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98 Lincoln Navigator suspension problem

jcone984jcone984 Member Posts: 2
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98 lincoln navigator suspension problem?
my 98 lincoln navigator check compressor and relay are OK the problem I'm having right now is truck is down in back the compressor soon I start driving then that's when compressor start working soon as I stopped and park compressor stop working the few miles there I been driving I haven't really seen the back going up at all still very low I'm assuming it hasn't going up because it hasn't  compressor been working straight too long often remember guys this is a 1998 lincoln navigator if you guys please could give an idea I haven't checked for leaks yet but I will take any others suggestions and put it together with all I will have to check this is my email you could email me what think I have to check on I will vary much appreciated 
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  • jcone984jcone984 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks a lot but what exactly is that
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