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Mazda RX-8 Starting and Stalling Problems



  • Mine liked to randomly not crank when the battery was drained. You probably need a new battery with more cold cranking amps. I got the diehard plat. with the highest amount of cca's possible that we could squeeze in. Haven't had a problem since.
  • I have a 2008 RX8 with 33,000 miles on it. My car wouldn't start. I got it to the Mazda dealer, and they said there was a blockage in the catalytic converter that didn't allow all the exhaust to get out and damaged the engine. Now they are going to provide me with a re-manufactured engine with new parts. It's under warranty. My concern is how the new re-manufactured engine will work. I'm wondering whether I should do a straight trade of my RX8 for a Mazda 3 (since I have about $15,000 left on the loan). I wanted to get anyone's opinion on what I should do and if they've ever had an RX8 with a new, re-manufactured engine.
  • I had an '05 that at the time had approx 40k miles on it, and they had to replace the motor (they weren't able to tell me why, they had no idea) and I got a re-manufactured motor, I drove it for about 1 more year and decided that the RX-8 was a money pit and traded it in. I decided that if I was going to throw money down a hole, that it was going to be to a boat or something that I could at least enjoy upon occasion.
  • Hey you guys i need help..... i replaced all the spark plugs with new ones on 2005 RX8 but know it turns off on me when i come to a stop. answer as soon as possible
  • The only thing i could think of is maybe one of the cables are not making proper connection with one of the spark plugs or your idle air control valve needs to be replaced (or if you disconnected the battery you might have to bring your car to the dealer or a mechanic to reflash the computer. (NOTE bring to dealer to reflash not any mechanic)
  • yea disconnected the battery to take off the spark plugs. what do you mean to "reflash" the computer? does the dealer charge for reflashing the computer?
  • Your car is only programmed to go so fast and to allow a certain fuel to oxygen ratio. to flash your car means your changing those ratio's allowing your car to perform at it's true unrestricted performance. when you disconnected the battery it probably threw the computer off, the dealer might charge $100-$150 dollars to flash the computer. The same happened to me when I changed my battery, when I slowly came to a stop no problem (but i could see the idle needle go down slightly) but when i came to a fast sudden stop the car would shut off. I hope this info helped good luck.
  • Ok thanks man. I have a other question..... would the car turn off if it had a radiator or thermostat leak problem? Because I took to my mechanic told me it had that, he said that's why it turn off.
  • It's possible if the thermostat locked restricting antifreeze flow, or if you had a leak anywhere like a hose that would cause your car to overheat and shut off any time, not when you put on your brakes.I'm assuming your car was working just fine until you disconnected the battery to change the spark plugs so i don't think it's the thermostat or radiator, (but that's only my opinion) I don't want to mislead you about the mechanics honesty but the mechanic could be right he probably found that other problem while checking your car.
  • linhvlinhv Posts: 2
    I have the same problem I press couple times on the cluth and engine started try it.
  • linhvlinhv Posts: 2
    Hi any one check engine oil its look like mustard(yellow color) i have 2004 with 120k miles It's any problem with engine gasket leaked or normal I used 5w 20 oil. Please send feed back thanks

    There is coolant in your oil which is a typical flaw with the RX8. You may not have an external leak, but you definitely have an internal one. I am sorry to say but because you have 120k miles on it, your warranty is void. However, there have been several cases where Mazda replaced the engine out of good faith. I would call the corporate office and try to convince them to help you out.

    If it looks like mustard, that’s a sign that coolant has been leaking into your oil for quite some time, probably before you hit 100k miles and your engine is not going to last much longer. :(

    On a side note, 5w20 is recommended my Mazda USA (only) solely for EPA ratings and MPG, not performance. 10w40 is the best oil for the RX8.
  • I have flooded my Mazda RX8. I have just removed all the spark plugs. I have been told that I need to crank the engines a few times before the engine would start. Can anyone clarify whether I need to reinstall the spark plugs before cranking the engine as I do not want to flood it again.
  • Actually, this is a known issue with RX-8's but it is NOT always fatal. Water condenses in the spout the dip stick goes through and the vibration of the engine makes it foam at the top. Usually it happens in cold weather. I called my dealer in a panic once, and he explained it to me. The real test is checking your coolant to see if there is oil in it, or have your oil changed and watch it as it comes out. If it's clear (ok.. black) and not milky, you are ok. As I understand it, the seals around the rotors are not like head gaskets on a normal combustion engine, there isnt really a path for the water jacket and oil to come into contact.
  • You leave the spark plugs out, and crank the vehical over, be sure before doing so you pull out the fuel pump relay and fuse to cut off the fuel supply. also keep track of which plug wire went to which plug, and pay attention to the lead and trailing plug locations when putting them back in. the plugs sholud be labled L or T and the block has this stamped on it as well.
  • gdaocgdaoc Posts: 1
    A friend of mine bought a 2007 RX8 a year ago now and has had no end of problems with the engine stalling and then refusing to start again. It has to been taken into the shop and the plugs taken out, then dried out to restart it.
    When Mazda was consulted they dodged the problem and then refused to deal with it any more saying that it was not their problem any more.
    However, talking with other owners on forums has revealed that this is a bad performance fault with these cars and has been present since they were first released.
    She has installed a heavy duty battery, platinum plugs and a high performance coil to help avid the problem, and starts the car very carefully :mad:
    Cheers Jeff
  • benjamin8benjamin8 Posts: 1
    Yea Gary, you got to let it warm up to about half the temperature gauge. Even in winter you shouldn't have any problems starting it. My auto 2004 sits at work for 8 hours and I have no problems starting it. Altough I am having the shaking and stalling problem and I just got done replacing the engine mounts and catalyc converter. But I had the dealership do a full service and inspection, if there was a problem you would think they would have found something.
  • Has anyone else heard of the passenger side air bag recall on the 04 RX 8's ? Honda's,Toyota's,Nissan's,and the Mazda 3 2003/2004 are all involved from what I read in the newspaper last week.
    Doug H. North California
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    edited April 2013
    It doesn't look like there are many RX-8's involved, but they're all 2004 models, according to the Washington Post:
    "Mazda said it will recall just 149 vehicles in the U.S., certain 2003 and 2004 Mazda6 and 2004 RX-8 vehicles. Worldwide, the Mazda recall population is estimated at 20,000."
    Airbag Recall Affects 4 Japanese Automakers, BMW, GM

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  • people tell have told me i am insane for keeping this car and im starting to believe them. I've had my 2003 rx8 for less than 6 months, first couple of months ran like a dream then its all started going downhill. ever since my stupid ex bf flooded it..had the starter motor fixed at mazda. worked fine for a month now i cant even do any small errands as car wont start and i have to give it a 10-15 break for it to more or less catch its breath lol or settle down then try restart and it will eventually fire. i don't want to wreck my car and I'm scared that it turning over so slowly when trying to start is doing more harm to it. Mazda said i will always have these problems with it and that i need to upgrade starter motor and a bunch of other things which is going to cost in the thousands and i just don't have that kind of money to spend. has 2003 model had any recalls? is it on me to have to keep fixing this re-occurring problem as my mechanical insurance wont pay for it because its technically an "upgrade"because 2003 model had faulty/[non-permissible content removed] starter motor. Really if its the only way to fix it then they should pay for the new one whether it is new or an upgrade??

    Someone please help me, I'm sick of being lead around in circles here from dealership, mazda and also my insurance. Also if anyone has any advice on things that i should be doing to maintain my rx8 apart from the obvious as i haven't owned a rotary before. the old owner use to drip oil in when he pump the i need to do this? whats this i hear about them not liking low revs...mine is an auto and low revs a lot so does this mean its ok to get the revs up sometime/if not do it some good. hope I'm making sense. any advice it hugely appreciated!!!
  • Some other owners have had similar problems. I was unaware of a 2003 yr. I thought my 04 was the first yr. made. ?
    I'm not an expert like some on this forum but you might start with new coils (4) and plugs (2) leading, (2) trailing. That is about all I have ever needed to replace every 30 k. I now have 83 k and still running strong. I wish you luck.
    Doug H. No. Cal
  • 04 rx8 starts up fine hot and cold. Tomorrow plugs will be replaced but the issue seems bigger than that. After being in traffic for over 20 minutes it shuts off at lights. Sometimes when I'm running on a country road, then hit slower traffic it stops while I'm still cruising. Runs great i get a steady acceleration and smooth idle otherwise. What could be wrong?
    - 135xxx miles
    - original motor
    - third owner.
    - no previous problems
  • speirsspeirs Posts: 1
    Sorry to bother you all im new so dont know if this is the correct place to post if it is not i do appologise. I just have a question if you have the time to answer. I have just bought an RX8 04, it seems to take 30 or so seconds to start when constantly hold the key, also it is hard to select gears when the car is on, it fine when its off but not when it's on.

    Any Advice.
  • I had the same problem you might have to replace the idle air control sensor (dealers part)
  • If it takes that long to start you might need a tune up or have your spark plugs change and engine flushed out there might be carbon build up on the sensors. As for the problem selecting gears when the car is on. If it won't go into gear while it's running then the clutch is not clearing the flywheel when you push the clutch in! With the clutch pedal pushed down and the clutch is still hitting on the flywheel the gears inside the transmission is still turning and preventing you from changing gears while it's running ! adjust the clutch so it will clear the flywheel when you push the clutch down
  • I have a 04 rx 8 with automatic. 85k mi's,Never had tranny shift troubles, I had fluid changed at 70k. You should have plugs and coils replaced every 30 to 40k to help starting. I need to have mine changed soon because it takes longer to start but, not 30 seconds, only about 5 to 7 sec's. Be sure to use premium gas or mid grade will work in a pinch. Never use straight regular gas !
    Doug H Nor Cal.
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