Having electrical problems with my 2003 Lincoln Navigator

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Battery is draining over night, It started out of the blue, battery is only 11 months old. I checked all the usual culprits with no luck. I'm not a mechanic but I do like to research problems to learn. I've seen many possible causes but due to other projects to restore this vehicle, just replaced all the brake components in the front end, also replaced the air ride with conventional coil and strut suspension. This week it's the electrical problem. I'll be doing a draw test on the battery of course, but in the mean time I have what could be a really dumb question or a clue to the cause of my problem.
In the course of researching the problem I came across a "Battery Saver Relay", My question here is why didn't the BSR work. If that relay is bad, I must have two problems the relay itself, and whatever is causing the drain. Or could the Battery Saver Relay both be bad and drain the battery. If the Battery saver is working shouldn't that cut everything off in the ten minutes or whatever time it takes to trip, saving the power left in the battery? Now with the battery saver tripped, my battery should not drain. I'm also planning to check a breaker in the rear window wiper motor. I've read where that breaker will keep resetting itself as long as there is power. Evidently the motor is trying to bring the blade back to it's "off" position but can't. Your supposed to be able to hear the little click in the motor as it tries to move the blade with the broken motor. That wiper just recently stopped working, maybe I'll luck out on this.
Any and all suggestions welcome. As usual, Thanks in advance..............


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    My Navi is doing the same thing with a small difference. I bought a new battery for my Navi (the old one was ok but winter was coming) I put in the new battery and a few days later I went to start it and it was dead. I charged it and again a few days later it was dead again. Any help would be greatly appreciated....thanks a lot for any help
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    I had the dealer check out the electrical system, they tested the relays and didn't find anything. I guess not everything goes through those relays because they found that the wiper motor relay is what that particular problem was. They removed the wiper relay as I didn't have the time to wait for a new one to be delivered, that solved the problem. Sometimes it pays to go through these forums and review old Q&A's, they have helped me a couple of times........
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