Not putting down power after VTEC engagement and ECO mode not working - 2009 Accord

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Ok so I have a 2009 Accord V6 great car and all but these problems that I'm experiencing is abnormal for a car of this age and for Honda. The eco mode problem started a few months ago and it would come on and off multiple times, took it to Honda and they said its just throwing a code so they cleared the code but as I expected, this problem reappeared again and I found myself at Honda once again, got it scanned and now this time their saying its the cats which is very abnormal as this car is 4 years old and I just don't believe that could be the problem.

As for my second problem which is complete [non-permissible content removed], one night I was driving home and I stopped at a stop light when then the light turned green, a major problem occurred upon coming off the line, the car was not giving any power at all, it started to jerk like a manual car off a bad launch and was shifting horribly late, would not come of third gear and it was struggling to climb the RPM band. I barely made it to 40 km there was just no acceleration at all so I assumed it needed a tranny flush. So the next day I went over to my uncles shop did a tranny flush but it only helped a little bit, now the car pulls fine up until vtec engagement. When VTEC engages it starts to struggle picking up speed and it starts to barely pull at 5000 RPM. I would like to say its the tranny but that's complete [non-permissible content removed] for the car being so new.

Has anyone experienced this problem or have any answers or reasons as to why this is happening???

Thank you for answers in advance


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    It sounds like your Cat could have failed. I had the same issue in my Altima SE-R 6-speed. My could would not accelerate above 40 with it floored. The more I opened her up, the worse it got because of the back pressure.

    My cat failed, but just a couple of months ago...My car is an 06. Once the cat was replaced I had all my power back...But, why did my cat fail? My car is consuming a lot of oil, but no blue smoke...maybe the cat was working overtime because of bad rings? I don't know...Engine has 106K on it...seems premature to me as well.

    You could temporarily disconnect your cat and see if you get your power back.

    good luck.

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