2010 ForExplorer rear axle seals leak warranty repair - and later rear differential completely fails

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2010 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer had at 54,000 miles the rear axle seal and pinion seal leaking fluid. This was repaired at a Ford dealership under warranty. They replaced both rear axle seals and the pinion seal, flushed the differential, and replaced all associated fluids. The owner inquired about the potential for damage or debris caused by this issue in future operation of the vehicle and the dealership said it would not be a problem and the service rendered would be satisfactory.

At 102,000 miles, the rear differential completely failed. The vehicle is more than 100 miles away from the dealership that performed the warranty repair and there is no reasonable way to have it brought to that dealership. A different Ford dealership in the town where the vehicle failed (and is presently located) has said that the previous warranty covered repair at 54,000 miles would be covered under warranty for only 12 months or 12,000 miles.

A repair is about to be made at a private car repair shop and it will cost several thousand dollars for this repair to be completed. The dealership where the original repair at 54,000 miles has not yet been contacted but will be shortly.

If the original dealership and/or Ford deny responsibility in paying for this rear differential repair, despite it being directly related to the repair at 54,000 miles, what options does the owner have in recovering to costs of this differential repair which should never have been necessary had the full and complete repair been done correctly at 54,000 miles when those rear seals were leaking?

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    Several thousand dollars for rear deferential job? Only if you're completely stupid enough to take it to the Ford dealership and get raped
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