What month do the best Jeep discounts start ?

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Hi Guys,

I'm moving back to the USA in Oct and wondering when the best time will be to pick up a good deal on a jeep. Has there been any patterns to when the outgoing model years start to get discounted ? Would expect to be looking for a 2014 overland. Cheers !


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    Great question! (translation - tough question. :p ).

    The general consensus is that prices get cheaper as the new model gets introduced. There's a sweet spot between the better price and lack of choice. Another rule of thumb is that the best time to buy is at the end of the month, end of the quarter or end of the year (note that some manufacturers juggle the calendar date for purposes of handing out bonuses to their dealers).

    Incentives, in theory, should go up and down as inventory climbs or falls. Edmunds has True Cost of Incentives info that you can download and play with. For the Jeep brand in the past year, the best incentives appear to have been in December. I did a quick and dirty snapshot that I'll paste.

    Hopefully some others will weigh in with other considerations. The best time to buy a car generally is when you need one though.

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    Thanks for the super prompt response ! Certainly quite a few variables in play but looks like month end will be the best timing for me. Will keep an eye on the buying experience forums as always up for a road trip !


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