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Isuzu Trooper



  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    I was in NYC for class last week so I am a little behind...I saw 2 beige trooper's...I was looking to see Paisan racing by :-)

    I really like my OME shocks. They improved cornering and nose dive (especially after I added my bullbar). They also improved the jarring effect of potholes.

    Best feature for me...ability to hold up under extended pounding. When I go fishing in Nantucket, there are several sections where you pound over sand dunes for almost 1/2 hour or more. My truck before and my brothers expedition start to fade and really bounce and not respond well after about 15 minutes. The OMEs never felt like they overheated or lost shocking ability. Once I upgraded everyone in my family wanted to ride with me over the long haul out to the coatue.
  • tkevinblanctkevinblanc Posts: 356
    There was once a Trooper on Nantucket...

    sbcooke, care to finish? :0)
  • wildbucwildbuc Posts: 88
    Have any of you guys recorded your gas mileage using 3rd gear? I will be pulling a trailer weighing about 3000 lbs. Several RV types have told me I should be towing in 3rd gear.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I wouldn't recommend it unless you'll be on back-road/non highway. On the highway I tow my 5000lb trailer with ease in D, However I would also suggest keeping it up at or above 65-75mph, found that produced the best towing in D.

  • seanreidseanreid Posts: 152
    Mike: Thanks for the bushing info. I've got the JCW page bookmarked and have also made notes from your FAQ. I'll make that change soon after I get a Trooper or an SLX.

    OME Shocks: Do these seem to be the current favorites? My daily drive includes about six miles of dirt road which varies from reasonably smooth to muddy gunk to washboard. I'd also prefer a less "tippy" feel than stock on pavement (in corners). VT doesn't have many straight roads (thankfully!).

    wildbuc: I own a motorcycle touring company and chase drivers who work for the company have towed many of our trailers with many different tow vehicles (including a 1999 Trooper). What I ask them to do is to pay close attention to how the engine is being loaded under different conditions (including a lot of mountain road driving). If the tow vehicle isn't laboring, seems to have power in reserve, isn't hunting back and forth between 3rd and 4th, etc. then being in "Drive" is fine (that's our SOP at least). This normally applies on fairly flat terrain where the vehicle is at a steady speed. At the slightest sign of engine lugging, gear hunting, etc. then we go down into third and sometimes even second (in the mountains).

    I think this depends greatly on the vehicle and one has to go by sound, feel and experience. The strongest tow vehicle I've owned so far was a 1999 Suburban but the Trooper pulled 3000lbs. just fine. The Suburban (which had a 4.11 rear end) could tow pretty easily in 4th. My one-ton conversion van, however, needs 3rd quite often.

    Vehicles with a really good transmission cooler obviously have a bit more flexibility. Given the amount of towing we do (usually on paved backroads) I always prefer to use a vehicle rated for a couple thousand pounds more than the actual tow weight. Two full dress bikes in/on a trailer will give a total tow weight of about 2700 - 3500 lbs. so the Trooper's 5000 lb. tow rating works fine for that load.

    I'm also a big fan of using electric brakes on any trailer where the loaded weight is over about 1500 lbs. (ie: In my case, any time I'm towing more than one large bike).


  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Have to agree with Sean on the towing writeup. That's my SOP for towing my 5000lb car trailer roughly 10K miles a year.

  • cwmcwm Posts: 42
    In case this happens to anyone else, I tightened the gas cap and disconnected the battery for about 5 minutes and the Check Engine light went away. Auto Zone read out code 440 and suggested that a loose gas cap was the culprit and they were right.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    heard on radio tonight that Isuzu is issuing recall on (73,000?) Troopers due to possible sticking accelerator pedal. Haven't looked into it further yet to see what model years etc.
  • wildbucwildbuc Posts: 88
    Thanks guys for your very good input. I have towed a 2800 lb. trailer in drive with no problems in flat country and mildly rolling hills. I have downshifted quickly into 3rd and even 2nd in the mountains. By shifting early, I've avoided the tranny hunting for a better gear.

    I haven't yet installed a transmission cooler although I'm still considering it. My local Isuzu service manager said a cooler is not needed for a 2800-3000 lb trailer, but others have told me different. I would buy one and put it on myself if I thought I could top off the tranmission fluid correctly. I understand you have to be underneath the vehicle with the engine running--not a place for a novice. A private Trooper shop in Raleigh is wanting $175. for a cooler installation (parts and labor), which seems high to me.
  • wildbucwildbuc Posts: 88
    You say the Surburan had a rear ratio of 4.11 and pulled well in 4th. I wonder if that 4th gear was 1:1 ratio---or if the 4th is an overdrive like in the Trooper. The Trooper has a 4.33 rear end ratio, with 3rd gear giving 1:1 drive and the 4th being an overdrive.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Found some info on the site. Looks like 72,905 Troopers from 1992-1995 model years are potentially affected. Below is a paste from the NHTSA site of the info pertaining to the 1992 Trooper. The info for the other years looked to be the same.

    Make : ISUZU Model : TROOPER Year : 1993
    NHTSA CAMPAIGN ID Number : 04V199000 Recall Date : APR 19, 2004
    Potential Number Of Units Affected : 72905
  • dan6dan6 Posts: 1
    I found a 2001 Trooper LS with 34.5K miles that I'm thinking about buying. Carfax says that it was auctioned at 4.7K miles as a fleet vehicle in the Pacific Southwest Region. I often heard that vehicles in CA has 10 to 15 HP less than their counterparts in other states because of stricter CA emission standards. Is this true? Is there a way for me or a mechanic to tell by looking at the Trooper? Thank you for your inputs.

    92 LS

    PS. Carfax can only verify up to 4.9K miles, so that's the chance that I have to take.
  • sdc2sdc2 Posts: 780
    4th gear on my Tahoe is 0.7:1, 3rd is 1:1. This is similar to the Trooper tranny, in fact the trannys are both GM products (Tahoe/Suburban 4L60E vs Trooper 4L30E, assuming a 1/2 ton Suburban).

    A Suburban has roughly 50% more torque than a Trooper, and at a lower rpm too. That will make a world of difference when towing.
  • seanreidseanreid Posts: 152
    There's always a difference, of course, between what one can "get by" with and what might be "best" for a given situation. I'm sure the shop guys are right in saying that you don't need a tranny cooler to pull 3000 lbs. but I do think a tranny lasts longer if its cooled (especially when under load). I always think of that kind of extra cooling as good insurance and thus cheap at twice the price. But as I said before, I err on the conservative side with these things (ie: prefer a 7-8K tow rated vehicle for a 5K trailer, etc.).

    Anyone on this list have over 200K on a Trooper? If so, how's it held up?


  • raydahsraydahs Posts: 449
    dan6, maybe you should call the guy in the link, he would probably be your best bet. I have the original 99' brochure, with no mention of the HP difference. I know what your talking about, but I hav'nt seen that listed in brochures for a couple of years now. I have several new car brochures on my coffee table now with no mention of it either.
  • dnestrdnestr Posts: 188
    Wow, you've got it! Congrats on the purchase. Two or four doors? Very very cool truck.
  • Been looking to replace the stock shocks on my 2001 Trooper and am definately interested in the Rancho RS9000X adjustables. Only problem is that I cannot verify a part number as the Rancho spec sheet only lists compatability up to the 2000 model with no mention of the 2001 or later. Does anyone know if the part number listed for the 2000 model is the same for the 2001?
  • jrr2kjrr2k Posts: 35
    Here's hoping
    More future Isuzu news fanning the rumor flames.
    Here's some snipets from

    "2003, Sources within American Isuzu Motors vehicle distribution (US market vehicle distributor) indicate that Isuzu intends to severe all ties with GM by 2007 (this can be confirmed on Isuzu's website in their Three Year Business Plan which states one of its primary recapitalization goal as "Retire GM's shareholding without consideration"), ending all joint ventures, rebadging, parts sharing, and cooperative efforts and purchasing back all of the remaining 12% of stock owned by GM. The Rodeo and Axiom (now made by Subaru at the Lafayette, Indiana plant) will be discontinued at or shortly after the end of the 2004 model year. There will be no serious effort to market the GM made Ascender through the 2005 and 2006 model years, after which Isuzu's contract to sell that vehicle will end. Isuzu plans to introduce at least two completely new models in late 2006, totally designed and manufactured by Isuzu and with no ties to GM."
    "February 2004, Sources within American Isuzu Motors public relations and vehicle development departments indicate that the replacement for the Isuzu Trooper will be built on the Isuzu D-Max/Colorado platform in Thailand and that model should be introduced as a 2005 1/2 model year vehicle. Work continues on this vehicle within the Ceritos headquarters of AIM where the vehicle is referred to in house simply as "the new Trooper". Current plans are that the concept car for this vehicle will be introduced at the Detroit Auto Show and later displayed at the Chicago Auto Show. Further plans are to introduce the Thailand made D-Max pickup into the US market, also hopefully in 2006.
    Isuzu's PR department was very proud to point out that the 250 HP 6VE1 V6 direct injection engine has received accolades and awards from both Popular Science Magazine and Ward's Automotive. Direct injection is seen as the future for gasoline engines to improve economy, emissions, and power output, and Isuzu's engine has been held out as one of the best in the industry. In addition to this, Isuzu plans to push diesel engine powered models in their SUV lineup as an alternative to other manufacturer's hybrid vehicle offerings. Diesel offers the same environmental benefits with power, drivability, range, and cost that is comparable or favorable to gasoline. The problem is that the US market has not been exposed to many of the better diesel powered vehicles which are almost indistinguishable from their gasoline powered equivalents. The US market has seen mostly very tempermental and difficult to drive, and the reputation of diesel powerplants has suffered in this market as a result of this. General Motors, Ford, and Daimler/Chysler have already expanded their SUV and pickup offerings with diesel offerings (to help them meet tightening CAFE standards) and have begun marketing campaigns to improve the reputation of diesel power in the US, and Isuzu plans to reap the benefits of these efforts by following the promotional campaigns of the US manufacturers with their own campaign to reinforce diesel's improved reputation and point out that Isuzu is the oldest, most experiences diesel manufacturer in the world, offering better quality and higher performing diesel products at lower prices than the US makers.
    2005 is seen as the transition year between the old GM dominated Isuzu and the new Isuzu that is free to build, sell, and advertise whatever, wherever, whenever, and in whatever quantity they like. Getting past a tight year which their only offerings will be the rebadged, GM made Ascender, will be the challenge, but they are already on track to surpass their needed sales minimum in the US market by 20,000 units in this fiscal year. The only remaining concern is that now that all decisions will be made by Isuzu in Japan, the US office hopes to be allotted a large enough advertising budget to allow for a serious promotional effort for what amounts to a reintroduction of the marque in the US market."

    Bring it on!

    BTW - Our 2002 just flipped 30k touble-free miles.
    Why haven't JD Power Initial Quality survey people contacted me yet?
  • sdc2sdc2 Posts: 780
    I got a 97 Tahoe 2-door Z-71 Sport LT yada yada yada. I must admit it's fun to have a V8! And it gets about the same gas mileage as my Trooper did...

    Only a week until I'll be taking it to Moab as an "Honorary Isuzu" for ZuZoo VII (May 12-15). This will be my 4th year there.

    Hopefully the Tahoe is not too big to wheel...not too many trees out there, so I think I'll be fine.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Sorry to hear that.... Leaf springs, Drum Brakes, about as technologically sophisticated as a rock!

    What ever happened with your bumpers on your truck? Or any other parts for that matter?

  • jnggngjnggng Posts: 2
    I need somebody help me for the TOD transmission & transfer case oil change. Any good service center I can go in S.I. or B'lyn, Please!
  • doublesharpdoublesharp Posts: 32
    Wish me luck. I just bought a 2000 Trooper 2wd limited on ebay. Looks great, white over beige leather. 68k and carfax shows 1 owner Texas truck. Got it for 10,900, not a steal I know but it's just what I wanted and appears to be showroom condition. Ebay adds that risk element though so until I actually see and drive it I'm a little nervous. No questions, just waiting impatiently because I can't get away to pick it up until May 21.
  • cwmcwm Posts: 42
    Sounds like a great deal to me. The "Limited" equipted Troopers are very nice but kinda rare - our family has two - 1999 Trooper and a 1998 Trooper. Regarding 2wd, 99.9% of my driving is in 2wd and just occassionally I use 4wd to 'play in the snow'.

    $10.9K sounds like a steal to me.
  • doublesharpdoublesharp Posts: 32
    I snagged a 96 Acura SLX 4x4 cheap last summer. High miles but good shape. My wife loves it and I do too so when the chance to upgrade came along I took it and will keep them both. My 96 w 128k runs great. I had water pump and timing belt done and put 265/75/16's on it. I'm in Louisville Ky area and Troopers are pretty rare. This 2wd is in Houston. I was planning on flying down and driving it back, about 1000 miles but the dealer I bought from says he can ship it for $500 so I think I'm going to do that. Will get it a little quicker and by the time you figure plane fare, gas, motel, depreciation it's about the same as picking it up in person. Seller has feedback of over 500 and is an Ebay power seller plus we've talked several times and my gut says he's trustworthy but until it's in hand there's some doubt. I'll keep the board posted how deal comes out.
  • silverghostsilverghost Posts: 154
    Where in KY are you? I'm in Houston, and I have family in the Knoxville, TN area that I visit occasionally. If you'd like to save a couple of bucks by having me drive the '00 up there, you would only have to come to K'ville to pick it up. BTW, my Troop is an '01 LS 2WD.

    Just a thought.
  • cwmcwm Posts: 42
    A friend of mine purchased 2 vehicles off Ebay and had them shipped to him instead of going out and picking them up. He was extremely satisfied with both vehicles when the truck drove up and dropped them off. Still, I understand the 'doubt' about whether your purchase will meet your expectations. Good luck - most likely you have examined the pictures and description in detail and it will be as you expect.

    Let us know how well the transaction met your expectation. I've bidded on a couple of vehicles on Ebay but did not win the auction - well I did win one auction for a 1999 Trooper but not the reserve.

    BTW, what tires were those 265/75/16's that you put on the SLX? My sons 1998 Trooper we purchased 2 weeks ago has 2 'Trail Mark' tires on the front and a Dunlop and a Goodyear on the rear - all 245's. The two 'Trail Mark' tires are in very good shape and I either need to get 2 more 'Trail Mark' tires or a whole new set. Do you know who sells 'Trail Mark' tires?
  • doublesharpdoublesharp Posts: 32
    I put on Firestone Destination LE. My local dealer had them on sale 4 for $320 mounted, balanced with tax included. I like em fine and they really fill the wheel well and make the truck stand tall. The 2wd has nearly new 255/70/16 Michelins. I'm not familiar with Trail Mark tires.

    You want to see what I bought go to Ebay motors and do a search by item number. I'm # 2476061730. I've bought 5 vehicles on ebay counting this one. I went with the $500 delivery. Should be here middle of next week. Tomorrow I'm going to West Palm Beach Fl to pick up a Lexus GS 400 ebay # 2474469947. got my fingers crossed there too.
  • cwmcwm Posts: 42
    Looks great. They made some nice changes for 2000 over 1999. I note that they have some wood trim on the steering wheel now and that the cup holders have been moved on the center console. The white color with silver trim was my #1 choice but I could not find that color combo in the Luxury version and decided on my Red Trooper.
  • seanreidseanreid Posts: 152

    I'm looking at a 98 SLX which I'm told is in very good shape overall. (It's in VA so I can't look at it right away). The rear seatback angle adjustment knobs seem to have been chewed up by a dog somewhat. Does anyone have a moment to take a quick look at their trooper to tell me if those knobs seem easily replaceable (is there a screw in center of each, or...) Thanks,

  • seanreidseanreid Posts: 152
    Please comment/advise:

    It looks like tomorrow I'll close a deal on a 1999 Trooper (Luxury Package)with about 62K miles. I'm planning to buy it from a Lexus dealer in MA and it's currently in my driveway so that I can have it checked out by my mechanics tomorrow ASAP. Then its got to go back to the dealer to wrap up paperwork, etc. My mechanics are good guys but they don't have a lot of Trooper experience so please help me out with the following if you can: The only problem I've found with the vehicle is that it tends (50% of the time) to *slam* into TOD mode with a shudder (worse at 50-60 mph but present even at 30MPH, sometimes a loud "clunk"). The tires are almost new all around and I'll measure them tomorrow but it seems they are the same size. TOD does engage, TOD lights seem correct, but there's a distinct whine from the drivetrain in TOD.

    My first two suspects are the condition/level of the SOTF fluid or TOD fluid. Please help me with the basics.
    1. Where does the TOD fluid fill and drain (or is this obvious?) Does it use Dextron III ATF? Is the level correct when the fluid is at the upper threads of the fill hole?
    2. Where does the SOTF fluid fill and drain (or is this obvious?) Does it use hyphoid oil? If so, what grade? How does one check for correct level?
    3. Propeller shaft needs relube?

    There's free beer down the road to anyone who helps me figure this out! This is not a typo.

    The truck had just one owner who did most of the maintenance himself. I spoke with him by phone this evening and he seemed very straightforward. He traded the truck in last fall so I figure he was free to be honest with me about it as the sale has nothing to do with him now. Bearings were supposedly repacked at 30K and 60K. Brakes were done (front rotors and pads, rear pads only) at about 60K (receipts in truck). Tires seem almost new. Oil was reportedly changed every three-thousand miles. The timing belt has not yet been done (what does this usually cost to do...$300 ish?) and the valves haven't been checked (although they aren't noisy). Tranny has not yet been power flushed (OK to do this for the first time at 62K?) The truck has not yet been through the Lexus shop but I think I'd rather cut a deal with them where the sales department pays my mechanics for any needed work (instead of their own service people). It might save them money and I'd know who was working on my truck. Intake manifold gasket was done in January of 2003.

    Running down the maintenance items from the book:

    1. Front and rear axle oil change: I beleive this was done at 30K, will check condition, smell, etc.
    2. air filter: will check
    3. spark plugs: haven't been done, thought perhaps I'd do them now lest they be seized in at 100K
    4. change coolant: may have been done, probably should be done now
    5. Timing belt: not yet done, likely OK until 75,000?
    6. Valve clearances: not yet checked, don't seem noisy
    7. Tire rotation: nearly new tires
    8. repack front bearings: apparently done at 30K and 60K
    8. clean radiator core and A/C condenser: Do they mean the fins? What's needed here?
    9. Battery fluid level: will check, seems to have newish battery
    10. Coolant level: will check
    11. brake and clutch fluid level: will check
    12. Check for fluid leaks: will check
    13. change oil and filter: will do
    14. check hoses: will do
    15. check exhaust: will do
    16. check fuel line, cap, tank: will do
    17. check drive belt: will do, when do folks normally replace these - just by visual inspection?
    18. check tires and wheels: A-OK
    19. check steering: slight pull to right, may need alignment, Lexus dealer will pay
    20. check brake lines and hoses: will do
    21. check brakes: should be like new, will check
    22. check brake pedal free play: seems fine
    23. change power steering fluid: ??
    24. check parking brake: will do
    25. lube accel. linkage: where? at pedal pivot?
    26. check suspension and steering: new shocks and poly bushings coming sometime this spring
    27. lube body and chassis: will do
    28. lube rear propeller shaft: will do (could this be related to TOD clunking?)
    29. check prop shaft flange torque: what's the proper torque setting?
    30. check TOD fluid: maybe change it?
    31. check SOTF gear oil: maybe change it, where is the unit? Do I recall correctly that it's part of the drivetrain to the left front wheel?
    32. check cruise control linkage and hose
    33. check starter safety switch: OK
    34. check accel. linkage: will do
    35: lube key lock cylinder: will do

    Any advise/ideas? I'm all ears and especially interested in knowing what might cause a TOD engagement clunk.



    The truck seems tight and solid overall, interior is in excellent shape and exterior has just some scratches here and there. The dealership includes a 4500 mile warranty that seems to cover most of the major components. At $10,000 it seems like a good deal.
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