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Ford Windstar Climate Control Problems



  • Sorry for the delay.
    You should not need to worry about the trim. The radio pops right out with a couple of special tools. A complete description of how to reach this can be found by searching on Wikianswersdotcom for "How do you find and replace an actuator for a 1999-2003 Ford Windstar LX climate control switch". I have been told that the radio removal tools are available at Walmart, but I have not looked for them there.
  • Sorry, but I am afraid that I am no help here. There was no noise or any other warning associated with the problem that I had.
  • This is an easy fix - find out all about it at - specifically this question: Windstar Temperature FIX

    The detailed information in the postings should give almost anyone the confidence to do this repair themselves - I did and was my wife ever happy with me - nice feeling :shades:

    I have also seen a fix for a truly broken blend door - it's a kit that replaces the OEM part and avoids taking the entire dashboard out! I haven't had to use it, but the idea behind the process sure seems solid - Blend Door Fix Kit

  • my ford did make the noise the day before the heat went out. actually it did it about a week before for about 10 mins then stopped. When it started again the heat was not working. We filled the coolant which was empty and the heat worked for one nite. The next day, no heat.
  • There is no heater control valve. Temp. is controlled by a servo motor
    that moves a blend door between the heater core and AC evaporator coil.
    This is a major defect in Windstar heaters and a diy fix is available at: Then enter "Windstar Temperature Fix" and find
    "Heater Treater" for a description of the fix and parts.
  • fixitnewbfixitnewb Posts: 2
    I have a 98 Windstar. Late last year the the air from the heat,air or defrost started cycling between vent, floor or defrost in its own. Now its just defrost only. We still get heat or A/C, but it all blows out the defrost vents. Is that a problem with the modulator or blend door or .....? Thanks for your help.
  • reddog88reddog88 Posts: 4
    my 98 windstar,my fan doesnt work in front.i replaced the heater control switchs,and still nothing.would the actuator probably cause this?and it looks from what i read on here to be behind the radio?i also have no air condition,but thats not been working in a few years.but i can get by without that,just wondering if its all related.
  • fixitnewbfixitnewb Posts: 2
    Mine was not the modulator. I replaced it with a new one, no change.
  • reddog88reddog88 Posts: 4
    thanks,i was talking actuator,thats been brought up on here.
  • dorinnedorinne Posts: 1
    Hi my name is Dorinne and I have a 2001 Windstar which I will never ever buy an american car! Well I have the same problem were I only get ac through the defrost area. I do also get ac in the rear and it cools just fine but it won't blow in the front driver/passenger area. I was told by two mechanics that it was my ac controls or climate controls, I don't know the exact name because I'm told it is the same. I have not bought it yet cause it is hard to find at a pick a part which i was told to look for it there.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    If you buy an 8 year old foreign car and something breaks on it, what will you do then?

    I'm not sure, but this old discussion may be relevant to your problem:
    venturanomad, "Ford Windstar Problems" #1798, 2 Jun 2005 8:59 pm#MSG1797
  • reddog88reddog88 Posts: 4
    thanks jeffyscott,but my front,blower fan dont work at all.owned 11 years and only problem ive has now has rated above toyota in quality and sales!!sales last 3 straight months!!buy american!!
  • sirromsirrom Posts: 1
    I have a 98 windstar with the same problem with the ac blowing out of the defrost ducts when set on dash vent. It does this at will. How can I fix this problem?
  • 98 ford windstar blows only thru defrost vent thanks shoango
  • Using the search path above I wasn't able to find the "Heater Treater" fix on

    Any help or suggestions would be welcome.

  • We have a 2001 Ford Windstar van that has a problem with the air cycling around the different settings (floor, dash, vents) Seems to be almost rythmic in that the air goes from one outlet source to the next over time. Anyone shed any light on this?
  • Sounds like your "Heater Core" is bad and needs replaced!
    They are a pain to get to,to replace!
  • no not heater core,cause we get heat in rear.have a redneck temp fix on mine with a clothes dryer flex pipe from rear heater to front to get windows
  • The fastest fix and its free for a blend door problem is instead of taking out radio or dash and trying to remove parts and scratch your hands all up is to:

    1. open the glovebox and squeeze it til you can pop it down.
    2. right behind it is the keyless entry controls but to the left you see a outline in the plastic and a bolt (its in tight in mine). Take a knife and cut a small rectangular hole into the plastic and take a screwdriver and lift the blend door from the down position to the up position and it will start blowing hot air.

    3. You can either tape it up or use something to keep it up...I have found however that if you dont put your heat on full blast it, at least on my 2001 windstar, wont fall back into the cooling position and even if it does it just takes a second to take the screw driver and lift it up again (since the small hole is already in the panel) you can use duct tape or something to cover the hole if you wish.
  • It is 7degrees out and the heat is barely working. I have the blower on maximum and I can hear it roaring but very little air is coming out of the floor or the top vents. In addition I noticed that the temperature guage stays on "C" and does not rise half way to " H" like it normaly does. Are the problems related?
  • It is 7degrees out and the heat is barely working. I have the blower on maximum and I can hear it roaring but very little air is coming out of the floor or the top vents. Air only comes out of the lower vents in back. In addition I noticed that the temperature guage stays on "C" and does not rise half way to " H" like it normaly does. Are the problems related?
  • I have a 03 windstar, there is a white control directly behind the ash tray screwed to the duct has a wire plug in it andf a shaft going in the duct,it has a flapping noise. what is this item called and do it need replacing. thanks for any help
  • what is the name/part number of the electric switch that changes the vent to allow heat to the front. It is a white plastic unit that has plastic gears inside. mine are worn off and no longer turns the shaft that extends in the vent system. Is located directly behind the hvac slide switches. May be an actuator of some kind. Need to order a new one. putting sae # in part search comes up "nothing found".
  • joschaejoschae Posts: 1
    Did you ever find the solution to this problem? I have a 2002 Ford Windstar that has the exact same issue and it's super annoying on hot days!!!
  • plesliepleslie Posts: 2
    Yes. There is a small motor located behind and below the radio area that directs the air to the various ducts (defrost, vents etc). Look around the edmonds forums and you will find answers on the issue. Basically one of the plastic gears was stripped. I bought the part at my local auto parts store for around 40 bucks. It is a [non-permissible content removed] to get at (I had to get my skinny 14 year old to get at some of the screws but is not hard to replace other than that. Good luck
  • :) :) Post #54 by slion75 was dead on! I knocked a small hole in the plastic housing and lifted the door up manually. Immediately had heat. Covered hole with duct tape. The only problem it didnt fix was a slight knocking sound caused by the temp control that causes the door to flap up and down slightly. I did learn however if you back the temp down just a tad that the knocking sound goes away. But atleast we have heat!!!!!

    Great, free fix! Thanks a million!
  • my_ford1my_ford1 Posts: 1
    Can you help me with the name of the part, it's location, and how to replacei it please.

    On my 2003 Windstar SEL while using the A/C MAX or VENT setting to blow out the front vents in the dash, it stops as soon as I start to go up hill.
    It will begin to blowing out the windshield defroster vent, or the floor vent (stays the temp I set it to, I fixed that problem already in December) until I tap on the brakes while doing 75 MPH, or start going down hill, is when it will only begin to blow out the proper front dash vent (what I have it set to).

    What, Where, and How do I fix yet another problem with this van. "89000 miles and 3 warranty transmissions later" CAN YOU HELP? :confuse:
  • rwarrinerrwarriner Posts: 3
    My vent problem was with a unit mounted under the dash behind a black plastic cowling. The unit is white and removes easily. My local ford dealer had one in stock, $65. Easy replacement. Hope this helps. Ours had 80k miles. Since have gotten rid of van...needed 4x4. Ray
  • rmilam1rmilam1 Posts: 1
    edited July 2011
    was the white part behind the radio
  • rwarrinerrwarriner Posts: 3
    it was back behind the radio but within the duct work of the hvac. I couldhear mine actuating but because the gears were worn down it would not open or close vents. Didnt have to mess with the radio to get to it. Matter of removing several screws in cowling and the unit itself. 10 minutes to take out and put in.
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