Stalling out at idle

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edited August 2015 in Dodge
I've spent a long time working on this car and but I do believe I found the answer to the  mysterious stalling when in idle and or when breaking. Check your your fuel pressure.  Bet it's off by a Lil bit not to much to set off a code but enough to stall the car. Now hears the bad part unfortunately you have to take your gas tank down for this because on the 2001 4.7 magnum the fuel pressure regulator is on the pump itself.  What happens Is that when it wears out it gets stuck closed and hence the stall out.  When your breaking that regulator doesnt need as much gass to keep the engine running so it retracts a Lil but when it goes bad it ends up closing completely and stalling out the car... Hence when starting up the car some times you need to push on the gass. It also will cause your rpm to surge. Hope this helps spent a long time and slot of vaccume and throttle testing to figure this out. Good luck


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