2014 BMW M3 Spy Video

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  • _driver72__driver72_ Member Posts: 13
    Well if it's not at least 100 lbs less, they really didn't "make it lighter"
    Chances are the I6 engine itself is 75-100 lbs lighter than the 4.0 V8

    And bigger we do not need or want. Only a few automakers at this point have begun to understand that in the past few years, when will BMW. If people wanted a 5 series size car, they would buy a 5 series.
  • phrozendeucephrozendeuce Member Posts: 2
    I hope they tune the exhaust sound because that sound was NOT inviting...
  • subytrojan_2subytrojan_2 Member Posts: 79
    Agreed. I think the V8 sounds better.
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