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imageAn Early Look at July Sales

Anwyl offers a look at how July sales are shaping up, and reports early results for GM's new

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    I am a domestic car buyer, but getting old [69]. I am a bow tie guy
    and would buy a VOLT but only put a few miles a week on a chevy AVEO because my sister and I share the car. She is [73] and cant handle a larger car. But I may get CHEVY CRUZE, they are not much bigger. I was hoping for diesel but even that isn't out yet. The difference in fuel mileage does't really matter much, the AVEO gets 25 mpg and at three thousand miles a year whats the difference. The cost per mile is not much of a factor. My wife drives our 2005 STS, it has been 'bullet proof' so far and the white diamond still looks great. The 325 HP Northstar is a snappy performer. I have had three Corvettes over 40 years and the convertible has been my choice. I also have a 96 DODGE 2500 w/ the 5.9 diesel. I was a CUMMINS dealer for 35 years. It is a 4X4 automatic set up to 370 HP. It is set up for towing but only has 78,000 miles on it. It is brute force and still gets 19 MPG, its like new.
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