in April 2006. Ever since we have heard very intermittently what can only be described as a "Whooping" noise from the rear end (battery pack?). It occurs mostly, but not always, when the car is first started, and the transmission gear is irrelevant. The "Whoop" can be fairly loud or quite faint. The dealer has no idea, and the noise cannot be demonstrated since it occurs randomly. It does seem to occur in hot weather more that cold. Has anyone experienced a similar problem or have any ideas. We are quite satisfied with the FEH performance except for this annoying "Whooping" sound.
  • mecheng1mecheng1 Posts: 161
    As you know, noises can be difficult to diagnose. From what you report is sounds like something related to the A/C unit that cools the HVBattery. If it happens at startup after the truck has been sitting in the sun on a hot day...I would suspect the cooling system. There are two refridgerant lines that lead to the system and a door to change out the filter for the fan. When the sound is occuring, go back and open the access door (interior of cargo area on the drivers side) and remove the filter and see if the noise is more obvious. Just a first guess, good luck and be safe. :D
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    You are assuming that the cost of the program is the same which it is not.

    Ask what scheduled maintence costs for the FEH vs. the Gas Escape. The FEH is less.

  • Hi,

    I have an 08 FEH with about 3800 miles on it. A week or two ago I noticed that when I accelerate from a stop or very slow rolling speed, there is a single thumping sound, then everything is fine. This noise sounds like it's coming from from the front left. It occurs regardless if the engine is running or if it's running on battery, so it is NOT the the rumble that occurs when the engine starts. I don't hear it if I back up. I also did not notice it when the engine was cold and running at higher RPMs. The engine noise may have masked the thump. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

    Sorry if I posted this the wrong section. I'm not sure if this engine, trans, or suspension related.


  • mecheng1mecheng1 Posts: 161
    Tom -

    That does not sound normal. If you can produce the noise on command....I would take it to the dealer and have a service advisor ride with you and listen to the thump.
  • Thanks for the feedback. I just to find out if anyone else has experienced an issue like this before.


  • Tom,

    I have the exact same issue with my 08 Escape Hybrid!!! I took it to the dealer and one of their techs said he did not hear anything... Unfortunately the "Thump" was not as loud as usual when we took the drive but you could definetely hear it. It almost sounds like a loose motor mount but I was told it wasnt...At least I know now I'm not crazy! Good luck figuring it out, if I do I'll let you know...
  • Hi,

    It's good to know that I am not the only person with this issue. Sorry the dealer couldn't hear the noise. I never went to the dealer because it is such a hassle, and like your experience, I don't expect them "hear" the thump either. I will wait until I have to go in for service and then tell them about it.


  • joseph85750joseph85750 Posts: 22
    I got my 2008 Hybrid last July. Love it so far!

    I have a squeak which I've narrowed down to specific conditions:

    1) It's warm outside, and/or the vehicle is warm (therefore the frame/parts are warm)

    2) When warm, it will occur when the gasoline engine is running.

    3) It NEVER occurs while driving and the brakes are applied. The entire time the brakes are being applied, it will not squeak.

    4) It NEVER occurs while driving on electric power only.

    The squeak is more like a short chirp. It sounds like a squeak that an air conditioner clutch might make when it engages/disengages, or bearings in a motor might make intermittently. I suspected it was the regenerative brakes, but not sure. After the vehicle is moving, like cruising in the city, it might chirp once every 20 seconds.

    Also, after the vehicle has been sitting in the hot sun for a while, and it's started, it will make these squeaks/chirps more frequently. After the vehicle has been running for a minute or 2, they will taper off and occur on the interval mentioned earlier (about every 20 seconds).

    I don't see a relationship between the squeaks and the gasoline engine turning on/off.

    Anyone else have this issue?
  • k2slck2slc Posts: 2
    Hi there -- Am new to this forum. Got my 08FEH last November and over the past 4-5 months have experienced a squeaking/chirping sound. Could not figure out from where it was coming. Mostly, but not always noticeable on warmer days, after driving in the city for about 20-30 min, and mainly when turning/curving to the left (although occ. straight or right).

    Just took my FEH in yesterday for the 5000 mile maintenance and told them about it/wanted the squeak addressed. Service guy today when I picked it up said it is a brake issue/problem with the engineering with rust building up on the brake over time and causing the squeak. He said that Ford Engineering is working on it but that they have a temporary fix that they used for now. I asked him what that was and he said they take it out and drive it 20-30 mph and then stop it with the emergency/parking brake. That takes the rust off and gets rid of the squeak and that I should be good for about a month. I said I'd be back obviously and he said I could do the temporary fix myself. Yeah, right.

    Is this a crock of #%#&*&@ or is this for real. Anyone else been told this or heard of this? I LOVE my FEH other than this. Am getting 32 mpg with my usual driving and I love the handling, quiet, and space.
  • johndix60johndix60 Posts: 21
    I am curious regarding the 5000 mile maintenance interval you quoted. I have a 2008 MMH and the owners manual very clearly indicates a 10,000 oil change maintenance interval. Is the 2008 Escape manual different?

    I know that I have received a mailing and a telephone call from my Mercury dealer about coming in at 5000 miles, and it seems that there is a disconnect on this issue between the manual and the dealer's awareness. It is synthetic oil after all, and 10,000 is a conservative value for an oil change at that.

    John Dixson
  • joseph85750joseph85750 Posts: 22
    I noticed the same thing. The dealerships don't really seem to know what is going on when it comes to the maintenance schedule. I would think they would have some computer database with my vehicle info in it, and know exactly what the schedule should be, what work has been done, all correspondence I've had with them, etc. But as far as I can tell, Ford doesn't use computers at all in any respect. Every time I call them, I have to totally start from scratch. At least this is the case with my local dealership in Tucson (Jim Click).
  • joseph85750joseph85750 Posts: 22
    Rust-- that's an interesting explanation. I live in Tucson, and we don't get a whole lot of vehicle rust/issues here because it's so dry (humidity last week was 6%).
    However, speaking of parking brake, I once had an issue where I used the parking brake when parking on a slope. After I started driving, it was squeaking a lot. So, I stopped, put on the brake again, and let it 'snap back' when I released it. That got rid of that squeak, and it's not been back since.
    I still like the vehicle a lot. My display currently says I'm getting 37.1 MGP.
  • k2slck2slc Posts: 2
    I was curious about the 5000K check-up too. In my 2008 manual in the back I think it says it is mainly an inspection and a tire rotation issue. Since I put snowtires on my FEH over the winter and just had my regular tires put back on, I wasn't too worried about the tire rotation. I mostly took it in because of "the squeak". When I dropped it off, the service advisor said the oil change would be free, as the dealer does the first one free. I asked why they were going to do one, since the manual does not indicate a need for an oil change until 10K miles. He said that he didn't really think that was smart and that although he knows this is what Ford says, he still advises every 3500 miles. I think the bottom line is that they want them coming in for oil changes to get the money.

    Given that the bottom line on my bill yesterday was 0, I'm not going to complain. Now I'll settle into the regular routine of following the manual, rather than what the dealer service is saying.

  • pje123pje123 Posts: 3
    I am just adding a ME TOO to this string. My 2006 FEH squeeks and rattles like a taxi cab. I am bringing it to the dealer tomorrow.
  • I'm having the same weird chirping squeak noise on my 08 Mariner Hybrid that I got back last November. I'm taking it to the dealer tomorrow to get it checked out and was curious if you've had any luck with your dealer fixing the noise.

    I'll let you know if I find out anything as well.
  • The dealership couldn't figure it out, but I believe I found it on my own. I think it's the radiator cooling fan. There appears to be some sort of relay or clutch type of thing that kicks in and out when the fan starts. The chirp sound is coming from that.
  • pje123pje123 Posts: 3
    Have them look at the back gate. The dealer added a strip of felt around the latch catch and the noise finally went away. I had to take them on two test drives before they completely went over the car, though. Keep on 'em.
  • My chirp sound was in front, and only occurred when it was warm.

    The squeak you describe I also have, and it's in the latch. If I cut about an inch off a straw and slit it such that I can slide it on the metal latch, it takes care of that squeak.
  • Weather in DC has turned cold again, and my noise from the early spring has returned in my 2008 FEH FWD. It sounds like a loud, overcaffeinated cricket in the passenger side footwell. The noise begins immediately on starting the engine, and continues regardless of vehicle speed, engine speed, gas or electric mode, a/c fan on or off - basically it's just continuous regardless of what the car is doing. It only occurs when the temperature gets below 55 degrees outside. It's annoying as can be, and so loud that it makes listening to the radio or talking on the phone hard. The sound reminds me of a failing motor bearing. Is there some sort of small cooling fan in this area that is constantly on? Perhaps an electronics cooling fan? Please help - going nuts. I plan on taking the car to the dealer next week, but it's very inconvenient for me, and would like to troubleshoot to prevent a multi-day stay at the dealer.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    " It's annoying as can be, and so loud that it makes listening to the radio or talking on the phone hard. The sound reminds me of a failing motor bearing. Is there some sort of small cooling fan in this area that is constantly on?"

    I hear this sound periodically, but it is most noticed when the windows are open. Try it, and I think you may find that the sound is really LOUD outside the vehicle. To me is sounds like something in the suspension, but I have not had it checked out. It is very sporadic on my 2008 AWD.
  • It can't be the suspension - I hear the sound loudest inside the car, barely can hear it on the outside, and the noise occurs constantly, even when the car isn't moving. Thanks for taking a stab at it though.
  • whitey9whitey9 Posts: 138
    Blower motor bearing noise. Mercedes-Benz has a blower motor to cool the electronic control units IN the giant fuse box in the engine compartment. It draws air from the passenger compartment to cool the components. The blower motor that does this makes a "cricket" sound right behind instrument cluster, especially when started in the morning during cool/cold weather. The sound goes away after 2-3mins.
  • rose2008fehrose2008feh Posts: 1
    edited April 2010
    I have a 2008 FEH and lately, I've been hearing this odd, rattling noise coming from the AC like there's something stuck in the vents. When I have it on a low fan setting, I don't notice it as much as I do when I have the high fan setting on.

    Even after everything is turned off, I sometimes hear it. And then sometimes I don't hear anything at all regardless if the AC is on or not. :confuse:

    I had thought it was the CD skipping from the Navigation system but am not too sure anymore.

    Any recommendations will be great! ;)
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