Help me choose a car under $6,500.

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So I am looking to buy a first car under 6500 or so. I want something nice and sporty. Some that I came up with are WRX, GTI, and RSX. Suggestions? I also found this, How much would it cost to fix up and is it a good deal? Also, I am not a fan of American cars.


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    airbag deployed. no way I'd touch that wrx.

    Problem with the GTI is that you really need to get a 2.0T model, which is going to be too new for your budget. You might, however, find a 2.5 Rabbit in that range, and I find that to be a fun ride, personally.

    You'd need to get an older bugeye WRX to get in your range, but it will likely be beat up and miled up. Not sure about the RSX or what you'll find. I never shopped for them.

    A Sentra SER SpecV would hit your pricepoint easily; however, you need to be aware of a major catalytic problem they have. So find out if it has already been replaced in its life. If not, it might not be worth the risk.

    I would suggest looking for the older Civic SI hatchback, I believe 2002-2005. They are less loved than other generations and the values reflect that.

    And if you look hard enough, maybe you can find a mazdaspeed Protégé that isn't all used up.

    Oh, almost forgot. MINI Cooper. Plenty coming up these days in your pricerange. You don't even need an S model to have fun in one of those.

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    the '02 "bread box" Si can be a fun car, and very reliable too. Old WRXs scare me, because so many were thrashed or poorly modified. Turbo boom is certainly a possibility.

    if you can deal american, the Focus SVT (2002-2004) I think can still be a good buy on a fun car.

    this one (typical it seems) was modified, but just an example.

    here is one that looks pretty clean.

    CL is overflowing with them!

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    actually, after looking at that WRX link, i have a sudden desire for a factory five 818! Just need the garage and lift, tools, etc. to put it all together.

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