2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel Long-Term Road Test - New Updates

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image2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel Long-Term Road Test - New Updates

Read the latest updates in our long-term road test of the 2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel as our editors live with this car for a year.

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  • cas15cas15 Member Posts: 1
    My 2014 Eco diesel has had many problems; first radio concel replacement, a PCM replacement, check engine light on at 6k miles for low oil pressure problems, O2 censor problems with exhaust system change, now at 11k miles my truck is back in the shop now for a exhust hose which is on back order x10. It is not a recall but they came out with a new part that is more durable I suppose.
    If you smell exhust and/or rich diesel gas smell comming through ur vents into the cab, take it in ASAP.
    As of now I have a case manager handling my case, Chrysler is buying my Eco diesel back if it's in the shop longer then 3 weeks because of these problems. The dealership I go to said this a big problem with parts on back order.

    Good luck with longevity of ur vehicle they are still working out the kinks.

    Regards -chris
  • nlaznlaz Member Posts: 1
    i've wanted to get one of these for while now...i'm glad i haven;t yet. I hear NISSAN is coming out with a diesel truck as well. Hopefully toyota will put a diesel in their thundra...that would be my truck of choice..
  • sumgaisumgai Member Posts: 3
    Thank You Edmunds! I had told my dealer to draw up the paperwork to buy a new ED on the 20th. That night I read the long term towed article Feb. 19, then I saw a similar article in motor trend, and called my dealer to cancel the purchase the next morning. I am sorry for the RAM's troubles. But I don't need to be stuck with a $36k car loan on an unreliable truck.
  • ryanb86ryanb86 Member Posts: 1
    I had a catastrophic engine failure at 20, 800 km. Due to an oil pump failure. The shop has had my vehicle in the shop now for over a month on warranty. I paid with financing $59, 800 Canadian for a unreliable vehicle. Ryan Bisaillon
  • owley2015owley2015 Member Posts: 1
    BEWARE - I loved my 2014 Ram eco-diesel until I added DEF fluid and got a message that the wrong DEF fluid was used, when there is only one type of DEF fluid compatible for all DEF systems. Then I took my truck to the dealer, only to have them tell me the fluid was contaminated and I would have to pay $6,000 (yes, six thousand dollars!) plus labor to replace the SCR system! There are other Ram eco-diesel owners with the same problem…it’s all over the internet. I seriously doubt that it’s the DEF fluid with other RAM owners having this trouble. There is a technical service bulletin from Chrysler acknowledging (not recalling) this problem, but they have an exclusion cause about the DEF fluid (the dealer told me only to use Mopar fluid, but of course, not until after this problem occurred). They mentioned nothing about having to use Mopar fluid when I bought the truck. In fact, the DEF fluid was low when I bought it (brand spanking new) and I had to practically force the dealer to fill it up at the time of purchase. Chrysler is unwilling to acknowledge that the problem is with the SCR system. I have been without my truck for 2 weeks now with no resolution in sight. DO NOT BUY this vehicle, certainly not until they get this new diesel system worked out. VERY UNHAPPY DODGE CUSTOMER.
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