1997 Mazda MX-5 Miata Long-Term Road Test

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image1997 Mazda MX-5 Miata Long-Term Road Test

Edmunds conducts a Long-Term Test of the 1997 Mazda MX-5 and describes how its Keegan Engineering-built engine will support a turbo.

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  • duck87duck87 Member Posts: 649
    Somewhat interesting (not) is that the bracket for your Dart multi-air is a pretty beefy piece, namely because for whatever reason the 1.4L turbo has the turbo facing UP and sitting on the manifold. I noticed this in the Abarth and it was kind of odd.

    As for coolant pathways, keep in mind that if you have the turbo as the highest point, you need to be very careful with bleeding the system. Many OEMs are turning towards coolant afterrun pumps and/or continuous bleed through a hot-bottle recovery system because of the obvious risk of local boiling in the turbocharger upon shutdown and when running the vehicle very hard.
  • hooninaroundhooninaround Member Posts: 40
    Really appreciate this update. Still a bit more time before the swap will happen I see.
  • noburgersnoburgers Member Posts: 500
    I thought you had more patience than you let on. I am really excited to see something happening with this project. Updates have been so long overdue, I wondered if you were moving forward with it or not.
  • bassrockerxbassrockerx Member Posts: 24
    im not an expert but i would imagine you can modify an engine bracket that has a some kind of bushing material to suport the turbo. allow a little flex so that the turbo is not strained. the spring idea is brilliant because you can get a progressive spring that is harder to compress the further it travels so it not only supports the weight but provides like shock absorption
  • mechengftwmechengftw Member Posts: 3
    Any news??
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