Why won't my 96 Dodge run for more than 2 miles after idling for 3 or 4 minutes?

scott96ramscott96ram Member Posts: 1
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I have replaced the crank sensor, catalytic converter, both O2 sensors, thermostat, and fuel filter and pump are only 3 months old. When engine is cold its starts. but when it gets near operating temp she sputters then dies and wont start for another 3-4 hours if i am lucky. its has the 5.2L 318 engine with a standard trans. I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!


  • buicknicksi78buicknicksi78 Member Posts: 18
    Try testing to see how functional your coolant temp sensor is, also the air intake sensor, worth a try, and would be a cheap fix., to me sounds like an environmental reaction, "temperature". Let me know how you make out!
  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,551
    The first step is to identify what is missing when the engine stalls. Spark? Fuel? Both? Is there sufficient fuel pressure?
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