Bad vibration while driving - Trooper

1cleantroop1cleantroop Member Posts: 1
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While driving bad vibration could it be motor or tranny mount?


  • katherkather Member Posts: 6
    Hi. Im having strange noises and vibrations with my 2000 trooper. One mech thnks i have a bad motor mount, though i hear what sounds like misfire. I found a detailed mechanics manual online under 10$, a pdf that can b e searched by words. Im amazed when i search "motor mount" all of th e symptoms that are attributed. One mech wants to do a tune up, one says i need a new rear end because of a major vib i get around 40 mph. Its looking like the engine mount may be the whole problem! highly reccommend getting a manual. Good luck!
  • buicknicksi78buicknicksi78 Member Posts: 18
    Could be tires, did you ever get your answer??
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