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Transmission Vibration? 2007 Mustang

tonyzamboni007tonyzamboni007 Member Posts: 1
edited February 2015 in Ford
So I recently had transmission issues with my 07 v6 automatic mustang convertible, and had the transmission replaced with a used one with 40k miles on it. My car has 164k miles on it. After the replacement I noticed the car, or as I assume the transmission, vibrates quite aggressively when it's around 1500 rpm. It does it in all gears but only around that rpm, so my gut feeling is it has to do with the torque converter. Anyone else have this problem or any opinions on what it can be?


  • larryb1963larryb1963 Member Posts: 26
    yes good possibility it is but I would ck the drive shaft is seated correct and all mounts first .
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