Best used prices for 2014 Lexus RX 350, what upgrades?

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I am searching for a used, certified 2014 Lexus RX 350, what is best price I should pay and with what upgrade packages?


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    You can go to the Used Cars tab and drill down to the RX 350 and get TMV prices for CPO cars. That True Market Value number will be the price to meet or beat.

    Options lose value quickly so I'd be inclined to buy a more loaded up used car since the price shouldn't be all that much more than the same style model without all the extras. Moving from a base style to an F Sport will be a pretty significant jump though.

    The flip side of course is that there's more expensive stuff to break down the road.

    What options to get? That's your show - I'd want power heated seats, adaptive cruise and a sunroof. That sunroof would be a deal killer to lots of people.

    One thing about a Lexus, there's a list of options that's a city block long.
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