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Pontiac Grand Prix Transmission Problems



  • gearrgearr Posts: 21
    It sounds like a valve in the trans. is sticking and that is not good you may want to replace it.
    it may put fine metel shaveing in the trans.
  • I have an 05 grand prix with 52,000 miles. I think it is slipping. When I back up and put it in drive it slips and then surges and sometimes while driving up hills it does the same thing. It doesn't always do it so I'm afraid to have the dealer look at it. Last time I took it there they charged me 100.00 and didn't find anything. Any ideas?
  • It sounds like your catalatic convertor which is a covered item up to 80000 miles or 10 years. for some earlier models with known problems, GM extended this warranty to 2 years or 120000 miles.
  • I meant to say 12 years and not 2.
  • do you mean while at a stop when you give it gas it tries to die? i have that problem with my 93 i took it to a dude and said it was the spark plugs but i knew it wasnt and so i still have the problem and dont know what it is
  • how long will the transmission in a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix last? and how often should you change your filters and fluids. in order for the car to perform to its full potential ?

  • Major problem..please help with some suggestions. 99 grand prix. I pulled it out of my drive this morning (in reverse) then i put it in drive, it sounded like it's tired were just going...but it wasn't going anywhere..i put it inot low 1..i started to go. So i turned around and pulled back in my drive. Called my husband to make sure i could drive it in 1..he said i would have to drive very i went to leave, and i couldn't get my car out of the driveway (ALOT OF SNOW)..then some people came by to help me get me out of my driveway..and now no gears but Reverse are working. I did check the fluids..that seems fine..any suggestions before i go buy a new car?? just hoping this could be a nice quick fix instead of a whole new car...
  • rhtransrhtrans Posts: 84
    Sorry...most likely an internal trans problem...hope you enjoy your new vehicle!
  • rhtransrhtrans Posts: 84
    Change the fluid at least every 30 thousand miles. How long it will last? I've seen them go 250 thousand and not last 40...depends on what day it was
  • spj2spj2 Posts: 1
    I own a 2001 GP, GT with ~116k miles. Does anyone know where to find, in writing, the GM extended warranty (12 yrs/120,000 miles) for the catalytic converter that purplefeak8 talks about? I had my mine replaced a few months back. I didn't know it was still under warranty. I'd like to see if they will refund my money. The work was done by an ASE certified mechanic.
    Also, I will be picking up the car from my mechanic who was replacing the pressure solenoid valve in the tranny. My car was also doing the "hard shifting" after it had been driven a while. We'll see what happens.
  • shashadela,

    I was told the warranty was 80,000 miles on the catalytic converter for my 1999 Grand Prix. If you see some of my other posts, they replaced it while they were trying to find the problem with the jerking, which turned out to be a $40 computer program. Good luck.

    After two pressure solenoid valves, one torque converter, and $1,200 my car was still being bad until they upgraded the computer program.
  • will a 1989 pontiac grand prix se 2.8 tranny interchange with a 1990 grand prix se 3.1 :confuse:
  • shawn888shawn888 Posts: 7
    Hey guy's,
    I'm new to this forum and so far I like it.
    I hope somebody can help me with a transmission problem that I have.When I'm on the highway and I want to pass,the transmission does not want to down shift.It buckles until I let go of the gas and then it's fine.Or if I want to have little fun,the trans when it shifts,it shifts hard and it wont stop till I shut the motor off.When I turn the power off,everything is back to normal.It's like I have resetted something.Could it be that there is some kind of chip or selenoid scrued up?Because the probleme goes away when I restart the car.Can anyone help?
    Thanks. p.s.Pontiac Grand Prix GT 1999

  • shawn888shawn888 Posts: 7
    Hey Guy's,
    I am new to this forum and it looks like you guy's help each other allot.
    I have a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GT.My probleme is,If I go and give it some gas to you know,,have some fun with the big boys,,the transmission buckles.And after that the transmission shifts hard ,like it's detracked.But I shut the power off and restart,everything comes back to normal.Could this be some kind of sensor problem?
    This thing is bugging me.Any help is appreciated.
  • Shawn888,

    The problem I had with my '99 GT transmission after many many despairing trips to the garage was resolved by another poster on here (Rob94). The computer program was faulty on my car. Of course, I had my transmission pulled and different parts replaced multiple times to no avail. The $40 computer program fixed it after spending $1,500 in other visits to the garage.

    If you want the whole saga, you can read my other posts on this forum. Good luck. You might want to print some of the things out from this forum and take them to your service manager.
  • shawn888shawn888 Posts: 7
    Thanks montana cat,
    so it would be reprogramming of the computer?I will chek it out.
  • Shawn888,

    That worked for my '99, so hopefully it works for yours. I know how frustrating this problem can be!
  • shawn888shawn888 Posts: 7
    Hey montana cat,
    I went to the GM dealer ship and they did not want to reprogramme my computer.
    They said that is not the probleme.But they could not tell me the probleme. :mad:
    I think they just want to make money off of me.I am paying for the service and they dont even want to do that.
    Anyways,I told him off and I left. :mad:
    Now what do I do?
  • :cry:

    I don't know what to tell you other than maybe try another dealership. That really stinks! I can't promise that it is the computer, but I just know that is what finally fixed mine and several others on here.

    I was also told to go to a transmission shop about my car, but I never went there because I wanted my dealership to get the job done right (which took many trips)! Ugh!

    This is obviously a Grand Prix problem with some cars and one GM should fix!
  • shawn888shawn888 Posts: 7
    Hey montana cat,
    How was the transmission oil?before all of this?
    Mine is like black :surprise:
    It does not look good.I went to another dealer ship and checked my computer and said I have the latest software.Then he checked the oil and so did I and uhm,,,,well now I think that I have bigger problems.
    What do you think?
  • Shawn,

    That doesn't sound good. :sick: My transmission oil has never been black. It is a red-ish color.

    How long has your car been acting up? The service manager at my local dealership said the longer I let it go, the more likely dirt could get in there because the transmission wasn't engaging properly. So, maybe this problem caused it to get black.

    Also, my car supposedly had the "latest" version of the software on it too, but when they finally called Detroit on my car's 12th trip to the garage, someone told the tech he would put a new program on my car that hadn't been released yet. It was my understanding that it was still a test program and probably would be released, but maybe they never have released it. Other people on here have had the same response you got, but their car still messes up.

    What did they say about the oil?
  • shawn888shawn888 Posts: 7
    well,,when they saw the oil color,they are now saying that my transmission is scrued. :surprise:
    But like you say,after maybe so long that is doing this,it's getting to the point that it is scruing up my transmission.I have been noticing it for a while now.But now the dealer ship thinks I should put a new one in. :cry:
    But I am not giving up yet,,I will try to see a Transmission specialist,to see what he can tell me.
    I am all nervest now,,I dont want to change transmission much$$$$$$$
  • shawn888shawn888 Posts: 7
    Also,,how can I get that version that you talking about?
    When I tell them what I want to do,,,they look at me like I'm 'n idiot. :mad:
    What can I do to tell the dealer ship that could be my problem?I am runing out of ideas.
  • holeshotholeshot Posts: 3
    I have a 3003 grand prix gt the problem with my car is that they put the powersteering line next to the transmission dipstick that causes you to get a hole in your power steering line. This could be your problem or it might be your front hubs I recently had to replace both of those cost about 90 a piece from autozone. Good luck
  • straydogstraydog Posts: 2
    Hello, i've been reading posts about similar problems with a 99 grand prix but cant run across what seemed to be the actual fix. So, heres the problem.
    Typicaly in a hilly area, going anywhere from 35-55 MPH, the cars seems to cut out, lose power, buck, or chug. Kinda hard to explain the real feeling. Its not shaking or ratteling. Turning the car of and it sitting for a while does not change the actions. It started off gradualy, and now it seems to be continual. Shops & dealers say all kinds of different things from the computer to replacing the transmission.
    Your input would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • vitram79vitram79 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 GP Se with 144k miles..for almost 2 months now..when i push the gas and try to takes as if it were towing a ton of bricks. I had it checked and there was an error code indicating it was the 1-2 gear sensor. Had that changed along with fluid and filter..i really dont notice a big difference with this change. actually it works fine until the trac/off light comes on and it seems to go back to that state of hesitation. can i get some help and see what else i can do to get this fixed.
  • straydogstraydog Posts: 2
    I also have the SE model w/ about 125k miles. The trac system still works fine. No noticable problem there at all. we had it tuned up along w/ all new plugs 7 wires including the harness. Nothing has helped so far. I'm being told things from an entirely new transmission to a part inside the transmission, but havent run across any mechanic that knows for sure w/ an actual history of the problem where he/she can be sure of the fix that I would pay them for. Its basicaly, "we can try this" and it cost me even if it doesnt fix the problem.
  • he1975he1975 Posts: 1
    i have a 99 grand prix and feels like my trans went out but not sure . hoping someone else has had this problem. i started driving out the gate and everything was ok . i hit the brakes at the light at when i felt the car wasnt going anywhere. i pulled into a parking lot and it wouldnt go. but when i turned it off and back on it moved for half a block and it went out again. i turned it off and on again and the same thing happened. has this happened to anybody else? if anyone can help i sure would appreciate it.
  • Hi:

    I have a Grand Prix SE 2005 3.1 V6 VIN M with 85,000 miles.

    This morning I started the car after 2 days without using it. It passed about 1 minute after I went out from my home and made a stop to open a gate. After the gate opened I pressed the pedal slightly to continue but I was stocked in the same place. I saw that the transmission was in "D". I pressed again and it felts like wanted to move but nothing. I returned the transmission to "N" and then to "D" and the pedal and then I was on the road again.

    I has to make another stop a mile after and I got the same issue.

    I checked the trans fluid level and it is OK. The reverse is OK.

    A week ago the car started to stall when I idle the car and also saw that the lights are dimming when I press the brake pedal or are bright when I pressed the gas pedal. I am not sure if this "seems to electrical/charging problem" is related to the transmission issue.

    Please help! :(
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