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Ford Windstar Climate Control Problems



  • I wondered if you found a solution to your problem. The front vents are blowing cold air, but the back half of the van is blowing hot air. Sound like the same problem you are having.
  • phymanphyman Posts: 2
    No help as of yet!! Let me know if u hear anything!
  • Hi there. Were you ever able to confirm what was wrong? I have an 03 Windstar, which is horrible, and am experiencing the same exact problem. We have changed the thermostat, but that did not help. Please let me know if you were successful! Thanks.

  • RizoRizo Posts: 3
    I have a 1999 windstar with front and rear controls. just recently i started using the heat(its cold out). Well the rear works fine it blowsnice toasty heat but, the front only blows cold air...I was told by a friend (but hes a mercedes mechanic) that I might need a climate control...I want to know if you feel the same and is that anafter market auto parts store purchase and I can change the part myself myself.
    My next issue is that my radio stopped working...I change all the fuses(I lost the owners manual so 2 be safe I changed them all) well other things I didnt know weren't working started working but the radio never came back on so, I got another ford radio and it doesnt work any suggestions....I puzzled :confuse:
  • RizoRizo Posts: 3
    Hey what's goin on I haven't gotten a solution yet and I really need 1 quick....
  • edgar4edgar4 Posts: 3
    I have just returned from the Ford Dealership after having this same problem fixed (sort of). Here are the details:
    I had proper engine temp, coolant levels, and heat from the rear blower, but only cold from the front. By moving front climate control from 'warm' to 'cold' I could feel absolutely no difference in air temp. This indicated that the problem was with the 'blend door' which separates hot air from cold air.
    Since time was short, I wound up having to take it in to the dealership which didn't turn out too bad. The mechanic said that he sees this problem frequently and there are (2) possible problems. First the 'actuator' could be bad. This is the part that control the blend door. If this is the problem, the part is about $60 and is located directly behind the radio. A complete description of how to reach this can be found by searching on Wikianswersdotcom for "How do you find and replace an actuator for a 1999-2003 Ford Windstar LX climate control switch"

    The second possibility is that the actual blend door is broken so that the actuator is no longer moving it at all. (Apparently the default position for the door is 'cool', so if it breaks, cool is all you will get even if you haven't moved the control lever.) If the door is broken you are looking at a $500 part (because the have to replace the entire unit, not just the door) plus it takes a professional mechanic about 8 hours so the labor is going to be astronomical.

    In my case, the door is broken. However, the mechanic did not replace the door which is why I began by saying that I sort of had this problem fixed. Instead of replacing the door, he was able to lift the door by hand into the 'warm' position and then run a couple of long screws into the casing to hold it in place. THIS IS ONLY A TEMPORARY FIX because I cannot change it to cool air now, but until summer I can get by.
  • i have the same problem but the air on the rear vents dont come threw just a noise of air blowing from the back. but main concern is hot air in front i get warm air when it heats up but not enough to defrost. did u ever get yours fix cause its not getting any warmer outside if u know what i mean. :lemon:
  • RizoRizo Posts: 3
    Yea I feel u. I figured out a temp (but viable ) fix. My actuator motor was locked in cool so What I did was found out it was located behind my radio panel(after I took the panel out, I removed the actuator door motor(small white box just below and behind the radio mounted with 3 or 4 screws). It has a control arm sticking out the back of it when u remove it(that's the guide) I through it in the glove box. So now I just stick my hand through the radio slot(I left the radio out) and rotate the door using the control arm I removed from the actuator. Now I call around and its not an over the counter part but Autozone and Murrays offered to order it (2 day turn around) at $59.95+tax. If u don't mind a being venturous it tok me about 25 min to take the old 1 out remove the controll arm, (u cud also use a short but large flathead) and place it in the guide hole. The down side is once u turn the van or the blower off it goes back to cool. So u gota rotate the door each time u start the van. It works for me 4 now. Also u can orfer the part online 4 about 39 bucks. Good luck
  • I cannot seem to get trim off radio/climate control center dash... lower tabs pull out but something is firmiley holding top of trim snug... Is the radio holding this trim on looks like it wants to all come out together but cant budge it... need to get to blend door components and at worst the blend door it-self?
  • My wife was driving her 2001 Windstar and she was hearing a knoking noise behind the radio. She said it made no difference if she went faster or slower. Well she tried adjusting the blower no difference. She changed from different heating positions still no difference.

    Did you experience any of this before your heat was giving you any issues?

    Thank you,
  • Sorry for the delay.
    You should not need to worry about the trim. The radio pops right out with a couple of special tools. A complete description of how to reach this can be found by searching on Wikianswersdotcom for "How do you find and replace an actuator for a 1999-2003 Ford Windstar LX climate control switch". I have been told that the radio removal tools are available at Walmart, but I have not looked for them there.
  • Sorry, but I am afraid that I am no help here. There was no noise or any other warning associated with the problem that I had.
  • This is an easy fix - find out all about it at - specifically this question: Windstar Temperature FIX

    The detailed information in the postings should give almost anyone the confidence to do this repair themselves - I did and was my wife ever happy with me - nice feeling :shades:

    I have also seen a fix for a truly broken blend door - it's a kit that replaces the OEM part and avoids taking the entire dashboard out! I haven't had to use it, but the idea behind the process sure seems solid - Blend Door Fix Kit

  • my ford did make the noise the day before the heat went out. actually it did it about a week before for about 10 mins then stopped. When it started again the heat was not working. We filled the coolant which was empty and the heat worked for one nite. The next day, no heat.
  • There is no heater control valve. Temp. is controlled by a servo motor
    that moves a blend door between the heater core and AC evaporator coil.
    This is a major defect in Windstar heaters and a diy fix is available at: Then enter "Windstar Temperature Fix" and find
    "Heater Treater" for a description of the fix and parts.
  • fixitnewbfixitnewb Posts: 2
    I have a 98 Windstar. Late last year the the air from the heat,air or defrost started cycling between vent, floor or defrost in its own. Now its just defrost only. We still get heat or A/C, but it all blows out the defrost vents. Is that a problem with the modulator or blend door or .....? Thanks for your help.
  • reddog88reddog88 Posts: 4
    my 98 windstar,my fan doesnt work in front.i replaced the heater control switchs,and still nothing.would the actuator probably cause this?and it looks from what i read on here to be behind the radio?i also have no air condition,but thats not been working in a few years.but i can get by without that,just wondering if its all related.
  • fixitnewbfixitnewb Posts: 2
    Mine was not the modulator. I replaced it with a new one, no change.
  • reddog88reddog88 Posts: 4
    thanks,i was talking actuator,thats been brought up on here.
  • dorinnedorinne Posts: 1
    Hi my name is Dorinne and I have a 2001 Windstar which I will never ever buy an american car! Well I have the same problem were I only get ac through the defrost area. I do also get ac in the rear and it cools just fine but it won't blow in the front driver/passenger area. I was told by two mechanics that it was my ac controls or climate controls, I don't know the exact name because I'm told it is the same. I have not bought it yet cause it is hard to find at a pick a part which i was told to look for it there.
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