2012 Honda CR-V Long Term Road Test

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    I have to agree. I've owned 4 Hondas, and this is by far the most comfortable one of the lot. I am 6'1" tall, and in every other vehicle I have to scoot the seat all the way back. On the 2013 I now own, I actually have to move it fwd a little bit, because it goes TOO far back! I love the comfort of this car.
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    Leather seats are a must. They are absolutely superior to cloths in every fashion, although I haven't tested modern "better" cloths for extended periods. Too bad they only come on those "luxury" trim levels.
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    You're lucky you have an EX-L. At least you can adjust the tilt of the seat cushion, thanks to the power driver's seat. I sat in a CR-V LX at the auto show last month and my 6'1" frame could not get comfortable behind the wheel. The pedals were too close so my legs were splayed to the sides. Raising the front of the seat cushion could help compensate for this, but unfortunately you have to spend almost $30K to get a power driver's seat on a CR-V. The LX's height adjustment lever raises the entire cushion, moving it forward the higher you raise it, which reduces legroom even further.
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