Shifter not engaging

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got back from vac. it started right up, stepped on brake pushed shifter to the side but it wont go down to any gear, Tried the pink override button under shifter cover same results any suggestions


  • ike54ike54 Member Posts: 2
    I got it fixed :) after completely tearing down the gear shift assy. which is not as bad as it sounds all it was, was a plastic piece with a very small hook on it to attach a small spring too. the plastic piece at most probable would have cost maybe 5 bucks. im guessing. but after going to a dealership, Chrysler only sells the whole gear shift assy. so I asked the parts guy just out of curiosity and after he told me I just laughed while walking away. 151.00 so i went to an auto parts store and got a 3.00 bag of 4" wire ties and wala it works the vidio I saw was on YouTube about the repair
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    Nice, thanks for the success story!
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    Success? Don't let kids get into the car unattended because now they can shift it out of park without the keys.
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