2008 Jeep Liberty warning lights coming on

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I have a 2008 Jeep Liberty and for the past few months all the warning lights on the dash have been coming on, check engine light, ABS, Brake light, airbag light, ESP light and after a while they would turn off. Now all lights are on again and the speedometer and gas gauge doesn't work. And the automatic door lock system is not working. My husband and I are on disability and don't have much income and I am afraid that this is going to be a costly issue and after reading comments on people with some of these problems am also afraid that mechanics won't be able to figure it out. Any help with where to start would be appreciated! Anybody have a 2008 JL with these problems?


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    If your battery is older, you may want to have it load tested. Lots of auto parts stores will check 'em for free. Odd electrical glitches are sometimes related to marginal batteries and if nothing else, it's relatively easy and cheap to check out.
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    The symptoms you have described (warning lights on and the loss of the speedometer and fuel gage) are usually caused by a loss of communication between the instrument cluster and other modules on the car. Even the door locks are a functional system that requires several modules to communicate in order to execute any commands. There should be technicians near you with sufficient training and the right tools who can make analyzing a problem like this just another day on the job. There isn't any one thing that can be suggested without any real testing first that is likely to guide you towards an answer to what is happening this time.
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