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Nissan XTerra SUV



  • stewmstewm Posts: 1
    I'm planning on buying a 4x4 Xterra and I have a question for the experts. I'm thinking of getting the X model and adding a couple of features like rock sliders and beefier (is that a word?) skidplates for some off-roading. My question is- is there anything on the more pricey models that I really ought to have that I will miss? Should I spend the money for a more-equipped Xterra?

    Also, how many people think they are going to take it off-roading and found out they really don't- or nowhere near as much as they think they will?
  • Hi, guys. I posted this question on the prices paid and buying experience in this forum, but I thought I'd post my question here also. My father just purchased a 2011 Xterra Pro-4X, and the accompanying DVD that allows you to get familiar with the vehicle showed that the trip meter had the Distance to Empty, gas mileage, etc.
    But when I checked on my dad's vehicle, it does not have this. It only has a Trip A and a Trip B. I was wondering if anyone knows when this feature was discontinued on the Xterras, and if so, if it was on all models of Xterras or just the SE and the Off Road. Thanks!
  • What fuse controls the lights for the climate control. My lights for that section of the dash board have been out for a while.
  • did you get your manifolds fixed and if you did was a recall and what number did you have to call to get it fixed i have a 2001 nissan xterra and one manifol is completely broken and the other is cracked
  • milemakermilemaker Posts: 3
    I see that nobody got back to you. I am having the exact same problem with the shifter sticking up or down seemingly randomly on my '05 Xterra. I have had it apart twice to clean and lube the nylon guide assy. Seems like it is happening when vehicle warms up.
    Did you ever find a solution to this problem?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    "Nissan will decide within a year whether it will replace the long-in-the-tooth Xterra or let it slowly fade away, Edmunds has learned.

    The SUV has had minimal changes since the current generation went on sale in 2005. Nissan generally redesigns or significantly upgrades its vehicles every five to seven years. "

    Nissan Mulls Xterra's Future
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