Jeep Grand Cherokee Transfer Case Motor

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Warning message “Service 4-wheel drive.”
Ignored it for 4 months, took it in for service.
(Didn’t pay much heed to the warning, as so far a warning, and diagnostics has been elusive and primarily been diagnosed as a “computer problem.”… and a charge of $100… of course.
Diagnosed problem… “transfer case motor short,” needs to be replaced.
Part not available… might be 3 months… 1700 cars waiting for the part.
Auto not drivable, could inadvertently shift into 4 wheel drive at high speed and “destroy the transmission.”
Transfer case motor cannot be disabled according to dealer service.
How can that be? Makes no sense to me, nor two independent mechanics I have spoken to. I need my car, but do not need 4 wheel drive until the fall.

Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am a total mechanical neophyte, but something just doesn’t seem to add up to me.


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    I just had the same problem. Apparently there are 6 transfer motors in the entire nation and a multitude on back order. I am going to contact Federal Safety Office to report it and then ask the dealer to fix it for free.

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    my 2005 grand cherokee limited 5.7 was diagnosed with this same issue last week at Bob Baker Jeep in Carlsbad CA. They said the part would cost $500 but was on back order. I commented to the service agent that a backorder would indicate a significant number of other failures just like it. To which he replied "or that there is no problem with the part so they just don't stock many of them." Wow, total BS. I had an engine light warning which was a combination of supposedly a bad oil pressure sensor and this transaxle motor problem. They fixed the pressure sensor and when I went to drive off I asked "what about the transaxle motor?" It was no where on my paperwork and yet a second service agent said that they were not legally allowed to let me drive off if there was a serious issue with the car so I figured there was nothing to worry about. The engine warning light was out when I left the dealership. Two days later, it's back on. Now what? Im with john_w1957. This needs to be reported.

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    2005 Grand Cherokee Limited 4X4 Hemi 5.7 V8

    Go back a year... had a perpetual 'service 4 wheel drive' msg but the dealer said there was a recall. My real problem was that I had problems getting it into R... had to shift to D then back to R and sometimes a clunk noise. Dealer said I needed transmission work but I don't need to use the car (it's my RV dingy) so I chose to wait on the recall. After 4 months it finally arrived and it was a software upgrade. Weird as it seems, it fixed all my problems. Dealer was amazed and I went back a few times but no codes and shifting was perfect. A month ago I got the service engine light and it was the oil pressure sensor. Took care of it. Last week I hooked my car up to the RV and could not get it in Neutral. Unhooked it and took it for a drive, shifting a lot and still could not get in Neutral. No service engine light. Took it to a repair shop and the code had something to do with 'intermittent'.,. After examination and more diag they said it needed a new transfer case motor. In Georgetown, Tx there are 118 on back order. WHAT??? Can you say RECALL? Dealership told my repair shop it would take 3+ weeks. I had to pay $300 to rent a car for this trip. And I can't RV as planned without my car in tow. I'm NOT a happy camper.

    What is really going on here? How many people had transmission work performed for a software recall that took forever to be delivered? I got the notice twice 4 months apart and still nothing my Dealership could do since the software was not available. And, it did fix my supposed transmission problems and codes.

    How do we push for a FREE transfer case motor and service???????????? Tort???????

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