Anybody ever have any problems with the air flow sensor?

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causing your car to like jerk between 1-3 gears because the engine isnt getting enough air. i took mine to the shop, and they ran all the tests required and the only thing that came up as of right now is the air flow sensor. it was dirty and he cleaned it and then the check engine light went off but the next day it did what it was doing again and now two days later the check engine light is back on. now, my first thought was ok the sensor is just dirty/faulty, but now im thinking it could be something leaking onto that sensor to make it dirty. anybody have any problem like this ever?


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    yes it is common for MAF sensors to fail. check the trouble code and see if it is indicating the MAF again - it probably is. another way to test a MAF is to disconnect it - if the car runs better with it disconnected then it is definitely a failed MAF. also, it's news to me that cleaning a failed MAF could have any real chance of fixing it. failed MAFs require replacement as far as i know. also i understand they can get ruined by less visible contaminants, not just dirt.
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    Turns out I was way off. It was actually a bad front o2 sensor. 
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