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Buick LeSabre Electrical/Lighting



  • I have a 01 lesabre, my speedometer stopped working, replaced the vehicle speed, sensor, the cluster and still nothing, any ideas????????
  • goji54goji54 Posts: 1
    edited April 2010
    So here is the problem. The front passenger side door seems to have no power. The interior lights don't come on when the door is open, the power lock doesn't work, and the window doesn't work either. The only thing that seems to is the speaker up near the window. I checked the fuse that was associated with the door and it looked fine so now I'm stumped. Any thoughts?
  • :sick: so about 1 year ago i took my car to get an indash on it. the shop installed the stereo right then and there but ever since my has many problems. the power locks, reverse light, trunk release won't work. and my air bag light won't go off, and when i put my seat belt on, the light won't turn off after about 1 minute. also when i turn the key to the on position i can't put my windowns up/down and the stereo won't turn on. if i want to do anything with my car i have to turn it all the way on. and before they put the stereo this didn't happen. also my batteries were getting drained so about 1 week ago i disconnected the indash. yes i have tried taking it to the shop but they deny doing anything to it. and i can't figure out what's wrong with it! i checked the fuses and they all seem to be working fine. can someone please help me!
  • norse81norse81 Posts: 4
    I have a 2005 LeSabre and notice the operators manual does not call for a fuel filter change. I just started using a small amount or Startron which is a fuel additive containing enzymes that are supposed to negate the effects of 10% ethanol which all the stations seem to have nowadays. In the fine print it suggests that the enzymes might flush certain crud from the fuel requiring an ultimate fuel filter change. What do you think of fuel additives like Startron and just where is the fuel filter located on a 2005 LeSabre. Thanks
  • norse81norse81 Posts: 4
    A company called Starbrite produces a fuel additive called Starforn which contains enzymes which is supposed to negate the bad effects of 10%ethanol. One cautionary note says the enzymes may remove crud from the gas which may result in fuel filter changes. The company seems to have many testimonials that favor the use of Starforn. I bought a bottle and added the prescribed amount to the tank in my 2005 LeSabre. I may be a little late but wht is the consensus of opinion on this forum regarding an additive like Starforn?
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,504
    I'm trying to figure out what ethanol in the fuel is supposed to cause as a problem. The alcohol is a cleaner. It picks up water in the tank and mixes it with the gasoline.

    In my opinion. add a can of Techron by Chevron sold at various box stores maybe twice a year and that will take care of any crude. Follow directions. Otherwise use a quality brand of gasoline and you'll not end up with tank goop.

    I haven't had a car that I changed the fuel filter before 110K miles. And then it probably didn't need it.

    I suspect they're commenting about filter change to try to make it sound like their chemical does something special.

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • Des anyone know where ground fault 202 is on a '95 LeSabre? The fault is, well, faulty, and it cuts the power to the fuel pump when the circuit is loaded up too much. I haven't been able to find fault 202's place on the car, though. Can anyone help me?
  • Longtime for an update!!! Got back from a long trip and 2mos vacation. Made up my mind while the battery was disconnected on my 2003 LeSabre to bite the bullet and change all of the bad bulbs in the HVAC unit and the radio. I used almost the entire bag of lamps I bought from Atlantic Lighting, mentioned somewhere else in this thread. They are a little smaller and are rated for 14 volts instead of 12 volts soooo they should last a lot longer. A pain to replace (2hrs), and waiting to drive at night to see my results, but worth the savings of $700 for a new HVAC module....................
    Typical dealer ripoff.
  • 2001lesab2001lesab Posts: 3
    edited November 2010
    Had this, fixed today, the solution is corrupted wiring at two spots.

    1) Under the center of the driver seat, in the plastic sheath (that is only taped closed), you'll see four tan with white stripe wires connected with with a little white splicer... cut it out, splice together. This is the serial data lines.

    2) Also fixed, cause it was corrupted, yellow wires connector box inside the wiring canal box underneath the carpet and along the driver's side door. 8 yellow wires connected into a little plastic box... clean the contacts.

  • rayznrayzn Posts: 3
    I have a 97 Buick Lesabre. I just tried to start my car and it acted like it was out of gas so I got 2 gallons of gas and put it in there. Now my car occasionally will start but shuts off almost instantly after. I recently hit a tire on the interstate it beat on my undercarriage pretty badly. I have been hearing a noise like a bang on the back of my trunk, like someone is closing a door right by my car while driving and sometimes right after I shut off my car. Any ideas or what other info might be needed?
  • jedd2jedd2 Posts: 1
    i just bought a 1995 buick lesabre my 2000 cts had to go to much $$$ involved the power windows or power seats dont work but the power mirrors do any clues :confuse:
  • bob252bob252 Posts: 48
    Anybody, have an answer to why these lights just quit? Is there a relay for them? The headlights work properly with the switch, but when the switch is off the lights go out, also had a problem with having no brake lights when they do have good bulbs, although the signal lights work, I have checked all of the fuses and they are good, I have a '97 Olds LSS,(which is similar to a LeSabre) After playing with the light switch (which is barely ever used) the running lights came back on once when I was looking at the fuses, but not since, can't figure this one out...also when I checked,(using the high beam switch) the indicator light on the dash lights up when holding it but goes out when released. (Imadoz? Mike? Anyone?)
  • advent70advent70 Posts: 4
    The pulsing horn and blinking lights goes off at randum times about 2 or 3 times a day for no apparent cause. The only way to stop this is to not set the alarm by locking the car manually. My manual does not show any Diagonistic Trouble Codes for the Theft Deterrent System.

    How do I start troubleshooting this problem?
  • Hello,

    I have started to experience the same problem with my 1999 Lesabre Limited in the past couple of days. Nuts.

    Did you ever find a solution to the problem?

    Jim H.
  • i have a 94 lesabre with 160,000 miles and all of sudden my dome light power locks and power antenna all went out at the same time i checked all my fuses under neath the driver side behind the glove box and under the hood inside the max fuse center and none of them were blown i also checked my relays....two were bad changed them still no help so im wondering if it could be a wiring problem?? but which wire could be connected to those three things?? please help
  • On my 2000 Buick LeSabre, my turn signals don't work at all, but the hazards work fine. It was my understanding there are two separate flasher control units under the dash, one for the hazards and one for the turn signals. So I bought a turn signal flasher unit. I can find one for the hazards under the dash but do not see one for the turn signals to save my life. Does anyone know where this is, or if it exists at all? Also, my speedometer is also completely dead, I don't know if that is related or not, this all happened when I tried to replace a turn signal bulb socket and I seem to have shorted out a few things. Does the speedometer have a fuse or relay? Thanks
  • cruz1982cruz1982 Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem with my buick. Have isolated the problem?
  • hjfadehjfade Posts: 1
    did you ever find an answer to your problem? i'm having the same issue with my 1999 lesabre.
  • espa1642espa1642 Posts: 1
    edited October 2013
    2002 buick lesabre dome lights and power plug and auto locks stopped working checked all fuses and all are good any one have an idea what is wrong please let me know thank you
  • I'd look for the common ground terminal for these devices.
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