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Volvo C70 Interior & Trim



  • Really are enjoying our '08 C70 but are experiencing some of the above-mentioned seat gremlins plus others. One key fob has no effect on the seats or mirrors(save the one time it worked AT THE DEALERSHIP!!!) and the driver seat will frequently move fully forward and seat-back will move fully forward when the driver door is opened(after turning off ignition and removing key). The memory button on the seat will return the seat to proper setting but the key fob has no effect. Even when the seat doesn't actually move forward, occasionally the seat will 'flinch' as though it is headed to another setting. Our large(Nalley) dealer in Atlanta has not been able to solve this de-lemon by upgrading software or contacting N.A. headquarters. They say that N.A. has 'opened a file' regarding this problem in case someone finds a solution.

    Does anyone have an update or any good news regarding these seat gremlins? Fortunately, the seat doesn't move while the car is in motion!!! but who knows what might be next!!! Really like the car otherwise!!!
  • redbuzzredbuzz Posts: 57
    My problem was finally resolved (sorta) by the dealer after I raised the issue directly with Volvo Customer Service in Rockleigh, NJ. They had the car for three days while they swapped out the entire guts of the passenger side mirror and reinstalled and/or updated the software. Our problem seemed to be independent of the smartkey - the driver's seat and the passenger side mirror seemed to have two or three favorite positions that didn't correspond with any of the three memory settings we had programmed. It sounds like your problems may include a bad smartkey. The last day that our dealer was holding the car they were waiting for a Volvo rep to verify that it had been properly fixed, but he was delayed with another issue at another dealer so they crossed their fingers and let me take the car. On one occasion the seat went to the correct position but the passenger side mirror did not but I had pressed the unlock button when the car was already unlocked. I'm not sure if that qualifies as a failure but otherwise it has functioned OK. The dealer says that Volvo has only had one other C70 worldwide with the same issue. I recommend calling Volvo Customer Service. It really made the dealer try harder. I love the car. Otherwise I wouldn't have gone to so much trouble! Good luck!
  • Thanks for the info. Drove the car again tonight(actually DW's car) and the seat went to the fully forward and upright position BOTH times I tried to exit the auto. We are packing for a 1000 mile move and I'm not sure if I'll get back to our Atlanta dealer. Maybe the folks in Austin will have better luck!

    BTW, four of our five Volvos have had the memory seat function and the new C70 is the only one to have these problems.
  • johnnyb756johnnyb756 Posts: 3
    Hi all, newbie JohnnyB here. We are sold on the C70 and will be submitting our order next week for an '09 for European Delivery. We are having problems choosing the interior seat color. We love the look of the Calcite Cream (so does our dealer as most all he has in stock has that color), however, we are concerned about trying to keep it clean.

    Any owners of C70s with the Calcite Cream seats want to comment on how difficult they are to keep clean? How about wear?

    Anybody have the upgraded "Sovereign Hide" soft leather option? I have not seen any and am wondering if they are worth the extra grand.

    Thanks all for any help with my questions.

    JohnnyB - Texas Hill Country
  • I just got my '08 C70 last week...celestial blue/calcite cream. I have every option except BLIS which I really wanted only for the retractable mirrors. Maybe I should have waited for an 09 but I just had to have it NOW! The calcite cream color is very very light and I'm concerned about wearing blue denim on those seats. I actually bought seat covers but I hate using them as they are truly ugly..I haven't put them on yet.

    I did see the sovereign hide in a dark brown color with ice white exterior 2 weeks before I bought mine and I was on the fence as to whether or not I liked the way it looked. It seemed to have some obvious stitching all around the seats that I did not care for at all. I saw no difference in the seats but the leather is probably softer and I'm not sure that's so good either.

    I have an '06 VW Touareg right now with the top leather, nappa, which is beautiful and soft but VW discontinued it in the newer Touaregs. Could be a price issue or a wear issue. The leather is definitely not as strong as the regular cricket leather seats. People have complained of the seams coming apart and the leather wearing badly in spots. I had an '04 Touareg with the same nappa leather that actually wore so thin it got a hole at 8k miles, and that was on the SIDE of the seat, not even the actual seating area. VW was going to replace the seat but they bought back my car for other reasons. I do notice alot of denim rubbing off on the seats and my seats are a Teak color, kind of like saddle. I love them but I don't think I'd pay an extra grand for upgrading anymore.

    I'm fanatical about keeping my seats clean so I try to clean them on a weekly basis when I wash my cars.

    Good luck on whatever you decide.
  • henkbwhenkbw Posts: 22
    Hi JohnnyB,

    I own a 2007 C70 (Magic Blue, Calcite Cream interior). My experience is that the seats collect dust/sand particles and thus get 'dirty'. I've tried several brands of cleaners but no one worked fine. I ended up using IKEA's leather cleaning set, called 'ABSORB', for cleaning and conditioning. Works perfectly!!

    About the wear: After 45,000 km/28,000 mls I think it's average, only the driver seat has a small sign of wear: the sit part of the seat has lost it's print and has become flat.

    a) I almost always wear jeans.
    b) I (still) think that calcite cream is the nicest interior color they have for the C70

    Good luck
  • scolafxscolafx Posts: 2
    Similar problem just reported to dealer with no resolution offered. 2 key fobs (his and hers) with 2 different settings. Ocassionally "his" setting reverts to "hers" and vise versa. She uses key fob to unlock car, then opens door and the seat moves to "his" setting. He uses his key fob to unlock car, then opens door and seat moves to "her" setting.
    Will try 'rebooting" by disconnecting battery for a while then reconnect and start from the beginning??
    P.S. she absolutely loves the car as well (except for this nightmare).
  • scolafxscolafx Posts: 2
    Sorry, forgot to mention that our car is a 2008 XC70 but shows the same type of problems.
  • gsimangsiman Posts: 4
    I am new to this. Just got a C70 convetable. Is the spare tire supposed to be in a "bag" in the trunk and no cover on top of it. How are you supposed to use the trunk,the stuf you put in falls along the sides of the spare.
    Is the backseat armrest supposed to come out of the car when you pull it down.
    Is my dealer giving me the runaround.
    Thanks for any help
  • redbuzzredbuzz Posts: 57
    Yes, the spare is in a bag and yes, it takes up a lot of the trunk. That's why the spare is optional. If you don't order the spare, you get an electric pump and goop that will temporarily fix your flat tire but leave you more room for storage. Such are the dilemmas of the convertible driver!

    The "armrest" in the back seat is not really intended to be anything but a removable panel to allow you to transport long items such as skis. You can even get an accessory bag to cover the portion that ends up in the interior of the car.
  • tmarttmart Spring, TXPosts: 1,229
    Interesting! On my 99, the "bag" is made into the opening into the trunk. Not an optional item, and the spare is under the floor of the trunk so it doesn't interfere with stuff in the trunk. Seems like Volvo designers went backward instead of forward!
  • tomkat73tomkat73 Posts: 5
    johnnyb756 - when (and where) are you picking up your new C70? 2008 or 2009? We're picking up an 'in-stock' 08 in GOT on Labor Day. Metallic Silver w/ Off Black Leather. Maybe we could hook up at the FDC if our Delivery dates coincide?

    That said - this C70 is replacing my 1991 Murano Red Acura Legend Coupe...with "off white" cream leather interior (purchased used in 1995 with 60K). I've put over 100K on it since then...and leather interior looks great (always garaged) with Meguiar's Leather treatment products. There's a spot on the drivers seat that has worn through the leather from the seat belt..but completely understandable after 17 years and 170K miles. Easily 'patched' if we were gonna keep the Legend (TOMKAT 2 - original TOMKAT was a Black on Black 1977 Toyota Celica Liftback Special Edition).

    Before we put down our $2K deposit on the 'in-stock' Silver/Off Black C70...we took a peek at a Celestial Blue/Calcite Cream C70 for another customer...just happened to be in our OSD dealer's 'back lot' before delivery. Absolutely gorgeous and a definite upgrade from the Premium Package's usual Leather interior. This combination would have been our first choice of 2009 color combination if an 'in-stock' 08 (w/ 6 spd manual) wasn't available.

    In late April-early May (when we made our deposit)...there were 2 Celestial Blue/Calcite Cream 'cancelled order' 08's available - but these had automatic transmissions (we have a OSD 2005 V50 T5 AWD with AT) and were 'snapped up' by other OSD buyers before we could make a deposit. We were pleasantly surprised a few days later when our dealer's OSD rep told us that there were a few "mislabeled" 6 spd manual 08's available - so that was the route we took.

    IMHO - you'll be very happy with the look, feel and durability of the Calcite Cream Leather interior of your long as you garage the car - and care/clean and treat the leather interior regularly.

    Ping me back if you're gonna be in GOT when we are. My wife is Swedish...and knows the country and people very well. In fact - we're going over a cousin's weddings. Scandanavian weddings must be experienced to be believed! Tomkat73
  • Tomkat73 - thanks for the post. Well, after lots of research, including seeing a car with the "soft" leather option, we decided to go for it. We really like the look and feel of the Sovereign Hide soft leather. We will be getting an '09 model using OSD program. We are scheduled for delivery on 09/25, so guess we will miss you guys over there. Would have been fun though.

    In case of interest, the following is what we chose:

    Vanilla Pearl paint
    Cacao Sovereign Hide leather w/ off black trim
    Premium package
    Climate package
    Bi-Xenon headlights
    Convenience package
    Portable Garmin navigation
    Sirius radio
    BLIS w/power folding mirrors

    We are looking forward to getting the car and taking the trip. Plan to be there 5 days including a short Volvo 3-day tour and some "free lancing" for a couple of days somewhere around the coast. If you guys have any "must see" suggestions, would appreciate hearing from you.

    Stay safe and enjoy your new wheels. BTW, we traded our '06 Acura TL for the C70, our first Volvo.


  • tomkat73tomkat73 Posts: 5
    Johnnyb756 - sorry we'll miss each other. You might be in for a real treat with an peek at fall colors in Southern Sweden in late Sept.

    We're not all that familiar with the Gothenburg (Goteberg) area - but check out this link to Goteberg infor from another forum I belong to:

    Your new ride sounds gorgeous...and I'm jealous that you ordered Bi-Xenon headlights. We have these in our 2005 V50 T5 AWD (replaced our 1994 Acura Integra LS Coupe) and I don't know how we lived without 'em here in the dark and damp PNW.

    That said - our 2008 C70 was an 'in-stock' model - and Bi-Xenon evidently is a 'special order' option (go figure). I did have to 're-aim' my V50 Bi-Xenon's when it got here. Aimed way too low for safety. I found instructions on how to do this on the Swedespeed forum. My Volvo dealer kept telling me there were 'in spec'.

    Since we're gonna be in Goteberg before you leave - I'll check in to this forum (or you can pmail me) when we get back for the must see/do 'stuff' in/around Goteberg.

    Looks like you've got the Nav system (have heard that Garmin system is better for Europe than the Telenav 'stuff' I use in the US. Ask to 'borrow' the European CD's from the FDC for your trip. TC
  • Tomcat, thanks so much for the info and the link to Swedespeed. The info there will be very useful. I will check for any posts before our departure on 09/23 in case you send anything.

    Thanks again, and enjoy your trip!

  • I have a new 08 with every option except BLIS, and I ordered the aluminum trim. I did not want the nordic oak. Is there supposed to be aluminum trim on the steering wheel and the gear shift knob? Some photos have it, some don't. I have the calcite cream interior.
  • I have a 2000 c70. The passenger front seat has come loose on the left side and from what I can see it looks like a bar that has to be lined up. Where can you get a blow up of the seat so I can see how to fix it?
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