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2015 Mini Cooper Hardtop Four-Door Road Test | Posts: 10,037
edited February 2015 in MINI
image2015 Mini Cooper Hardtop Four-Door Road Test |

Adding two doors to the traditional Mini coupe formula makes for a more practical car, but does it make for a better Mini?

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  • In my opinion, Mini is played-out. They have become way too big and way too many of them.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    edited September 2014
    Sounds like you are paraphrasing Yogi Berra, nobody buys them anymore because there's way too many of them. :)
  • It's the best hatchback out there, except for all the others.
  • Rear door handle should be hidden in C-pillar next time
  • pureclassicpureclassic Posts: 12
    edited September 2014
    A few options and you could easily be in a Countryman - plus BMW maintenance costs and premium fuel means young families would be better off in any number of the competitor offerings - Mazda 3, Golf, and you are knocking on A3 and CLA territory if liberal on the option list. Mini should relook the entire brand cost structure and refocus toward the entry level since BMW will soon have a FWD 1 Series soon enough - looks like the Mini will be in Volvo's sales situation soon and that is not a great place.
  • The Mini is a car that appeals to certain enthusiasts. While people who like the Mini might cross-shop anything from the Fiesta ST to GTI to A3, the vast majority people who are shopping the more mainstream competition are turned off by the Mini's quirky interior, harsh ride, and high price. It's GOOD that there's a car targeted at enthusiasts. But cars like the Fiesta ST, GTI, and even Focus ST satisfy enthusiasts, too, and they do so at a lower price while also offering the practicality of the mainstream cars on which they're based. This is a poor market position for Mini to be in.
  • redmenaceredmenace Posts: 1
    edited September 2014
    Why do people seem to forget the Kia Forte5 SX as a competitor in this class? Is it the sandbagged estimated EPA mileage (I consistently average 28mpg in 50/50 driving) that scares people away? Is it the badge?

    These comparisons should really consist of the VW GTI, the Kia Forte5 SX, and maybe the Fiesta ST even though it's a smaller car; Mazda and Ford should consider gap-fillers in the compact class with a 200ish HP Mazda3 and Focus since the Speed3 and ST are worlds ahead performance-wise.
  • Well, at least it's not quite as clunky as the Clubman. I just don't know who would choose this over everything out there. I was hoping to see a smaller, minimal Mini. But they keep getting more bloated and gimmicky. And embarrassing.
  • I'll not second guess Mini for their mission - which I would say is a premium priced small car that is fun to drive, efficient, parks easily, and has a lot of charm. My only complaint is that the styling of this particular model is just not charming. It looks like a Fiat 500L in the back and those back doors look very difficult to navigate. I also don't know why the rear window needed to be pushed so far forward - it's just not nice to look at. The front has also gotten much too long and the S has that weird underbite with the air intake. The concept is still a cool idea, small, zippy, and fun - but this car didn't live up to the billing.
  • I am Mini enthusiast myself. I currently have two (JCW Coupe & Countryman S All4). It is hard to see where this car will fit. It looks like a replacement for the Clubman but it comes rather close to Countryman because of the new larger base size. My problem is that they continue to increase the size and general largess. A friend of mine put it simply and well. He said, "They are starting to resemble" meaning as they accommodate more mainstream demands they start to become a common mainstream vehicle. The new Mini's look like they have a mouth guard. The pricing and options are also at the limit in my opinion, as well. You can price a Mini up to BMW or get competitive cars and performance for less. I want Mini to succeed but they need to stay distinctive, Mini and a good value. The quirky things many of you dislike about Mini are what make it endearing to those of us who do not want look alike vehicles.
  • bankerdannybankerdanny Posts: 1,021
    edited February 2015
    I took a look at this at the Chicago Auto Show last week. I like the proportions, but I still would have a hard time buying any version of the Mini, and particularly the S, over the 4 door Golf with the 1.8T. Why would I spend GTI money to get a vehicle with almost 30 fewer HP? Why would I buy the base model Mini and again have a significantly less powerful vehicle for equal money?

    If Mini could claim some sort of better reliability maybe I could justify it, but it can't. Mini continues to have an abysmal reliability record, particularly for a 'premium priced' small car.

    I like the look of the Mini in it's many versions (except the coupe, that's just awkward looking) but in the end for equal money there are other small cars that offer more of everything.
  • It looks like Mini is still placing the tach on the stalk; hence, the top of the steering wheel blocks out the tach, regardless of positioning the steering wheel. As I wanted a manual transmission, not being able to see 80% of the tach was a deal killer. Is this still the case?
  • bgsntth said:

    It looks like Mini is still placing the tach on the stalk; hence, the top of the steering wheel blocks out the tach, regardless of positioning the steering wheel. As I wanted a manual transmission, not being able to see 80% of the tach was a deal killer. Is this still the case?

    not at all. i never had issues seeing the tach. it takes a while for the engine to wind all the way out, anyway, so it's not an issue like it is on something like a wrx or frs
  • Steve EliasSteve Elias Posts: 2,185
    At this point MINI should start restoring old HUMMERs into enormous new MINIs, just by swapping a couple of body panels.

    How big can a MINI get?

    Will MINI sell a conversion kit for an International CXT ----------------> Biggest Mini Ever ?????
    One sale would be worth it, imagine the public outcry!
  • Please stop using short questions as copy section headers in the car reviews. They have a grade-school flavor.
  • sjw91sjw91 Posts: 22
    $36K??? That's insane for what you get.
  • meteor10meteor10 Posts: 59
    over-priced. poor package and just a car for girls for sure!))
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