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Acura MDX (pre-2007)



  • cotmccotmc Posts: 1,081
    My local Acura dealer's regular price for the MDX oil change service is only $19.95. I took the MDX in yesterday for an oil change, and he gave me $2 off for a price of $17.95. By the way, that is NOT the dealer who sold us the MDX.

    Our Lexus dealer was charging much more than that for oil change services on our previous ES300.
  • ahossaahossa Posts: 152
    I asked 2 weeks ago if anyone has any feedback on MDX in NYC(Manhattan, Queens or Brooklyn). What I want to know how does the vehicle handle the potholes. The roads are pretty rough in the outer boros. Do passengers in the 2nd row and 3rd row feel the rough road. I also saw an MDX at Long Island City(10mins from Manhattan) Dealer for 57G which includes an entertainment center,and all the aceesories you can load onto to it. Don't think it's worth that much regardless of how great the demand is?
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    How much mileage do you have on your MDX now? Did you wait until the first recommended oil change interval, or did you do it earlier?

    My local Acura dealership sent a mailing to their list, comparing their prices with those of some popular local service places. They were actually competitive, though of course I'm sure the numbers were somewhat fudged.
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    Fuhgitaboudit! No WAY an MDX is worth $57k! You'd take a MASSIVE bath when it comes to resale, since the tacked-on accessories (including the entertainment center) would have little value compared to the vehicle itself. Remember that the MSRP with all factory accessories does not exceed $40k, so the rest is all OEM and aftermarket stuff. Plus you'd pay a signficant amount of luxury tax for that price.

    For that amount of money there's a lot more you could buy. Sure the MDX is a good value, but, IMHO, only at MSRP.

    For $57k, you could, with some work, find a dealership not local to you that is close to inventory or has inventory, fly out yourself, have a nice vacation, have the vehicle delivered back, and still have money left over.

    I can't tell you about the MDX over NYC potholes. However, I did grow up in NYC and only left there six years ago. My hunch is that the MDX will do quite well, but don't expect a Lincoln Town Car's floating ride. This is based on driving on some of the well-worn suburban side roads around here, which are surprisingly bad (they've been patched over too many times rather than resurfaced).

    The MDX is much smoother over rough roads than, say, an ML320 (which is a true truck in its underpinnings, and reminds you of that whenever you go over a slightly rough area). The RX300 is smoother, however.
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    For what it's worth, the MDX won the Automobile Journalists
    Association of Canada (AJAC) 2001 Car of the Year award in the Luxury SUV category.

    I'm not familar with it, but AJAC _claims_ the award is based on "real-world testing": "the winners represent the best among an excellent group of new cars and trucks for 2001, as selected by a sophisticated voting process based on back-to-back, real-world testing." Also: "Unlike some other awards, they are not a popularity contest. They are unbiased and scientifically sophisticated." "We stand by our results, because we have the data to back them up. That data derives from a rigorous testing program that includes: acceleration, braking, vehicle dynamics, maneuverability even off-road capability, where applicable."

    Anyway, the MDX competed against "new" luxury SUV's: BMW X5, GMC Yukon, Infiniti QX4, Mercedes Benz ML55 (that's new?), and the Volvo Cross Country (ahem, that's an SUV?!?).

    The 0-100km/hr (0-62.14mph) numbers seemed a tad slow -- 8.7 seconds for the MDX and 9.4 for the X5 3.0. Even the ML55 number of 6.7 seconds seems a few tenths slow.

    Their ratings are at: Suv, dyn, smmry.htm

    MDX was tops in steering, 2nd to the X5 in handling and braking and "body motion."
  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    I'm not sure the ML320's stiffness is because it's "trucky". The suspension is fairly stiff, so I can understand why people (ones that are used to cushy luxo cruisers or American boats) don't like how it feels or call it "jarring"; it feels like a toned down version of my Integra's suspension. If you want trucky, take a ride in an Explorer or 4Runner through a potholed'll get a much bouncier feeling (up and down) and that's what I associate more w/ a truck.

    However, that being said, the MDX seems to handle bumps very well. I put it through some big ones on my test drive (another reason I'd never buy a test drive demo car :-). It seems to be towards the RX300 in bump absorption, yet handling isn't compromised unlike the RX300.
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    Interestingly enough, despite us having the Integra for six years, all three test driver/riders (my wife, her father who still has a '90 Integra, and me) found the 2000 ML320 more jarring (jolting was more like it). Agreed that you don't quite feel the full surface in the ML320 vs. the Integra, but whenever the ML320 hit any kind of bump, it was clearly transmitted. Perhaps it seemed more jarring because the ML320 is quieter than the Integra, and the sound effects of the thump make it stand out. But we definitely felt it, on both test drives (two different vehicles), and were quite surprised given that we were used to the Integra. Of course, the ML320 handled very nicely for its bulk, and had a nice, confident, Teutonic feel to it (though the steering felt a bit odd, but I heard the 2001's help here).

    So when I said the ML320 felt jarring, it wasn't becaues I was used to a cushy ride. But perhaps our rear ends take resonance differently than your's, since you've also had the Integra. My father-in-law felt the ML320's ride comfort was similar to his full-size Chevy pickup's (obviously the ML320 is much more agile in its handling, of course). And that the MDX was comparable to his Odyssey's.

    We didn't test drive a 2001 RX300, only a 2000 RX300. I thought the 2000 RX did ride slightly smoother than the MDX, but I didn't feel the gap was very wide (the MDX was closer to the 2000 RX in ride comfort, while the ML320 was further on the other side of the scale). We felt that the penalty in the 2000 RX's handling was significant for the relatively small increment in ride comfort.

    I am somewhat curious as to how a 2001 RX may handle/ride on this scale, but I wouldn't spend the time for a test drive since I'm not shopping right now. There's been some overzealous posts that imply that the handling is near-X5 quality. There was also a post where a 2001 owner complained so vociferously much about the ride comfort that you'd think he was driving a Wrangler. Obviously the truth lies in between.

    Overall, we've come to appreciate the MDX's relatively comfortable ride. For us, it seems (feels) like an almost ideal blend of good handling and good ride comfort (like having your cake and eating it too). Down the street from us is a road that we take every couple of weeks or so, about 5 miles of a lot of repairs-on-top-of-repairs asphalt. The Integra used to inflict enough sore-butt that we'd avoid it by driving down an avenue and losing time. No hestitation now. Judging from what we felt of the two ML320 testers, we'd still be avoiding it.
  • Anybody get any costs for this?

    One local dealer quoted me $55 for the VTM-$ fluid change. (Includes "hand filling" and "special expensive oil". His quotes. I asked if it includes a new drain plug seal. He said no, they usually don't replace them. I pointed out the service manual requires it be replaced.... He said it would.

    I'm not overly inspired, but certainly not surprised. It is a new vehicle for them.

    Anybody see a FRONT AIR DEFLECTOR??

  • mdx1mdx1 Posts: 63
    My wife and I test-drove a 2001 RX300 last September and an MDX two weeks later. We thought the ride of the RX300 was softer. On the way back from the RX300 test drive, I took a sharp quick turn from the street into the dealer's parking lot and it handled so well that caught my wife by surprise. She was going to hold the door handle by instinct but then the jolt did not come. We also thought the RX300 leather seats were very luxurious. We thought our Senna's ride was very comfortable until then. Someone at the MPG group was calling Senna's ride "floating" (too soft). But After the test drive of RX300 on the way home in our Senna we could feel a lot more road bumps than before. I called RX300's ride was "floating" at that time.

    But we chose MDX for its seating capacity and the in town (Boulder) Aura dealership. Also at that time, RX300 was quite expensive and no dealership in the Denier area was selling Rx300 below MSRP. By the time you add the packages we wanted, the price was over $40K. When MDX came out, its MSRP was more reasonable as compared to RX300's.
  • mdx1mdx1 Posts: 63
    My MDX did very well in the recent snow storm in Denver. Someone at the RX300 group mentioned that his AWD RX300 hydroplaned recently (12/4) on 2" snow in Cincinnati worse than his wife's Camry. Can't tell his RX300 is a 2001 or a prior model.
  • Have my mix 5 weeks and live in WI. My wife has a ML320 for one year. Both are fine vehicles. More room and snap with the DX. The ML is more refined in the snow and on ice. Less prone to fish tailing. hats no fun! Better mileage on the DX. More to follow.
  • Have my MDX 5 weeks and live in WI. My wife has a ML320 for one year. Both are fine vehicles. More room and snap with the MDX. The ML is more refined in the snow and on ice. Less prone to fish tailing but no guts. Thats no fun! Better mileage on the DX. More to follow.
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817

    With your recent convos with your service department, was there any indication that the VTM-4 service interval had changed from what's in the manual? We only heard one suggestion of that but haven't seen anything else. I know you'd be hopping mad had it changed, but just wanted to confirm.


    Thanks for the RX-MDX ride comparisons, I was looking for someone who had tried the 2001.


    Please keep us informed of your snow driving experiences, as you're one of the few who own both an ML320 and an MDX. Is the ML320 a 1999 or a 2000? How often does the ML320 fishtail or slip? How much more (e.g. 10%, 30%, etc.) does the MDX fishtail or slip than the ML320? Thanks!
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817

    seems to offer side molding kits. I've never ordered from them before and have no idea if they're good or not. I just found the link and found it interesting that some of the side molding kits are available in "16 colors."

    They also offer pinstriping, door edge trim, etc. Wood dash kits too, some of them real wood, but nothing for the MDX yet.
  • cotmccotmc Posts: 1,081
    William: We had only 2700 miles on our MDX, but we will soon be taking a round trip to Dallas for the holidays. I expect this entire trip, including the local driving around Dallas, will add about 2500 miles to the MDX. Hence, we had a choice of having the oil changed now, or in early January with over 5200 miles on it.

    Both the dealer from whom we purchased our MDX, and our local dealer who services our MDX, recommend the 3750-mile interval schedule instead of the 7500 schedule. I don't know why we would need to use the tighter schedule during the Fall and Winter seasons here in Arizona, but this was confirmed again when I called them a couple days before the oil change.

    There were a couple other significant factors that influenced me on this decision. I am rather old-fashioned about wanting to do the first oil change on a new vehicle fairly quickly. Also, the price of the service was under $20. It probably didn't hurt to have them check the fluids before we take our trip, anyway!
  • I have experienced sliding sideways in turns, on slippery mushy snow. When we get an inch or so of snow. The streets are SALTED and the snow turns into a brownish and slippery you know what. I have had to watch my approach speed in the corners and when trying to stop. The MDX, over-all, really feels solid and stable.
  • My budget can handle the base version, however the touring and navigation packages begin to make my monthly payment a little too pricey. I'm curious to hear from some base version MDX owners. How do you like not having a navigation system? Are the controls okay? Does the screen constantly remind you of what you didn't buy?

    And to the navi owners, has it been useful for you?

  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    Rob, I understand your caution, especially before your trip, and I would have done the same for the first change before a long trip. I was more curious about the notes in the manual that there are "additives" in the initial oil that shouldn't be flushed out for a certain period (but you've had 2,700 miles of it so I don't think it's an issue).

    However, I would caution folks whose dealerships are recommending 3,750 mile oil changes vs. 7,500 mile changes. It's natural for a dealership to recommend that -- they get you in more often. That opens up possibilities for selling other services besides an oil change.

    Acura recommends 7,500 mile intervals based on conditions clearly outlined in their owner's manual. Check it and see if the manual says if you should follow the 3,750 interval (conditions for those are also clearly outlined). If the manual says 7,500, it can take 7,500. If there really was a vehicle issue with going 7,500, Acura wouldn't make that recommendation -- why would they jeopardize the condition of the vehicle, especially during the warranty period? As it is, 7,500 has a certain fudge factor since most people go beyond the recommended interval before actually coming in.

    In speaking with an ex-service person, he implied that the dealership's general manager has the service department automatically recommending the shorter interval regardless of what the manual says. A claim is that people don't recognize or acknowledge what necessitates the severe schedule. But I'm sure part of it is because they want the traffic into the service department. It's easy for them to pray on people's fears -- "well, the manual might say that, but real-world driving conditions around here ... you know, that bad traffic / cold weather / hot weather / dust / humidity / gravel / bad karma ... it's better to be safe than sorry ... you want to take care of your vehicle, don't you?!?" Pretty soon they've ruled out any 7,500 interval except for those people who drive 10 miles in a straight line to work every day, at 65-degree temperatures with never a drop of rain, on manicured roads.

    Reminds me of the MB FSS maintenance -- nice way to tell if you really need an oil change, and can go 10k to 17k (from what I've read) without an oil change. Seems to work great, but some folks accustomed to being drilled on 3,750 mile changes get nervous and bring it in for service earlier. And while M-class maintenance for the initial warranty period is free, it's only for FSS-mandated-service, so the extra oil change + diagnostic + top-off can cost $200!
  • railrrailr Posts: 36
    The navi was discussed pretty thoroughly in topics 358 thru 389... You may want to check them out.

    I must say, I hate this BBS software -- it may be worth the webmaster checking out the Ultimate Bulletin Board software from Infopop at ... which a lot of other sites use -- highly recommended.

  • Rail,
    I posted to you yesterday (12/16) at my bookmark of the OLD FORUM and became the last message there, #608, if you can get back there. (I copied this from my browse: =SUB&I=3357&I=/KCDFDxQPUaHtXmx8031M7h9Esyg/6WBuAIunLiKx4k=) Let me know if you don't find it.
    Now I have to go out but will write soon about my DX BUYING EXPERIENCE (very good). Black/Black Touring due within 10-15 days. Thanks for your help, to Rail and everybody, nos Angles Shopper
  • Hmmm. In my message above MDX was changed to "DX" and Los Angeles to "nos angles"- sorry about that, didn't think I hit the spellcheck button...
  • railrrailr Posts: 36
    Sorry... can't get to the old forum... feel free to repost here or email me.

    Glad it went well & enjoy the new ride.


  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    Not intended to be flame bait...just another interesting data point on how far it can be pushed:
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    Wouldn't worry about it ... that's even assuming the story is true (there seem to be a lot of rather stretched "L.A. canyon road" stories, huh? -- remember that X5 tale?). Even if true, taking corners at high speed in ANY 2-ton+ SUV, trying to keep up with a fast-moving compact is not something the sane driver will have to worry about.
  • I'm more than happy with the base silver model. I installed the roof rack so as far as exterior appaerance it's pretty similar to touring (except for the wheels). As far as the navi, I dont do that much traveling and as I later found out, my city is not included in the alpine navigation coverage area. There is a link somewhere in this forum or where you can see alpine's navigation coverage area. If you live in a larger city and/or do a lot of traveling you might consider it useful. Otherwise the screen shows you a trip computer with a lot of useful info.
  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    Very true. This is more believable than the X5 story though.

    There was another story about an A4 Quattro being tailgated by an annoyed driver on a snow packed country road that was pretty funny, too (the other car went off the road after trying to follow the A4 through a curve at 35mph :-)
  • 2nd posting of this message. I hope it's not repeated but original doesn't seem to have been posted. Does this new software "automatically" log you out if you sit idle for some time? Can't explain why original message didn't appear to post.

    I've got the base model w/o Nav. and am extremely happy with the purchase. I chose not to get the Touring package. Of the options provided in the package there were only a few I was interested in and those I could add as stand alone options, which I did. I chose not to get the NAV primarly because I thought I wouldn't us it. I don't do a lot of traveliing out of my area so wherever I'm going I gen
    erally know what roads and alternates are available. If I end up going on a trip, just recently to Myrtle Beach SC as a matter of fact, I just burn a few maps of "" and that works well for me. So the bottom line is ... if I had to do it all over again, for my needs, I still would buy the base w/o NAV.

    Regarding your questions about whether the display is okay, the answer is absolutely YES. Because of the display screen can facilitate a NAV option many peoplecomment ... "cool, you must have that GPS, on-star thing ... right" and I say NO but that is a $2K option which I didn't think was worth it for my needs. When I float the $$$ by these people they all pretty much choke out and agree. You can print out a lot of maps for $2K. Also, per your question about "Does the screen
    constantly remind you of what you didn't buy?" No can't say that it does cause"for me" I don't see much value in the NAV. With all due respect to the NAV & Touring owners. Not intending to flame things up here at all ... just happy w/I have as much as you are happy w/what you have.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Yes, it does log you out after sitting idle for a while. It's not supposed to do this and we've been working on resolving it. For now though, I suggest that use the main Townhall welcome page to switch through your topic areas (ex. Vans, sedans, etc.) instead of the dropdown topics list.

    After you post, you should see your message immediately in this topic. If you see the main TH welcome page instead, it means that you've been logged out. You'll then have to hit your browser's back button and copy your text + repost it again. As I said, we're working on resolving this issue right now; it's top priority.

    Good luck...
    Drew Townhall co-host
    Vans and Aftermarket & Accessories conferences
  • Hi
    I decided two weeks ago that I wanted to Purchase an MDX. As I live in the Boston area - I obviously would want to have one for the winter and I didn't feel like waiting the typical 3-4 months on the waiting list which would push the purchase into the spring. I found out about an oufit named Wheels to Lease in NY which also does sales. In three days they were able to locate an MDX for me. I did have to pay 750 above MSRP but it was worth it for me to have it for the winter.
    If anyone is interested their number is (718) 871-7749. Ask for Eli.
    I have been very impressed by their professional behavior.
    good luck
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    Everyone who finds a too-good-to-be-true MDX deal should make sure that the MDX is intended for the U.S. market, with a full Acura U.S. warranty.

    You can buy an MDX cheaper in Canada, and you may not have to wait for it. However, Honda/Acura sets it up so you can't get a U.S. warranty for it that is valid at U.S. Acura dealers.

    A local auto broker does this for hard-to-find-quick Odysseys. They buy the vehicles from the Vancouver area and bring them down, converting the speedometers to miles and making some adjustments and handling all the import/export paperwork. However, they have to give you a third-party warranty.

    At least they're up front about it. Back when the 3.2TL was first introduced and there were 2-4 month waits, Acura of Seattle began advertising "available for immediate delivery." They had a third-party warranty, which Acura of Seattle was willing to honor (obviously).
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