Thump, thump thump, Vibration, STILL - 2002 Ranger

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Thump, thump thump, and vibration, Just when I hit the brakes, and only when i hit the brakes. This afternoon, I replaced the rotor, Caliper, and pads, on the passenger side, where the noise and vibration are.
This did absolutely No Good, it still does the same thing.


  • woods5511woods5511 Member Posts: 4

    Well, I took it apart again, I found I didn't have the rotor tight enough, I took it off again greased it really good put it all back together, and got everything tight this time, and I thought that was it, WRONG....................It does alot better, and it feels alot better, but the Thump, Thump, Thump is still there. But at least it feels save to drive, Yesterday It wasn't save to drive.

  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457

    Hard to tell anything without hearing it firsthand, but maybe the rotor was warped out of the box.

  • woods5511woods5511 Member Posts: 4

    well, I took the other wheel off, (on the driver side), and it appears, that it could be the whole problem. when i turn it with my hands, it will turn easy for half way around, then get real hard to turn the other half way. just like the rotor is warped. and this is the other side, I haven't replaced. it's confusing because you would swear it's the passenger doing the thumping and vibration.

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