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2003 Lincoln Aviator & Rear Video Player?

mtwhitemtwhite Member Posts: 1
edited June 2014 in Lincoln

Does anyone know if the 2003 model could have included a rear video player? I've just bought a used Aviator that includes one and I'm being told that if I upgrade the stock radio that I'll "lose the video". I take that to mean that the unit will not work, or at the least the audio may not work. Does anyone know if this was an option on the 2003 models?



  • mainlyymainlyy Member Posts: 17

    I have an 03 Navigator, I have the DVD system, and yes if you upgrade you may lose the audio, I have heard that there is a special wiring adapter to remedy the rear DVD system as well as the audio controls on the steering wheel. I haven't tried it, I just heard about it. Good Luck........

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