My new E400 sounds like a fan continues to run even when shut off, does anyone know why?

gagirl132gagirl132 Member Posts: 4
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Sounds like it could be a cooling fan. It ran for 45 minutes tonight after I turned off my car. It was like 80 today. Could this be a cooling fan? Thanks

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  • gagirl132gagirl132 Member Posts: 4
    Thank you...I took it in for service and to have this fan checked out. They said the headlights have 2 fans for cooling. The fan or fans start running at all times of the day even with the car has not been driven. I feel there is something not right but they say it is normal. I have started a 'ticket' with MB so if others report the issue, they will add those to this 'ticket'..
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    My bmw M6 would run the fan after shutting off after a very hot day or after an extremely spirited driving session (read: redlining). 
  • gagirl132gagirl132 Member Posts: 4
    Thank you...Mercedes has resolved my issue. The headlights have 2 fans in each light that run to cool the lights. Mercedes service either updated the software or adjusted the setting. Now they run when they are suppose to, when the lights are on. I am a happy Mercedes owner now.
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