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Mercedes-Benz M-class (ML320, ML350, ML500 and ML55) 2005 and earlier



  • johnnnycjohnnnyc Posts: 166
    down a few hundred bucks.

    You didn't mention color (which, if metallic, would drive up the price another $495), but..

    The invoice price of your configuration was $38,836 (with dest. charge included). You mentioned $40k (does this include anything else, or just vehicle + dest?). That's a spread of $1164. I got one for $1000 over invoice right before the attacks, and I'd have to assume things are tighter now. I'd try to squeeze another $500 out of him, whether in terms of less price or a free accessory or two.

    Keep in mind - this is regionally dependent too. Here in the Northeast, prices are a little higher. In CA, I hear people are buying them at invoice. Guess it pays to live on the left coast ;)

    Good luck!
  • roger23roger23 Posts: 48
    Drew, regarding the ML factory rear roof mounted spoiler, I had one installed on my 2002 ML500 sport, and it does not interfere with my GPS antenna, as I have the NAV system installed. However, since it is heavy, and to ensure that it does stay in place, the spoiler is held on firmly by completely hidden screws (supplied by MB with a template for mounting).
  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    FWIW, I've started my ML in -8F weather in the Boston area w/o problems.
    How much colder does it get in NYC?
  • Thank you Bob, Drew, John and many of you for so much useful information! I'll
    check with Park Motors for 0W-40 and for the 3M film. Actually,
    the part I want to protect is the top of my rear bumper. My big, clumsy OES
    will easily scratch the top paint, why not MB put some rubber trim there?!

    Anyway, some new questions. Does anyone notice that there are two recessed
    round buttons under center arm rest cover? If you open the upper tray, look
    the inside of the cover, the two black buttons are there. Quarter size, but
    I don't really think they are for coin storage. What are they? For what? Any

    Now it is the oil again. As I said before, I tried to mix 5W and 10W 30 oil mix before winter change and I did notice some difference, do you guys think, or have any information about mixing oil? I assume it is doable, since Mobil specifically mentioned its synthetic oil is compatible with conventional oil. I understand that statement as Mobil 1 can mixed with conventional oil, so it would be safe and sound to mix different synthetic oils. The question would be if 25% 0W and %75 15W weight oil would really do protection for engine in winter time?

    Sxsaha, as John said, the price was inline but could knock down a little bit more. I got mine (almost identical configuration) $250 below $40k. She is made in Sep and bought her home Sep 29th. Good luck and I can tell you I enjoy every minute I spent in this baby!
  • johnnnycjohnnnyc Posts: 166
    but the viscosity will be different.

    The idea behind using multi-grade oil is to provide a variable spread in viscosity grade of the oil over a certain temperature range.

    A 0W oil will be pretty thin at -8F, noticeably so than a 15W oil. Will it make a difference? Maybe not - but if a manufacturer said to use 0W - then whatever difference exists is desired.

    Let me qualify my earlier statements by saying that the concepts behind oil and lubrication are *intense*. Lots of engineering goes into the entire subject - from how our cars keep themselves lubricated, how the oil is circulated and cleaned, and how the oil itself is created. There are many different kinds of viscosity to be considered as well (the viscosity index refers to the maximum range, while pumping and starting viscosities are also of interest).

    Mixing of oils does *not* - even when doing so with oil from the same manufacturer - present an oil 'somewhere in between'. Equal quantities of 0W and 10W don't exactly yield 5W. Will you harm your engine if you mix? No. Will you get the desired viscosity? No.

    I follow my general engineering rule of thumb - when in doubt, or if debate is required, follow the manual. If everyone's in agreement, then follow consensus - but if a manufacturer says to do something, and there are 100 different opinions either for or against, I'd rather follow the people who built the car.
  • suvlvrsuvlvr Posts: 7
    Hi all,
    I finally went and did it. I got a 2001 Azure Blue 320 with everything except the sports package and the halogen for $543 under factory invoice. Don't know if this is the best deal but I've been grinning from ear to ear since... and if I keep glowing like this folk will think I'm radioactive or something....

    Thanks again for all the support and advice I received from this board.

    SuvLvr (still grinning)
  • Thanks John for the debate. I understand what you said that 0 and 10 won't average to 5 in oil weight. And as a matter of fact, I remmeber I read an artical on this and the weight relation by all means is not liner. My thinking for mixing 0 weight oil is to make oil more "movable" during cold start.

    Frankly speaking, it is really hard to use only one kind of oil during an entire year, following 10K mile change interval recommand by MB. I am in St. Louis. The weather here can be quite hot in the summer and quite cold in the winter. And I am not planing to drive ML more than two FSS cycles in a year. The good news is that we'll have a free oil chnage every year from dealers to leverage.
  • Thanks for your analysis regarding my purchase of a ML Here is my tempered rebuttal:

    I don't really care how it or any other vehicle looks's the drive that concerns me. I didn't spend $35,800 (no where near what you thought I spent) to lay on the garage floor and look at engine components.

    Although I have always driven Honda Accords - my husband has always driven MB products (he currently owns a 96 SL600 convertable, and a 2000 E sedan. We also owned a MB wagon when the kids were younger, and recently purchased the C320 for our son (obviously no buyer's remorse).

    What I do find remorseful is a product, any product which doesn't deliver the quality that is expected of it. I don't care if it's a .75 coke, if it lacks carbonation, you don't have a carbonated drink. Since my ML lacks quality - I don't feel I have a quality vehicle. As for your comment regarding projecting a image - The only person I try to impress is God.

    For those of you who offered your ssistance....thank you. The Service Manager drove the vehicle and stated some suspension adjustments are warranted. He also noticed the Driver's window switch was sluggish (I hadn't noticed), the air conditioning was too loud (again, I hadn't noticed) and was shocked to see the vehicle had been serviced for legitimate problems 11 times since June.

    The have not promised me when my vehicle will be returned; however, they have stated when returned it will be "bug/problem free".

  • All, I am selling a MB roof rack (never used), a set of MB all-weather mats (new) and a MB cargo trunk organizer (slightly used) for the ML. I'm looking for $150 plus shipping for all of the above. If interested, please contact me directly at FWIW, I live in the Wash, DC area.
  • No need to apologize, I can feel your affection for this beautiful, but somewhat troubled vehicle. My husband is a Engineer who also tends to look at the nuts, bolts, lines and mechanics of just about everything in sight.

    I wish you much continued success with your ML.

  • cdiccdic Posts: 36
    I was not aware there was an option for a rear spoiler for the ML with that little antenna in the back. All the after market ones seem to exclude models with tel-aid or nav. At least there wasn't one available when I picked up my 2001 ML430 last Dec. I had one on the Toyota before and it worked fairly well. Unfortunately, you have to 'build your own' from the MB web-site to even see that one is available for new models. There is no mention of these type accessories in the "collection" section of the MB site. Does this new one work well enough to justify the $500 cost? Can it go on earlier models?

    Roger - What do you mean by 'heavy'? Did you install it yourself? Have you had it long enough to evaluate it?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    steve_ Oct 12, 2001 8:43am

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  • Neicey,

    I still believe I owe you an apology. I shouldn’t judge other people’s choice and feeling based on my own like or dislike. I have to withdraw the two messages I posted in Townhall related to your ML. Otherwise they would just make me feel bad and shame, please pardon me on this. I do wish MB could resolve your concerns and address your satisfaction and make you a satisfied customer. I wish you’ll enjoy your new vehicle or whatever you choose to drive. And again, best regards.
  • thor8thor8 Posts: 303
    I think Neicey would enjoy better one of those car based SUVs (SAV), like the RX300 or MDX.
    I do not comprehend how a dealer can say he will adjust the suspension when there is nothing to adjust, about the only factory vehicle that I know off with an adjustable suspension is the Porsche GT2 at 186,000$ for track conditions.

    Not to change subject, but if anyone wonders about the strength of the ML430, the other nigth a big U Haul truck, loaded, backed into a ditch from a driveway, completely blocking the road, they already tried with a pick up with several people jumping up and down on the bed to no avail, I agreed to give them a pull and we secured the chain to my hitch ball, I selected low range and first gear, it pulled the big truck with ease.
    Afterwards everybody was grinning including the cop that was directing the traffic.
  • roger23roger23 Posts: 48
    My MB dealer installed it, with the kit supplied by MB. I like the appearance,as it seems to dilute the "minivanish" look of the rear of the ml. AFAIK, it can be installed on all ml models from 1998 on. In terms of function i.e. reducing dust or rain/water spray, I have not yet evaluated it in those terms, but thus far, absolutely no regrets.
  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    Thanks for giving them a good impression of the ML...maybe they'll think twice before calling the owners stuffy poseurs now ;-)
  • Wow! Thor8, what a great achievement! That I believe is the big U in SUV. Thanks for a great demo of our MLs(well, might not be true good for my 320 though :-()
  • Drew,

    Sorry it took a few days for me to respond to the questions in your post regarding the rocking action of my ML. Yes, I have indeed driven another ML, and absolutely loved the feel (it was a 2002) there was no rocking, and the drive seemed smoother, and very malleable during turns. I then drove a 2000 ML for about 20 miles or so, and it felt nothing like my truck!

    The Service Manager agrees my ML has had more than it's share of problems. Since he is a ML owner and of course analyzes them daily - he is going to keep my vehicle, and personally drive it for the next week. I have taken MOST of the advice of the participants in this forum, and even printed the hesitation related thread for the Service Manager.

    I was going to use the hubby's SL as a loaner until my truck came back, and the Service Advisor told me to absolutely stay away from that vehicle...he stated it would only make me challenge the handling of the ML even more -
    so far my truck has had the following repairs:

    Front passenger window insulation reglued
    Front Driver window insulation reglued
    Back passenger window reglued
    6 CD changer replaced
    console replaced (bubbling)
    Rear wiper motor replaced
    passenger seat decking replaced (literally split)
    Sunroof seals replaced
    fan relay replaced
    ETS/cruise control repaired/replaced

    These repairs DO NOT take into account the air conditioning fan/blower or driver's side window (switch or motor not determined yet) that are to be repaired this week.


    ps: thanks for always taking a moment to care
  • Tires: I have the Dunlops, is that good or bad?

    Glue: Yes, I live in a very warm climate (Florida)which is probably why the MB mechanics can fix insulation glue problems in a jiffy (lots of practice due to climate)

  • johnnnycjohnnnyc Posts: 166
    Anyone switch to these types of air filters?

    I've been thinking about what I could do to enhance the vehicle mechanically - and I'm not coming up with a lot of answers that are affordable. I know I could tinker with the exhaust - but I don't feel like dishing out the $2k associated with that.

    Any ideas? Anyone used this air filter? I'm sure it won't get much, but anything is something.
  • a32a32 Posts: 6
    Where should I post this question. Is this location OK ? Is there a specific forum for technical questions ?

  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Sure, this place is just fine. Ask away.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Not necessary. The air filter box is the same one as the ML55's so it's already a over-engineered for the smaller engines (than the 5.5L V8). Also, according to MB engineers, it lets in more air at the expense of more dirt than the factory approved filter.

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  • grohsgrohs Posts: 8
    Would any one know if a 265-70-16 LT snow/ice tire have the clearance needed for a 2000 ML#320? If it does, would the larger diameter have an effect of the ESP or any other system?

    Are there steel rims available, I've checked with the dealer and they do not sell one. Or if I could find used factory alum rims in Canada, what would be a fair price to pay?

  • grohsgrohs Posts: 8
    John, I have used K&N on several vehicles, and bikes.
    On the cars and trucks, no noticeable gain in performance, but a throatier sound even with a stock air box. Unless you have a megga motor that needs the volume you probably won't see a difference. I have noticed a fine dusty film in the air box in the area past the filter, obviously not as good as a stock filter in filtration. I have never had engine problems because of a K&N, but have never kept a vehicle long enough to find out.

    On bikes, the Japanese bikes show considerable improvement in power, but the Harley I had didn't. The Japanese being a high revving engine could have had something to do with it...............brian
  • johnnnycjohnnnyc Posts: 166
    if it's not filtering as well, then it's no good.

    High-flow filters are not supposed to be high-pass filters.
  • howvoodhowvood Posts: 19
    I used 245/70 X 16 snows last winter and the diameter is very close to original. I put them on zero mile, take-off rims that I bought on e-bay for about $300.
  • JohnnyC Message 5222:
    I had the block heater installed by my dealer in Anchorage. Price was $180.00. The installation was outstanding. It's neat and tidy and the cord is protected by an aluminum sleeve tape (where it passes by the radiator and is tie wrapped to the cooler hoses) and by a nylon loom where it comes through to the front. The cord tucks behind the license plate. The heater is the circulating coolant style heater (which in my opinion is better than freeze plug style). I don't know how many watts the heater is.
    The block heater is essential for us as we do not have a garage. I have a timer that turns on the outlet supplying the block heater on an hour or two before departure.
    I swear by block heaters. It's so nice to have instant heat.
  • johnnnycjohnnnyc Posts: 166
    but I ran into the 17" rim change in the 02 ML320.

    All I keep coming across is spare 16" rims.

    If I do find a set of 17's, I plan on doing the same. I hear that winter tires do not have a subsitute.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Why wait for 17" rims? You'll have a much wider of selection of winter tires if you purchase the 16" rims, which will fit your ML320, BTW. It (16" rims) won't work with the '00-'01 ML430 or the ML500 since they have slightly larger brakes than the ML320 to deal with the higher curb weight. Wolfgang's page has an excellent overview of the available tires:

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