Kia Rondo Gas Tank Issue

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Is anyone else having a problem with the gas tank on the Rondo? I bought my car May 31st . The check engine light came on only a week later. The next day I could not get more then 3 gallons of gas into the tank. It kept shutting off the gas pump. Took the car back to the dealer and they said "I over filled the tank". I only filled the tank twice and the 2nd time I topped it off. (Rounded it up from 39.92 to 40…everyone does it) They are telling me if we topped off the gas tank it causes the fuel intake valve/filter to be flooded and won’t let the air out.. So I waited a week and half for the part to come in which did not fix the problem. They had my car for another 3 weeks before they replaced the entire gas tank. Got the car back and the next day the check engine light came on again. And now the car has been at the dealer for a week now. Just wanted to let everyone know be careful when filling your tank…do not top it off.


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    you should have started a new thread with this problem, otherwise no one would notice it under Rondo Reviews, then you will have a better chance of finding out from other owners if they have encountered the same problem.

    In your owners manual on page I/3, there is a warning saying:
    Do not "top off" after the nozzle automatically shuts off when refueling.
    Tighten the cap until it clicks, otherwise the Check Engine light will illuminate.

    However, it sounds more serious than that if its been at the dealer for a week. Let us know the results.
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    you should have started a new thread with this problem

    Taken care of! ;)
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    Thanks I am new to forum world...

    My car has been in and out of the service dept for over 3 months. You would think the dealer would mention that you shouldn't top off the gas. Everyone I have talked to said they top off the gas all the time. I really don't think me topping the gas once cause all these problems. This is the last chance for the dealer to fix the car. The Lemon Law in NY gives them 4 chances to fix it. I just hope no one else has to go though this trouble.
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    Yeah, I used to top off all the time, until I started reading on various "fuel saving" websites that you shouldn't do this. Here's some info from a thread at another forum that seems relevant:

    If excess fuel comes back up to the top of the filler neck,it can go back down into the charcoal canister thru the vent hose and cause the canister close valve and purge valve to stick open or closed and cause a CEL [I presume that means "Check Engine Light"]

    Ummm.... if you top it off and the gasoline gets in the evap system, it can lead to a very costly repair. I used to work for a company that manufactured OEM fuel tanks. Sometimes I'm guessing but this is something I *know*.

    Anyways, your gremlins seem to be more mysterious than this, jaz13.
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    Any updates to the gas tank saga?
  • jaz13jaz13 Member Posts: 3
    So it took Kia 3 months to fix my car. It took them 3 months, completely replacing the gas tank, a corporate tech guy to completely taking my car apart to find what was wrong. They looked down into the gas tank neck and you won't believe what they found....cocoons...yes bug cocoons blocking the filter. You would think they would of looked down there the first time I brought the car in. so now the questions is how the hell did a bug get in there?? Do I have some weird Korean bug running around in my car or my yard??
  • ramblinramblin Member Posts: 29
    Do I have some weird Korean bug running around in my car or my yard??

    Only if they survived being doused with gasoline. Interesting conclusion to the story.
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    Anyone having a problem with the check engine light? My rondo was in the shop or 3 weeks for a light collison/body work, in which the gas tank was replace and for some reason the CEL keeps coming on. Can anyone help me out
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    My CEL came on one day about 2 wks ago. I checked the gas cap and it was tight, but I decided to add a few gallons of gas and retighten it. The CEL went off right away and has not been back on since.
    My former 1998 Legacy wagon (2.2L 4 cyl) was really sensitive to how tight the gas cap was on - anything less than 3 "clicks" of the cap, and the CEL was on for days.
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    my KIA salesman, recommended 3 wrist flicks when tighten the cap after getting fuel and so far no problem on my 2008 Rondo.
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    I stopped and got gas on 12/23/09 and after I got gas my car acted like it didn't want to crank. On the 12/24/09 my check engine light came on, took it to the KIA dealership to get it looked at and the code that came up was PO441. This is sumthing dealing with the EVAP system. The dealership told me that my Purge Control Valve needed to replaced. They erased the code and the engine light went off. On Sunday 12/27/09, went to take family home and before I returned home got gas. After getting gas car spudded like it was out of gas, so I pulled over cut car off and cranked it back up it was fine but check engine light was still on. After work on Monday, I went to Auto Zone to get it checked again and codes PO441 and PO300 came up. The guy @ Auto Zone told me that one code may be causing the other codes so that guy erased the codes and check engine light went off. I was off work on Tuesday and drove the car the whole day and the check engine light never came on, but Wednesday morning went to crank car for work and the light was on. I'm really in need of some answers to what may be wrong with my car, it's a 2008 KIA Rondo.
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    I have had my car at the dealership atleast 4 times in the last two months for problems with my fuel system. First they said it was a sensor. Then it was the gas cap. Now its the fule tank pressure switch. It's funny that all of these problems are coming up right near the end of my warranty. I'm starting to think that KIAs are just a pile of junk. I really wish that I would have stuck with my 07 Honda Accord. Had it for two years and never had a problem. I have had this piece of crap for a year and a half and I have had more problems with it than any other car I have owned in the last 12 yrs.

    Can anyone give me an idea of what I can do?
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    Um, am I missing something? "Near the end of my warranty"? So the car is still under warranty? Isn't it GOOD that these things are occurring with the warranty still in effect? And you are calling Kia's "a pile of junk" since your car has had a fuel system problem? Kind of a blanket statement there dude.
    You give us no information, no details. What's the problem with the fuel system? How is it affecting the car?
    And you honestly did not have a problem with the 07 Honda? Not one? My Honda (granted, it was a 91 Civic Si that I bought new) was a lemon. Shiver, I don't even want to think about that piece of crap. But I don't think all Hondas are a piece of crap just since my Honda was bad. Sheesh.
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    No I never had any problems with Honda. Actually my ex has a 1990 Acura Integra that has about 230,000 miles on it and the only problems he has ever had are your standard wear and tear problems. Ya it's GOOD that I am having problems with my car during my warranty time. the problem that I am having with that tho is there is 2500 miles left to my warranty and I have been at the dealership 6 times in the last 2 months, so at that rate I will still be going to the dealership well past my warranty if they don't fix the problem asap. The problem I am having with the fuel system is it keeps eating my gas. I am waisting 5 times the amount of gas now than when my car wasn't havin problems. Not sure if you have noticed the gas prices aren't exactly falling so it is becoming a very costly problem, especially when you have 3 kids that have activities they do. I would take a Honda, Nissan, or Toyota any day over what I have now. The value of the car sucks as well. We paid $22,000 brand new in 2009 and it is only worth $8000 now. Completely ridiculous!!
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    correct me if i'm wrong, once you start a warranty claim, the dealer has to fix the problem even though if your car run out of warranty (both time and mileage) before they can fix it.

    if you bought your Rondo new in 2009, why you said it is at the end of its warranty?

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  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaMember Posts: 600
    I'm having problems understanding this, you said you've had the vehicle a year and half and its nearly out of warranty and you bought it brand new - how is that possible? I believe the problem you are having is covered for 5 years or 60,000 miles - you've done that much mileage in 18 months!

    I own a '08 Rondo and have had the odd problem that has been taken care of under warranty with no problem. I've had no mechanical problems, the vehicle is as solid and rattle free as the day I bought it and would have no hesitation in purchasing another Kia product. To say you are having one problem, so all Kia's are crap is a blanket statement. You can have problems with any vehicle no matter who makes it regardless of price. Mercedes and BMW's are some of the most unreliable vehicles built according to Consumers Report.
  • cfetterscfetters Member Posts: 3
    Yes my warranty is almost up in just a year and half. I travel from FL to PA and back a lot. I have family in both states and kids dad lives in a different state. So naturally that is gonna tend to rack up miles.

    I don't recall sayin that all KIAs are crap. I said that my KIA is crap and that KIAs are junk. My dad is a Auto Technician and has worked on plenty of KIAs so MY OPINION is not just based on my car. I am entitled to MY OPINION hwether other people like it or not.
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    You certainly are entitled to your opinion, we just needed more info about your gas problem, that's all.
  • greeneyes1984greeneyes1984 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2007 LX 2.7L.Been having same issues-stopped to put gas in it and quit on me.Drives perfectly until next time I have to stop and get gas and same thing.My check engine light came on shortly after that.Took it to Autozone and the EVAP code came up.Now my Air bag light is on also.I bought it 1 yr old and quickly ran over the 50,000 warrenty.Ive changed timing belts and tons of other things on it.Since Sept last yr alone Ive had the fuel pump replaced-$650,a/c compressor replaced(Kia quoted me $1000 and had my brother in law do it for $450)Im taking to my mechanic this week to see what is wrong with air bag light and the gas issue. to see if they can figure out the problem.Im worried though that this car is not worth the upkeep on it.I completely understand what youre saying that they are junk-the maintenance is unreal.My husband has a Nissan Sentra and besides normal maintenance we have never had an issue.Our Jeep before that was a dream.My car is an 07 and should not have the problems it has.Has anyone else had this problem and had it fixed?
  • greeneyes1984greeneyes1984 Member Posts: 2
    Okay I have a 2007 Kia Rondo LX 2.7L with 106,000.Bought it a yr old and quickly ran out the 50,000 warrenty.I recently stopped and put gas in my car(did not top it off but filled it up)and it started acting like it wanted to die on me.It drove perfectly..until I put gas in it again and same thing-I have to sit there with my foot on the gas until it quits sputtering.A few days later my check engine light came on.Took it to AutoZone and 3 EVAP codes came up.Im taking it to a mechanic on Friday but my husband and I know NOTHING when it comes to cars so I always like to know something and this one boggles everyone.Now my Air Bag light is on also-which Ive never heard of an air bag light coming on.
    I have paid so much $$ fixing repairs on this car.I replaced the fuel pump last yr for $650,my a/c compressor clutch went out and Kia quoted me $1000 for the whole compressor.I found the part online for $450 and my bro in law changed it and charged it.Its never a quick,cheap fix on these.The other cars Ive had and never been as high maint. as this car.
    Anyway-has anyone had this issue??
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    We had a 2007 EX V6 that we bought new. We loved it and it was in the garage only once for warranty work. We now have a 2011 EX V6 and it seems to be on track to be as reliable as our 2007.
    One thing about many modern cars and refueling - don't keep pumping gas once the nozzle clicks off. Continuing to add fuel may damage the EVAP system. I think this is what's wrong with your Rondo - the original owner possibly had a habit of doing this, and now YOU are the one having to deal with it.
    For you to say the car is junk is stretching it. You had 2 problems! (Yes, the fuel pump issue and the refueling issue are related) My last Honda, a Civic Si, was in the shop 13 times in the 1st six months! Now THAT's junk.
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    I have the 2008 and had the same issue. I bought it used and on the first fill up I had that same problem. Stranded at the gas station for over an hour trying to start the car and it wouldn't stay running. It would shake and stall out.

    I never top off by the way. I just set it to fill until it clicks and that is it. It happened to me and my husband too so it isn't just a girl thing. I was under warranty when this happened so Kia had the car several different times trying to figure it out. They would give it back to me and it would happen first time I filled the tank. It took months and months for them to figure it out and they had to fly in an expert to look at it.

    It turned out to be something was installed backwards. There was a recall on something to do with fueling and when that was all taken care of they installed something backwards... I can't remember what it is though. Sorry. Evap sounds familiar. When they told me about it, I didn't really understand so that is why I forgot. But it is fixed now. If you call the Kia dealership on Mitchell Ave in Cincinnati, they might know.
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    Is it true the fuel filter on a 07 Rondo V6 is inside the tank?
    And if so, do you access it from inside under the rear seat? :mad: :cry:
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    yes, its in the fuel pump, accessible through the access door in the middle just behind the second row seat in the 5-seater model, you can see it through the gap as you tilt the seat back forward.
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